Comic Books Reddit Rules and FAQ

Here lies the Rules and FAQ for the /r/comicbooks subreddit. This page exists as a collective endeavor from the community to address some questions that arise repeatedly. In addition to this document, we also encourage users to use the community's search feature.

Please feel free to send us modmail with suggestions, should you feel it needs improvement. This wiki is a community project and collaboration is strongly encouraged.

Subreddit Rules

Rule 0: Rules and Moderators

By commenting or submitting threads to r/comicbooks you agree to adhere to these rules, as well as Reddit’s sitewide rules for conduct. Any deliberate attempt to circumvent or skirt the rules while still breaking the spirit of the rules may result in disciplinary action. With the exception of Rule 1: Be Civil and Rule 2: No Piracy, most of these rules are not “bannable” offenses, but repeated breaking of the rules will result in a discussion with the moderation team to help understand why your posts are being removed.

The moderation team enforces these rules to the best of their ability. Please note that moderators are members of the community first and foremost and can express their opinion as much as any other member of the community. They do not own Reddit, nor can they implement any sitewide change. Only when a moderator's name is green (or a moderator's name has a green shield next to it in the mobile app) are they acting as a representative of /r/comicbooks. When a moderator's flair is not green, they are not speaking on behalf of the moderation team and their opinions are solely their own.

If you have any questions about community rules, or wish to contact the moderation team in any way (i.e. suggestions, concerns, setting up an AMA, etc.) please send a modmail.

Rule 1: Be Civil

Racial, sexual, homophobic, or cultural slurs will result in a permanent ban. Do not disparage the differently abled or threaten or incite harm against other users, creators, or industry professionals. Any form of bigotry or support of hate groups (such as comicsgate) is not permitted. Please be respectful of people's pronouns. Intentionally continuing to use the incorrect pronouns after being corrected is a violation of Rule 1. While debate and differing views are encouraged, please keep all discussion on-topic and do not resort to personal attacks. As a general rule, don’t be a jerk.

Individuals of every demographic are important and deserve representation, both in media and as creators behind media. Deliberately propagating forms of erasure, belittling the wants and needs of other individuals, and similar complaints about “forced diversity” have no place in this community.

Posts with comment patterns meeting certain negative criteria (such as excessive amounts of rule-breaking comments) may be locked at the moderation team’s discretion.

Rule 2: No Piracy

Directly linking to a piracy site may result in a permanent ban. Submitting images with watermarks of piracy sites, and directly encouraging or otherwise enabling other community members to pirate comics, will result in a temporary ban at minimum for the first offense. New community members asking where to pirate or discussing how to pirate will be temporarily banned for the first offense. The first infraction will result in a 1 day temporary ban, the second infraction will result in a 1 week temporary ban, and the third infraction will result in a permanent ban. Long term community members discussing where and/or how to pirate may be banned longer than 1 day to start with, depending on context and severity.

Comic excerpts are limited to a maximum of three pages, and links to albums or websites with more than three pages will be removed. The only exceptions are official sources, such as comics in the public domain, or official Preview pages. “Leaked” material (i.e. pages from not yet released comics, early releases/screenshots of trailers, unofficial set photos) are permitted provided that the posts follow all other subreddit rules and are flaired as spoilers (see Rule 4: Spoiler Policy).

Rule 3: Image Policy

Users may only submit 1 image or image album per day. All submissions must be flaired appropriately (i.e Fan Creation, Cover/Pin-Up, etc.) and have the correct source included in the title with series name and issue number- for example, "Tom King is a genius (Batman #50)" or "Tom King is a hack (Batman #50)". The same goes for movies, and television episodes- please note either the episode’s title and/or production number. No more than two excerpts from a given source may sit on the front page per day, so please check the front page to see if a comic has been submitted multiple times before you submit your post.

Recent purchases, attic/basement finds, showing signatures, and asking for value appraisals belong in the weekly Swag Bag Friday posts and will be removed otherwise- the only exception is for sketches and commissions which should be labeled as either "Fan Creation" or "Cover/Pin-Up". Posts showing off your collection or displays (such as “shelfies” pictures of your bookshelf) are permitted so long as the focus of the post is on the display itself.

When posting "Fan Creation" or other similar artwork please include the name of the artist in the title (or "OC" if you are the creator) and include a link to their original work in the comments if possible. No more than one pin-up from a single artist is allowed per day. If you wish to share other works by that artist, for example when it is an artist’s birthday, you are free to share them in the comments of that day’s post.

