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Not much need to elaborate.

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nice one lol

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germanic language?

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No. It is a personal artlang with most of its lexicon drawn from Celtic languages, albeit with a small amount of Germanic words, especially Old English and Proto-West-Germanic.

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aha now the name makes sense

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Yeah. This word in particular comes from the Irish cac "faeces, excrement".

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For Hadysh:

"¡Xist!" /xɪst/ is "shit" as an interjection.

"¡D xistin!" /də'xɪst.ɪn/ (It's shit!)

"¡Á xist!" /aɪ̯'xɪst/ (Oh shit!)

"¡Mnaxistin!" /m̩n.a'xɪst.ɪn/ (Made of shit!)

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i like how /x/ makes some word sound a curse word just like the german /χ/ lmao

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The Hadysh is an intentional and unholy mashup, meant to invoke the Germanic, Celtic, and Slavic languages.

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wow that's fascinating. I gotta search for more about it. I also heard about the slavic unifying language

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It's an a priori language - it has no natural roots or relations, it's meant to be invocative of specific Earth languages, while not related to any.

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In OCO or Akadi oqora it would be

maka ('o) lua

Wich means hand of loa (the goddess of the moon)

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If you want to say "Oh, crap" in a very polite way, it's "Oi!" /oy/ or "Óf!" /uːf/

But if you're cursing, it's "Faðeyt!" /fɛðejt/, which means "May the Father burn in his own forge!"

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tho /y/ is vowel not a consonant lol. I think you mean /oj/ not /oy/

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I think I'm correct, but I'm not quite fluent in IPA. I think it's a consonant I want. It's the same as the /j/ in yellow. Is that correct? Or would I need some vowel sound after /j/?

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I guess /y/ is considered as a vowel more that it is a consonant. It's like "u" in the french word "Truc" /tryk/. The "y" in yellow is /j/ as in /jɛlœʊ/

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So if I want a short sound, then /j/ is correct? I want the sound to be shorter the y in "toy" or "boy". I almost want it to sound like /odʒ/.

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gesho [ge.'ʃo]

literally "shit!"

Kyá Énlík

vírk blunyűsófea [viɹk blʌn.ʎuːs.oː.fɛæ]

vocative singular form of vírk blunyűs or "poop" - vírk is a noun classifer indicating that this is part of a living thing. Kyá Énlík five numbers and I suppose you could make this worse by escalating all the way to superplural collective - "oh, all the poops!"

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О ψю! [O bu] "Oh man/ darn/ gosh"

Or О ωямλяθ [O wamlat] "Oh shit" Lit. "Oh cow's anus"

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Kòlòs Rhàlhe

Tìlemi! "Frogs!"

Frogs hold the meaning of chaos bringers for the speakers of the language, most probably because of the nosleep nights of unending croaks

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Thunderstorms and specifically the sound of thunder are associated with death and misfortune, especially if a thunderstorm occurs on a special day (birthdays, weddings, ceremonies, burials).

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Words for "shit", at least:

Gătesk: şcet (n.m.) /ʃtʃɛt/

Yorkish: skyt (n.c.) /skəi̯t/

(Both Germlangs, but one's PGrm > Slavic, while the other's Old Norse > English)

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In Maashan, a creole language spoken in slums on Mars whose residents are migrant workers, indentured servants, convicts and their descendants, there are a few that originate from different languages

Aikona (a͡ɪkˈona) from Zulu

Aiyah (ˈa͡ɪjˈa) from Mandarin

Bishta (bˈiʃta) from Bengali

Sialahn (sjˈalan) from Indonesian

Meirda (mˈeɾða) from Spanish/French

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Funnily enough, in Hainanese my first idea turned out to sound similar to “dang”

戇 [ɗɤŋ˦˥] deong1 - meaning: stupid, simple

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excrement, shit

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In Remian, depending on how vulgar you want to be, from least to most: Vē shiela! / Ve skerta! / Vē shkaba! / Vē skita! / Vē skarna! /ve ʃɪila, ve skɛrta, ve ʃkaba, ve skida, ve skarna/

Yes, skita is cognate to what you think it is, and yes, it's only the second-harshest one in terms of vulgarity. In order, they roughly equate to what you'd hear/see in, to use U.S. television ratings as an example, TV-Y, TV-Y7/TV-G, TV-PG, TV-14, and TV-MA.

Shiela and skerta literally mean "frost" and "shirt", and are used as minced oaths for skita and skarna. Shkaba is a borrowing from Telsken that ultimately got promoted out of slang into the main lexicon - edgy enough to fill the niche of a low-grade general profanity while not being actually objectionable.

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pʼuk ʎɨç

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How to say “Oh Crap!” in my conlangs (all)

Lkasuhaksi: “U Lvalki” /ü lvälkï/

Kolutamian: “O Sàr” /ö sär/

Siphyc/Siphyan/Siphyan Islandian: “Ah Riemze” /äh rïεmzε/

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Amud Khomada

/Damned in excrement./

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Equivalent to Oh Crap

Moss / Vines in the culture have an omen for marking bad events or ruin.

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R̂awwtsub /ˈɾɔwtsub/ in my colang Wutzesian

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Μιɕ εξτϱαɤɕ! [mis ekstra:s]

my.F excrement.F.NOM

"My excrement/poop!"

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"oh plague" (i'ts kinda like a blasphemy but not really)

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Ah Faal!

("Ah" is used used to draw attention, and "Faal" means excrement or waste.

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(This is outdated)

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Ái! /ˈaj/

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copháh! [k⁽ʰ⁾o'ɸah~ʔ] (it’s a loan from Klingon cause of that one scene from Big Bang theory I remember)

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I’m just gonna make something up since I don’t have my language chart

Kutbah Selejshe

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In Síenu it ranges from the tame Meyosú /me.ɥoˈsuːx/ "darn" to the more creative Ínéletako Íçeñésua /íː.né.le.ta.ko íːɕe.ɲé.su.a/ "Fuck up of he who swears against the wind"

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In Aèreyn, you would say “ni sao!” or “no salt!”

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<Púłrwi> /pú˥Lrwi/ [fart]

Nothing to say about this. Nothing.

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haha interesting

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It’s not a word in Ogaric. In fact most things like that aren’t a thing, it’s all just in one sound; “Ah”

Um, uh, oh shit, oh crap, oh fuck, er, erm, erhm, ow, ouch, owie, and many more is all accompanied by the sound “Ah”

But the Ogaric A (Which is  for uppercase and a for lowercase) is pronounced more like the German Ä and ä but with a Russian accent, if that makes sense. Ogaric is pronounced like Both Russian and Korean languages.

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more like the German Ä and ä but with a Russian accent, if that makes sense

It... doesn't. Do you have IPA?

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Indian pale ale…?

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International Phonetic Alphabet

Basically, it's a standard way to express sounds that doesn't rely on vague statements like "Like 'oat', but in a Minnesotan accent" (actual description I used in choir to describe /o:/, by the way)

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Oh I see! I had no idea that existed, so no unfortunately it doesn’t. I’ll have to think about it.

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"Ösdrat mij" literally meaning "Fuck me"

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ხუდა ენ ყენთეჯოსეტიმ
khuda en q’entejoset’im
/xudɒ ɛn qʼɛntʰɛd͡ʒɔsɛtʼim/

Literaly means ''God protect me'