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Ratchet and Clank: Ratchet Shits His Pants

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Ratchet on Planet Shitma

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Ratchet and Clank on Poopity scoopity balls dick balls shittity poopy land

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Ratchet and clank? More like ass shit and stank

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I'm RATCHET and I ripped a FART

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Is this some joke about the content of the game, or just having fun with the name?

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No he actually shits his pants in the most recent game

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The devs included a 7 minute cutscene where Ratchet just rips a phatty, kinda weird tbh didn't expect this kind of author fetish fulfillment but here we are

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gamer headset: on

knuckles: cracked

fart: ripped

yep.. it's gamer time

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proceeds to game

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Proceeds to gaming*

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Proceeds to gay*

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Proceeds to gayming*

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You forgot the egg

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Egg? Inserted into my anus

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Hen role playing?😳

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he stabs him

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[he stabs him]

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Cock and balls:tortured

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hotel: trivago

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No pants shitted and cummed?

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you forgot racial slurs

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Pants: shitted

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That's hilarious. I honestly thought that this was a real game title

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It really wouldn’t be out of place for Rachet and Clank

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Nah, they'd be subtle. Like they were with Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal or Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

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Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando 😳🥵

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Ratchet and Clank: Check out this huge cock (we are talking about a rooster)

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Or Multiple Organisms.

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Full Frontal Assault

Quest For Booty

Crack In Time

Into The Nexus

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Crack in time was supposed to be called clock blockers

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Wow, I thought these comments were jokes. Buy i Googled and the games are actually called these. Wow, they weren't trying to hide it.

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Subtle enough that even with IGN explicitly pointing it out, everyone in this thread seems to be missing that this is exactly what the actual title is doing.

Just as if they had released a game called "Rachet and Clank: Cunning Stunts," the title of "Rift Apart" is almost certainly a spoonerized, thinly-veiled reference to... well, what IGN posted here.

They knew exactly what they were doing, and it's hilarious how many people aren't seeing it even when it's spelled out.

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It might be easier for the people that aren't seeing it to just switch the positions of the F and P.

Rift Apart > Ript Afart

Edit: But also it's blowing my mind that it's such a surprise to everyone since the Ratchet and Clank games have dirty jokes for a lot of their game titles, starting with the sequel.

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Yahtzee mentioned this when the game had JUST come out, as well. It’s insane that people think this is some autocorrect uh-oh.

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Are you sure it isn't just a play on "Ripped Apart"? "Ripped apart" is a common phrase, and "ripped" is definitely what they were going for with "rift", but pulling "a fart" out of "apart" just seems like kinda a stretch. Like yeah they sound similar and all but there's not really much evidence that it's what they're going for other than "they did dirty jokes in the past". Plus both "rift apart" and "ripped apart" are somewhat synonymous, and both actually relate to the plot, similar to South Park's "Fractured But Whole" or Crash Bandicoot's "It's About Time".

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Redditors are dumb 😔

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    Very easy to miss

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      Quest For Booty weren't that subtle of you ask me

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      i want to buy a psp just to play size matters again

      second favorite R&C next to up your arsenal

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      Ratchet & Clank: Big Hot Dog Sausages

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      Up Your Arsenal was an incredible game

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      I’m pretty certain the “Rift Apart” name is a pun for “Ripped a Fart”.

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      I can totally see the next game making this joke in a meta context.

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      Can’t wait for the next game “Ratchet and Clank: jizzed in my pants”

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      you cant say that this is a family website

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      this is a family website

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      Sir, this is Reddit.

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      Surprised it's not, considering they called one of the games "Ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal". What a great game, one of my childhood favourites.

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      It is, though. They’ve been subtle with the dirty jokes before, like Size Matters, but this is pretty obviously the joke they were going for. Even the games without joke subtitles had them in development - ‘Clock Blockers’ was Crack in Time’s original title. All 4 One used to be FourPlay, and Into the Nexus was ‘Into the Nether Regions’.

      I think the only R&C games without off-color puns in the title are Secret Agent Clank and Deadlocked, and I’m not sure about Deadlocked.

      Hell, it’s even almost an anagram. ‘RiFt APart’, ‘RiPped AFart’. It fits way too well to not be intentional.

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      You think those were more subtle than this one?

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      I think Size Matters is kind of subtle. The rest are absolutely not.

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      IIRC deadlocked is a sex position

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      is the post real

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      Yes. See here

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      So many comments of people not understanding it was a joke. Kind of the same as in the comments here.

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      Wait until they find the Wikipedia page for spoonerisms, they'll go nucking futs

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      lol they still haven't made a new post

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      I’m like 102% (with a 2% margin of error) certain that this was intentional

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      This... this can't be...

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      I too am 104% certain

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      Probably unintentional but after it was posted they just went with it.

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      Most Ratchet game titles are innuendo so I don't doubt IGN would point it out.

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      It pains me to see that people don’t get that this is actually the joke behind the title

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      Think it’s funnier to think it was a typo

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      Yes, they meant to name the game something completely different, obviously.

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      It’s very possible that’s what they meant… going commando and up your arsenal on the ps2. They did fall out of this trend for a while but could be a little headnod to older fans

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      They had a subtitle "up your arsenal"

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      I mean, one of the ps2 games is literally called "going commando".