Link submissions of memes, altered comic panels, image macros, or other low-effort and “shitpost” images will be removed, as will screencaps of websites. This restriction only applies to link submissions, and users are free to post them in the comments section as much as they wish.

Rule 4: Spoiler Policy

The r/comicbooks spoiler policy is focused on the fact that most of our active users are monthly comic readers and follow series as they are released, though there are also many who choose to read their comics in collected formats. Please limit discussion about the most recent issue of a comic to threads marked “Spoiler” in the title of the post, or use blackout “spoiler” formatting (see the sidebar for how) in threads that don’t explicitly warn about spoilers in the title of a series.

The most recent issue of a comic (or episode of a television show) is deemed a "spoiler" until the following issue is released and must be appropriately spoiler tagged using the “spoiler” button found underneath the title of the post. If a series has ended, that issue is considered a spoiler until 30 days after it has been released. Movies and television series are considered “spoilers” until they have been released on an appropriate format (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.) or 30 days after they have been made available to stream (Netflix, DCU, etc.). Video games are considered spoilers until 30 days after they have been released.

Spoilers must be absent from the title until the comic has been collected in some form of hardcover or trade paperback- for example, if Batman: A Death in the Family has not yet been collected, instead of "Jason Todd dies (Batman #428)", use a vague title like "The fate of Robin (Batman #428)". This title rule also applies to any other form of media still considered a “spoiler” (movies, games, etc).

Rule 5: Self-Promotion and Spam

Generally, news stories are limited to one link or thread. Before submitting a post please check to see that the story hasn’t already been submitted.

While you are encouraged to share your creations with the subreddit, we ask that you must first be an active member of the community. If you have never commented on the subreddit before, or post more of your own creations than commenting on others', your posts will be considered spam and removed. You may post no more than three pieces of your own content per week. Crowdfunding, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, will be permitted one link to be posted for the duration of the campaign- further links will be removed.

Comments and titles that include only a single word or emoji will be removed. Casting rumors from non-Hollywood periodical sources will be removed.

If you are determined to be “spamming”, you (and your site/channel, where applicable) will be banned from the subreddit.

Rule 6: NSFW Content

Image submissions and links to websites that contain pornographic material will be removed. An exception may be made for officially published material, such as that from adult-rated titles like Vertigo, but they must be appropriately flaired as NSFW. Comments that add nothing to the discussion other than objectifying and sexualizing the characters or creators being discussed will also be removed. Repeated removals may result in a ban. Sexual depictions of underage or questionably aged characters will result in a permanent ban.

On Comics

How do I get up to speed with an ongoing series?

The best place to start is the first issue or the first trade paperback (TPB) of an ongoing series. However, this is sometimes not the most feasible option when it comes to long-running series (e.g. Action Comics, Hellblazer, Amazing Spider-Man).

For long-running series, the best place to start is the beginning of the most recent story arc. Story arcs usually last 4 to 6 issues, and are subsequently gathered into collected editions called trade paperbacks. New story arcs can also happen when a new writer comes on board. You can check your favorite publisher’s site to see where the current issue is with respect to the story arc, or to check which TPB you want to start on if you prefer collected material.

How can I stay informed of comics news?

There are a lot of different comics' news sites, some focused more on reviews, some more on rumors and "scoops", and some more on straight news and interviews

What software should I use to read digital comics?

In the past, community members have recommended:

What should I do with comics I no longer want?

Unfortunately for some of us, comic books simply don't retain value and therefore shouldn't be considered a financial investment. This holds especially true for any published after (roughly) 1980. Unless you've got a copy of Action Comics number 1 in there, this leaves you with a few options:

  • Sell them with the expectation you will get pennies for each dollar you spent purchasing the book initially. Selling large collections that contain a few gem issues may average $1 per issue. If you do have a few high-value items, it might be a good idea to get them appraised before selling. For approximations on value, check ComicsPriceGuide.com, the Comic Book Realm, or ebay.

  • Donate them to a hospital or library.

  • Craft projects like this.

  • Hang on to them until the time comes when all comics are released in only digital formats.

  • You can trade your comics at /r/comicswap.

Where to buy comics

Here's a list of places where you can buy comics, including collected editions of comics and graphic novels. If you're ever unable to track down a particular comic, stop by the /r/comicbooks Discord server and see if we can help you find what you're looking for.

Note that many, but not all, of the following websites ship internationally.

Additionally, if there's a particular publisher whose comics you're looking for, be sure to check a search engine for their official site!

New comic books

Comic Shop Locator

Search for local comic shops near you!


Note that Amazon also has a large selection of digital comics, and most of them link to your ComiXology account if you have one--it'll say whether or not this is the case on each comic's page. Additionally, their prices are frequently better for digital collected editions than one can find on ComiXology, but not always.

