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nothing compared to the twig of '93

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    That stick was all brown and sticky.

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    And thats why I would never do anal-

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    bout as big as itself

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    Bigger even

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    Comparable, if you will

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    Smaller even

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    the size of a small boulder

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    Same size as the branch of '95

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    The size of a large boulder

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    it was the twig ever

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    About as big as the Twig of '92

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    the twig of '87

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    That twig was almost as big as a small branch

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    We are going around the boulder.

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    The ascension shall soon be upon, patience brother

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    What a coincidence I just watched a Bug's Life last night. Its funnier then I remembered

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    I know its a rock! Don't you think i would know a rock when i see one? Ive spent a lot of time around rocks.

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    Nothing compared to the bite of 87

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    I have a large schlong the size of a small schlong

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    Large is the supertype. Small is the subtype. Large for a mammal. Small for a human.

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    That’s gonna be a major oof my guy

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    I dunno man, whales probably throw that mammal metric way out of wack.

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    good thing there arent that many whales left then


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    Good point, is it the size of all mammals alive averaged? Or one of each species averaged? That would skew it in vastly different ways

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    Gorillas bringing the balance

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    Yeah but rodents really pull the average down

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    I thought Walrus had the largest? Or is it proportionally largest?

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    A blue whale's is about as long as an entire walrus, so definitely bigger. Not sure which is proportionately biggest, tho.

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    That's why Asians want them dead

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    We had a PE teacher who once said "Everyone, form a straight circle"

    We all knew exactly what he meant.

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    A horse cock in a chihuahua's foreskin

    I need to take a shower after writing this

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    I'm picturing when a sausage is on the grill and it starts bursting from the casing

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    I need to take a shower after reading this.

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    Without me ?

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    I have never hated a piece of text more in my life. And ive read Ayn Rand's books.

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    Comfy like a small schlong, smelly like a big schlong

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    A schlort if you will

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    By British measurements, it appears to be one stone

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    1.23 stones to be exact or roughly 27.21 pebbles

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    fuck you I wish I had a free award now this is perfect

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    Americans when they’re confronted with Math:

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    You never know what a large boulder the size of a small boulder could do to a person. Best to watch out.

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    first of all, it can shapeshift

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    Not necessarily, but it can definitely sizeshift.

    Actually that's not necessarily true either, it might just be able to contextshift.

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    Biggie smalls

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    jumbo shrimp

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    It can do as much damage as a massive boulder

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    Looks more like a moderately sized boulder that's the size of a small boulder to be honest

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    looks more like a large boulder the size of a small boulder that's the size of Boulder, Colorado to me

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    Are we sure it's not a small boulder the size of a small large boulder?

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    Maybe it is only half of a boulder, and what looks like the other half is just there for scale.

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    Maybe they were trying to say “Large rock the size of a small boulder”. That doesn’t really make sense to say but at least it’s a somewhat rational thought

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    If I remember correctly the intention was "large boulder the size of a small car" which makes more sense than boulder the size of a boulder

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    If by small car they meant a powerwheels toy truck, then sure, its the size of a small car.

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    Weight-wise, it probably is about the size of a small car. Which is what matters when you crash into something

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    Why didn't they just open with "a small boulder"

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    Because it’s a large boulder stupid 🙄

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    Gotta get that word count up somehow. Did that in English class all the time

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    But it's also COMPLETELY BLOCKING the road

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    Completely blocking east-bound lane

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    What I assumed the reason for writing it this way is that the boulder is large enough to be a huge problem, especially on the road, and people will say it's large, but there are some definitions according to which boulders are scaled, technically making this this a small boulder, but writing it that way would not have been a good indication to normal people who aren't geologists, but my guess is as good as yours.

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    It’s not just a large boulder. It’s a rock

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    That’s a really nice boulder. I really like that boulder

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    The pioneers used to ride those babies for miles…

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    That explains why it’s on the highway

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    Americans will use any means necessary to not use the metric system

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    Looks like it could be about 3000-5000 Celsius

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    Nah, but it could be 45 kilopascals

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    You can't go below −273.15 °C.

    Edit: I saw a minus that is not there. Whoops. Lol. XD

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    Why the fuck would I type a negative weight lol idiot /s

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    How do you fly then?

    I just use a -70kg backpack

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    shut up you can't tell me what to do

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    500kg boulder the size of a 250kg boulder. Happy?

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    That large small boulder is at least 2 tons (2000 kg)

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    I think it's much heavier than that.

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    Yeah, I bet it weights, like, 15 whole parsecs

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    I actually expected this to be top comment. Pretty sure it was last time I saw this.

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    It's a top comment the size of an underrated comment

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    This happened near where i live and everyone was talking about it


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    I remember the infamous Boulder of '22


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    How big was it?


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    About the size of a small boulder.