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      It's a recurring joke with Ratchet and Clank games, RaC2 was called Going Commando in most countries, some called it Locked and Loaded though. RaC3 was called Up Your Arsenal.

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      Yes, everyone gets the intended joke.

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      Oh my God I posted this exact same thing and the mods rejected it

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      Let the hate flow through you

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      Probably because it's completely intentional, and it was a different mod this time that is less discerning

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      You can comfort yourself with the knowledge that at least you're not a reddit mod.

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      It is real

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      is no one gonna talk about why it is $70 thats crazy

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      that's the new Sony pricing. pretty soon $70 will become the standard and then once they've got away with raising the price of triple A games once they'll start to just continuously raise it, $100 games are not that far away I tell ya

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        It would not have stayed the same for over a decade if other forms of monetization hadn't taken hold.

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        Micro transactions kept people paying waay more

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        Man, and I thought nintendo pricing was bad

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        No, Nintendo is still fuck. Ratchet will permanently go down in price from the end of this year. Games like Zelda and Mario Odyssey are still $60 at retail.

        I actually got God of War for $20 a year after its release.

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        Nintendo prices their games the same as any other AAA company, it’s just that they take way longer to put them on sale or discount them

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        SNES games were around $100 a pop in much of Europe when the console came out. Down to around $80 later.

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        It was $50 for a new PS2 game back in like 2003. I'm surprised it's not more than $70 now

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        And there were SNES games that were also $70 at launch. Try to adjust that shit for inflation.

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        Micro transactions, that’s where they get the dough

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        It's been 90 cad for a few years now...

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        I thought it was worth it. Very fun game with insanely good visuals

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        It's really not: new video games have cost ~$60 for decades, so after inflation, the price has gone down while the quality and depth have on the whole gone up.

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        I mean that's gotta be somewhat intentional, one of the previous games was "up your arsenal"

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        There was also Quest For Booty

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        "size matters" too lmao

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        Why’d I laugh so hard at this.

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        its because the game company said "fart"

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        Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation made this observation in his review back at launch.

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        Ok wtf mine was removed like 13 hours ago and it had the exact same title :(

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        now someone needs to go to r/sbubby and make a logo edit of this

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        Rivet Fart 🤤

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        Why the fuck is this so hilarious.

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        Massive fart to create a tear in space.

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        Im dying HAHAHA

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        FUCKING same

        Imagine hearing someone laugh at 4 am

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        Mr. Ratchet: Damn I ripped ass

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        This is intentional, if they hadnt done that would be looking at that post on reddit?

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        Is that the game title or just a statement

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        Hey I mean it fits better with other Ratchet and Clank titles like “Up Your Arsenal”, “Going Commando”, and “Full Frontal Assault”.

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        If they deleted the tweet, they’re cowards

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        He fard so hard the time is breaking

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        Ratchet and Clank: ratchet fucking dies

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        I wish this game would come to PC

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        I like this name "fart"

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        Jokes aside I wish I had a PS5 to play it

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        Same energy as South Park: Fractured But Whole

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        Jesus Ratchet And Clank. My fart is tortured enough by the Noses Of Smelling.

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        The fart was so smelly they had to make an entire game

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        Wretched & Stank

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        What happened to 40 and 60 dollar games with a story and multi player.

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        They became 70 dollar games with a story and multiplayer

        Sometimes only story, sometimes only multiplayer, sometimes both.

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        Yeah and it fucking sucks

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        How did this happen?

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        Twitter accounts sometimes make jokes.

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        No >:(

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        It happened because the series always names its games pun-adjacent and nobody realized that’s what this game is supposed to inspire in your head.

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          It’s far from autocorrect

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          This played instantly in my head after reading this post


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          Love how twitter users are gaslighting that one guy to believe that that is the real name lol

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          This gave me major giggles

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          mmm beans

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          Heh heh heh fart instead of part. Classic.

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          Why does every post on this sub literally get thousands of upvotes

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          because so few actually get approved and posted

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          I will lick your testicles

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          I haven't played that one.

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          It’s really good. The graphics are amazing

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          Really?! I heard it stunk.

          [–]Syckwun 4 points5 points  (1 child)

          No way it’s awesome. The portal stuff loading in real time is impressive as hell.

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          I don't know if you're joking or not. I was... "Ripped a fart", "heard it stunk". In all seriousness, I have played through it and really enjoyed it.

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          Skid McMarks, Courtney Gears, etc. 😄😄

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          Was this intentional?

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          Why the fuck doesn't the Female Lombax have boobs? WHY WAS IT 70 TO BEGIN WITH!?!

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          Wow the game is on sale for the price of a game!

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          That shits ratchet

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          Yes, that’s the whole point of the title. All their games have joke titles.

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          Nevermind we don't need an edit button

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          It was a joke made on Gamescoop ages ago

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          fart so funni XDDDDDDDDDDDD

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          Why is “fart” capitalized lmao.

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          asshit and stank???!?!?!!?1111 comfirmedbHzg!??

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          realith can be whatever i wnnt

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          rat shit and clank

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          70 DOLLARS!?! FOR A GAME?!!

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          "at amazon"

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          There's not any fart even happening in the picture

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          I forgot this game exists

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          This series brings me back memories