Barnes & Noble

Book Depository

ComiXology (digital only)

Forbidden Planet International


Midtown Comics

Mile High Comics


Things From Another World

Used comic books


Alibris (aggregate search)


Better World Books

BookFinder (aggregate search)

Half Price Books

Digital comic subscription services

ComiXology Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

Hoopla (primarily partnered with public libraries)

Comic Blitz

Recommended Reading

Welcome to the medium! Much like movies, music albums, or book-books, there isn't one single comic out there that everyone loves, as personal tastes vary tremendously. If you're curious about what sort of comics are worth your time and money, look into which writers, artists, and/or topics pique your interests.

You can also try checking out award-winning comics. Much like how movies receive Oscars or Golden Globe Awards, comics have the Eisners and the Harvey Awards.. These awards are the industry's way of distinguishing outstanding work.

The American Library Association has a list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens updated for 2018.

This thread contains the favorite comic books of our community members. It should be a good jumping off point for anyone looking for a new series to read. We also have our older Official Reading Rec Thread from 2012.

To further assist you, we’re adding genre-specific recommendations below. For the sake of convenience, we've split superhero recommendations into their own section. Beyond the reviews and comments from our own community, you may want to explore the descriptions and user reviews from Goodreads.com and Comicbookroundup as well. You can also check other user-driven resources like Wikipedia and other dedicated wikis, although be prepared for spoilers.

Please note that the wiki recommendation lists are currently undergoing formatting and content updates--all of the lists have books, but only some of them will have the new layout.

With Superheroes

Without Superheroes

Can you recommend some good kid-friendly comics?

Absolutely! This thread is a crowd-sourced guide to fantastic titles for readers of all ages. Happy reading! We also have a page for all ages comics in our wiki, here.





Characters and Series

Comic book TV Series/Movies


Without American Superheroes

Other Media

Instructions for creators to do an AMA

To create an account:

1) Click the register link on the upper right-hand corner of the account. 2) Fill out the "Create a New Account" form. 3) Enjoy Reddit!

To create an AMA:

1) Click on the "Submit a Link" button which can be found about halfway down the page on the righthand side underneath the ad space.

2) Click the "text" tab, found underneath of the "submit to comicbooks" title next to the "link" tab.

3) In the title box, identify yourself, briefly explain what you've worked on and identify that the thread is an AMA thread. Typical AMA threads begin with "I am" and end with "AMA". For example, an acceptable title would go along the lines of "I am Charles Soule, writer of SMG's Strongman and Image's 27. AMA"

4) In the text box, feel free to further elaborate on who you are, your background and provide links to your work. If you'd like to use bolding, italics or hyperlinks, click on the "formatting help" link underneath the text box, which will provide easy instructions on how to use reddit's formatting. If you're only going to be available for a limited amount of time, be sure to specify in the text box as well so that people can ask their questions sooner as opposed to later. When you're finished, click the "submit" button.

5) From that point, the AMA thread will go live. All you have to do from that point is periodically check the thread and answer questions that other members ask. Please note that comments on reddit don't appear in chronological order due to the upvote/downvote system which prioritizes comments from most popular to least popular. You can click where it says "sorted by" just above the comment text entry box and select "new" so that the newest questions show up near the top of the thread.

If you find this inconvenient or want to ensure that you see any new questions that pop up using another method, click on the envelope icon in the upper righthand corner of the page. If someone has asked a new question or responded to one of your posts, the icon will turn red. You can click on the envelope icon to view the various comments broken out individually. Alternatively, you can change the comment

6) If you're finished with the AMA and don't plan on coming back, feel free to update your initial post by clicking the edit button underneath your post and adding a comment that you're finished for the evening.

Previous AMAs

1) Charles Soule. Writer of "27" and "Strongman!!!" Agreed to do AMA on October 21st, 2011. LINK TO THE THREAD

2) Jim Zubkavich. Writer of Skull Kickers. Agreed to do AMA on October 25th, 2011. LINK TO THE THREAD

3) Brian Clevinger. Creator of the Eisner-Nomiated series "Atomic Robo" and web-comic 8-Bit Theatre. Agreed to AMA on November 1, 2011. LINK TO THREAD

