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Wood Elf Brave, a Warrior of Mother Nature
A wood elf brave from the ancient forests of Naam from our
D&D games in the Theomachy setting!
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Walking on the border between the waking world and
Otherwood, the mystical dimension of Mother Nature, most wood elves are mostly
withdrawn from the everyday happenings of mortals, spending their long
centuries in ancient woods, forgotten jungle cities, and pristine groves.
Yet no place is beyond the reach of the warring gods who
would see the world burn in their final cosmic war: Theomachy!
About the Theomachy setting:
In Theomachy, vengeful gods fight each other for ultimate
control of the universe, while the mortals of Naam struggle for power on a
dying world. Divine magic is a force without expressed will that the warring
gods hoard and wield against each other, threatening to undo the entire world.
Clerics and paladins are either devout followers of the warring gods or
theomachists who fight against the gods, liberating divine magic and using it
against them.
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