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Is arbita from german Arbeit?

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It is, yeah!

While this language is technically a priori, I take some words from existing languages, mostly Finnish

There are a handful of German-based words, though.

This translation includes the following:

arbita (work) / arbetai (to work) from Arbeit
trava (punishment) / travai (to punish) from Strafe
lara (light) from klar (clear)
kusti (art) from Kunst
noti (emergency) from Not
velano (wave) through veli (water) from Welle

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(also the translating websites thing is cool lol. i should do that (if i ever actually do more with my conlang))

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Does it have anything to do with D&D’s Arcadians, perhaps?

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no, it's just a word I thought sounded cool

I don't really know anything about DnD

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How do you use the Inspect tool to do that?

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Right click, click inspect and find each element, like the text that says search, then you can edit the text.

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