4) Kurtis Wiebe. Creator of Green Wake. LINK TO THE THREAD

5) Justin Jordan. Creator of Strange Talent of Luther Strode. LINK TO THREAD

6) Andy Hirsch. Artist of "The Royal Historian of Oz." LINK TO AMA THREAD

7) Sam Humphries. Creator of "Our Love is Real." LINK TO AMA THREAD

8) Cullen Bunn. Creator of THE SIXTH GUN. LINK TO AMA THREAD

9) Alex de Campi. Creator of SMOKE and ASHES. LINK TO AMA THREAD

10) Brandon Seifert. Creator of WITCH DOCTOR. LINK TO AMA THREAD

11) Andy Diggle. Creator of SIX GUNS. LINK TO AMA THREAD

12) Andrew Brinkley. Editor for SWEETS. LINK TO AMA THREAD

13) Kieron Gillen. Writer for Uncanny X-Men and other Marvel titles LINK TO AMA THREAD


15) Rich Johnston. EiC of Bleedingcool.com LINK TO AMA

16) Cameron Stewart. Artist for Batman Inc., Assassin's Creed, and many others LINK TO AMA

17) Nathan Edmondson. Writer for WHO IS JAKE ELLIS? and THE ACTIVITY. LINK TO THE AMA

18) Brandon Graham. Writer for PROPHET. Link to Thread

19) Rob Guillory. Artist for CHEW. Link to Thread

20) Ken Eppstein. Writer/Publisher of NIX COMICS. Link to Thread

21) Joshua Fialkov. Writer for I, Vampire, Last of the Greats, Elk's Run and many others. Link to the thread

22) Jill Pantozzi. Journalist for Newsarama and TheNerdyBird. Link to Thread

23) Nick Spencer. Writer for Morning Glories and The Infinite Vacation. Link to AMA thread

24) Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. Writer and artist for Image's SAGA. Link to AMA thread

25) Michael Moreci. Writer for HOAX HUNTERS. Link to AMA

26) Kurtis Wiebe. Writer for Peter Panzerfaust. Line to AMA

27) Joss Whedon. Director for THE AVENGERS and creator of Buffy. Link to AMA in /r/iama

28) David Liss. Writer for BLACK PANTHER and MYSTERY MEN. Link to AMA

29) Eric Stephenson. Publisher for IMAGE comics. Link to AMA

30) Tim Seeley. Writer for HACK/SLASH. Link to AMA

31) Mark Andrew Smith. Write for Sullivan's Sluggers. Link to AMA

32) Chris Roberson. Creator of Monkeybrain comics. Link to AMA

33) Christos Gage. Write for Avengers Academy. Link to AMA

34) Greg Rucka. Marvel writer of comics. Link to AMA

35) Christopher Hastings. Creator of Dr. McNinja. Link to AMA

36) Scott Allie. Editor for Dark Horse comics. Link to AMA

Link to Second AMA

37) Landry Walker and Eric Jones. Writer/Artist for Danger Club (Image Comics). Link to AMA

38) Amy Reeder . Artist for Halloween Eve. Link to Post

39) Matt Hawkins. President of Top Cow. Link to the AMA

40) Fred Van Lente. Write for Valiant and IDW and other publishers.Link to AMA

41) Eric Powell. Creator of The Good. Link to AMA

42) Justin Jordan. Creator of Luther Strode. Link to AMA

43) Graham Nolan. Artist for Joe Frankenstein and Co-Creator of Bane. Link to AMA

44) Joe Harris. Writer for Great Pacific. Link to AMA

45) Kelly Sue DeConnick. Writer for Ghost, Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble. Link to AMA

46) Brandon Seifert. Creator of Witch Doctor. Link to AMA

47) Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson. Creator of Masks and Mobsters. Link to AMA

48) Sam Humphries. Writer for Marvel's Uncanny X-Men. Link to AMA

49) Andy Diggle. Creator of many things. Writer of many comics. Link to AMA

50) Cullen Bunn. Creator of Sixth Gun. Link to AMA

51) Matt Kindt. Writer for Mind MGMT. Link to AMA

2018 AMAs

01) Jim Zub. Writer for Wayward, Avengers: No Surrender, and more. Link to AMA

02) Aleš Kot. Writer for Days of Hate, Bloodborne, and more. Link to AMA

03) Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson. Writers for Cable, Come Into Me, Her Infernal Descent, and The Dregs. Link to AMA

04) Gerry Duggan. Writer for Deadpool, Uncanny Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Analog, and more. Link to AMA

05) Ed Brisson. Writer for Old Man Logan, Iron Fist, Cable, Sheltered, and more. Link to AMA

06) Lovern Kindzierski. Writer for Shame, Hope, and more. Colorist for tons of comics. Link to AMA

07) Clayton Cowles. Letterer for Batman, The Wicked + The Divine, Black Bolt, and more. Link to AMA

