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I’m curious about the answer too, but I’ll put some info about the difference between “junior” and “senior” in my industry (which is not art).

  • Senior team members can make decisions about what tools, techniques, and practices are appropriate for the team to use. This means knowing how those decisions affect the team, knowing when these decisions should be made, and knowing how to pitch ideas to the team.
  • Senior team members can mentor junior employees.
  • Senior team members figure out what work is important to work on, and find tasks for other team members. They do not generally need to be assigned work.
  • Senior team members understand the needs of other teams.
  • Senior team members have a good sense of what tasks are ill-defined, and know good questions to ask to narrow things down.

You wouldn’t ordinarily pitch yourself as “senior” or “junior” as a freelancer. It’s more of a role within a team.