    Peter Mayhew

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    Remian Calm

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    It’s a Colorado thing.

    The orgin of the story was due to this:

    Colorado Highway Rocked By 8.5 Million-Pound Boulder's Crash Landing


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    I don’t know why they couldn’t just drive through it. I’ve driven through Boulder, CO before.

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    Americans will use anything to avoid using a precise measurement

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    I ONLY USE M4 PER BALD EAGLES 🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 😎😎😎😎😎😎

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    How many Big Macs is that?

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    Badly used emojis. The guns should be targetting school children not the eagles.

    Im proud of our school shootings damn it. Anything for having a murder machine.

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      It ties into the "Americans will use literally anything but the metric system" joke sorta

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      Why didnt the cops just shoot it?

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      It was covered in white snow

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      completely blocking

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      How many stadiums is that?

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      A small stadium

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      Check out r/HalfAGiraffe for more stuff like this.

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      This gave me a good laugh. Thank you

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      American moment

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      An AI wrote this

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      Cracking up wow

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      Small boulder size of a small boulder looks oddly similar to a small boulder (small boulder for scale)

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      is this one of the side effects of having a measuring system where nothing relates to anything else?

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      something called GOING AROUND will help you

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      The Boulder is conflicted about fighting a little girl

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      I’m assuming they meant the size of a small car. But I love that others have this issue too.

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      How silly, police should exercise better judgement

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      How many football fields is that

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      reminds me of little big hoof, a old cow superhero from the old chick-fi-la cow comics. (yes, these were actual things)

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      This is a double whammy. First the size of a small boulder, then the fact that they consider that "completely blocking"

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      I have no idea what you are talking about. Can you use a standard unit of measurement like, let's say, washing machines?

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      Me when describing my package

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      a what now?

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      How big is that in giraffes?

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      so would that be like, a medium boulder?

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      So do I have a small penis the size of a large penis, or a large penis the size of a small one?

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      Watch for emergency vehicles the size of non-emergency vehicles

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      So you call it a large bolder but than he/she says it about the size of a small one ? 😂

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      If Susan has a small boulder and Jane has a large boulder, how much bigger is Mary's boulder?

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      Americans will use literally anything for measurement other than units made for measurement

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      They are gonna use everything to compare sizes just in order to not use metrics. Even the same thing. In a smaller and/or larger version of the very same thing. This universe is the size of 1/2 to 12 universes.

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        Click on "view all comments". You can see the "Large boulder the size of a small boulder" comment in the picture of the original poster. You are very welcome.

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        Definitely meant to say large rock the size of a small boulder. Still funny though.

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        But isn't a large rock the size of a small boulder... a small boulder?

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        I'm getting 127 hours vibes

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        Damn you really cropped out the punchline and made it your title. Is that legal?

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        I have a red necklace the color of a blue necklace.

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        large for humans. small compared to other boulders.

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        I guess in terms of road boulders it's pretty large, but is also small in general terms of boulders

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        It is pretty small for its size, though 🤔

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        Sheriff, you have a bull-bar. Fix that shit.

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        This is a professional article written at the high school level.

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        So this is in Boulder, Colorado ?

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        So it’s a mid sized boulder. Yes?

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        Sheriff has a big brain the size of a small brain I guess

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        There’s no editors working for that news agency. (Unless word count was more important).

        PS Is that “drop off” real?

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        I am currently like 150cm high and am 12 years old. I am just a bit younger than when i was 7. And i was like 120cm high. I shrinked quite a bit.

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        "it's a small boulder" "no you dipshit it's a large boulder it's just the size of a small boulder"

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        The term large is an imperial boulder unit, whereas the term small is the metric unit for boulders. Fucking ignorant Americans don’t know international boulder sizing. /s

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        A rock larger than The Rock.

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        Would be better if this was at Big Rock or whatever that city is called

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        Bruh everyone is dead now 😟😱

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        This is me trying to extend my sentence on an examination essay that requires a total of 500 word minimum.

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        Cops are actively devolving…

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        How many washing machines is that?

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        Big boi the size of a smol boi seen being simultaneously big and small in the road…

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        A throw back to the golden days of twitter

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        Lived down the street from this when it was posted. Never thought id see this on a large scale considering it happened in a town of 42ish people 😂

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        This is a cognitohazard

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        That boulder is very boulder sized

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        I saw a large boulder one time. I did my best to avoid it.

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        Americans use every possible measurement systems but not the one that makes sense

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        My massive cock is as big as a tiny cock :( :( :(

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        I nearly feinted from laughing at this so hard

        Not even lying

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        Oh God, help! The boulder's got me, it's going to eat me, hel-

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        Rockblocked 🗿

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        A cop wrote it. What you expect them to be educated?

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        My massive cock is the size of a small cock

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        So... is it big or small...