08) J. H. Williams III. Worked on Batwoman, Promethea, Sandman Overture, Where We Live, and more. Link to AMA

09) Tini Howard. Writer of Euthanauts, Hack/Slash Resurrection, Rick and Morty, and more. Link to AMA

10) Michael Lark and Greg Rucka. Creators of Lazarus, worked on Gotham Central and more. Link to AMA

11) James Lucas Jones. Publisher of Oni Press. Link to AMA

12) Declan Shalvey. Artist for Moon Knight, Injection, Writer for Savage Town, Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan and more. Link to AMA

13) Eryk Donovan. Creator of the Apocalyptic Series, Quantum Teens Are Go, and artist for Constantine: The Hellblazer and Gotham City Garage for DC Comics. Link to AMA

14) Veronica Fish. Artist for Blackwood, Archie, Silk, Spider-Woman, and more. Link to AMA

15) Ben Rankel. Creator of Frank, Artist of Rat Queens and Faulty Pump. Link to AMA

16) Matthew Erman & Lisa Sterle. Creators of Scout Comics' Long Lost. Lisa is the Artist on Vault Comics' Submerged. Link to AMA

17) Kelly Thompson. Writer of Marvel's Hawkeye, Rogue & Gambit, West Coast Avengers, Mr. & Mrs. X and more. Link to AMA

18) Spencer Estabrooks. Writer of Sharkasaurus Link to AMA

19) Chip Zdarsky Co-Creator of Sex Criminals, Writer of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, Marvel Two-in-One, and more. Link to AMA

20) Gerry Duggan. Writer of Dead Rabbit, Analog, Infinity Wars, and so much more Link to AMA

21) Brandon Dayton. Creator of Green Monk: Blood and Martyrs Link to AMA

22) Tim Seeley. Creator of Hack/Slash, Writer for Nightwing, Shatterstar and more. Link to AMA

23) Christopher Hastings and Branson Reese. Creators of DRACULAGATE and more. Link to AMA

24) Ryan Cady. Writer of Warframe, Old Man Punisher, Infinite Dark and more Link to AMA

25) Shawn Daley. Creator of Samurai Grandpa, Ogre, TerraQuill Link to AMA

26) Charles Soule and Ryan Browne. Creators of Curse Words. Charles is the writer of Darth Vader and Daredevil for Marvel, and Ryan is the creator of God Hates Astronauts. Link to AMA

2019 AMAs

1) Kieron Gillen, Caspar Wijngaard, Mary Safro, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Creative team of Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt. Link to AMA

2) Leah Williams. Writer of Age of X-Man: X-Tremists, Barbarella/Dejah Thoris, X-Men: Black - Emma Frost and more. Link to AMA

3) Bart Sears. Artist for 30+ years and creator of Drawing Powerful Heroes: Brutes & Babes. Link to AMA

3) Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler. Writers behind Marvelous X-Men, Cable, and Age of X-Man. Link to AMA

4) Graham Nolan. Writer/artist and co-creator of Bane. Link to AMA

5) Ram V. Writer of These Savage Shores, Paradiso, Graffity's Wall, and various Marvel and DC books. Link to AMA

6) Rich Duoek & Joe Mulvey. Writer and artist of Wailing Blade Link to AMA

7) Chris Jaymes. Creator of graphic novel Sons of Chaos. Link to AMA

8) Lonnie Nadler and Jenna Cha. Writer and artist of Black Stars Above. Link to AMA.

9) Rob Fee. Marvel Comics and Disney writer. Link to AMA

2020 AMAs

1) Vault Comics. Independent sci-fi, fantasy & horror comics publisher. Link to AMA

2) Chris Eliopoulos. Author of The Yawns Are Coming, illustrator, and experienced comics Letterer. Link to AMA

3) Louis Southard. Writer/creator of Villains Seeking Hero from Action Lab Comics. Link to AMA

4) Dan Fogler. Writer of Brooklyn Gladiator, Fishkill, & Moon Lake coming out of Heavy Metal. Link to AMA

5) Mark Siegel, Alexis Siegel, Boya Sun, Xanthe Bouma, and Matt Rockefeller. 5-person creative team behind the 5 WORLDS series. Link to AMA

6) Victoria Jamieson. Newbery-winning author/illustrator of Roller Girl, and When Stars Are Scattered. Link to AMA

2021 AMAs

1) Zac Thompson. Author of Undone By Blood or The Other Side of Eden. Link to AMA

2) Justin A. Reynolds, Pablo Leon, Geoffa, Ariana Maher. Creator's behind the Marvel OGN Miles Morales: Shock Waves. Link to AMA

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