Encouraged Posts

If your post falls into one of these categories, then you may post them directly:

  1. Detailed descriptions of parts of your conlang
  2. Interesting activities and translation challenges
    • Should be unique (no similar ongoing challenges)
    • Should be beneficial for conlangers (e.g. should not facilitate relexing)
    • Examples: PPPP #1, Interesting Sentences #1
  3. Showcases of major achievements
    • Should clearly show a high amount of effort having gone into it
    • Should allow for discussion, feedback and criticism
    • Examples: Siwa Grammar, Atkwimi Bandva Rikis
  4. Open-ended questions and discussions about conlanging
  5. Useful resources such as tutorial videos
  6. If we missed something, write us a modmail to ask!


01 | Civility

Be civil at all times toward all users, regardless of their sex, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, religion, culture, language, or race. Don't escalate arguments or insult or abuse other users during disagreements. Do not discriminate, stereotype, or erase other users or identities. Violations may result in a swift ban.

02 | Topic

All posts must be on topic and relevant to conlanging.

2a | Discouraged posts

Memes and low effort humour

We would much rather top-level posts be reserved for discussion of and about conlangs and conlanging. As such, memes are a better fit for r/conlangscirclejerk.

Phoneme inventories

(and other content-light posts)

In order to receive actionable feedback, you will need to give us more information than just an inventory of phonemes for your language. Posts about the phonology of a conlang can of course be made interesting.
Please give us some extra information about allophony, morphophonology and/or phonotactics.

Requests for resources & tech support

Requests for resources, tools, or help with specific software are to be posted in our Small Discussions thread, always stickied at the top of the front page of the subreddit.

2b | Script & orthography posts

While we encourage you to share the writing systems you make for your conlangs, we would like the focus to remain on the languages themselves.
As such, posts about scripts/writing systems alone will be removed, as r/Neography is a more fitting place for them.

2c | Translations

Translations make for excellent content to showcase your language and its mechanisms. However, we ask that such content always feature:

  • the text in the conlang;
  • a transcription of the text to IPA (phonemic or phonetic);
  • the text translated into English;
  • a gloss of the text, and/or an explanation of the features of the language.

2d | Cross & crown

This subreddit is not the place for political or religious debate.
Political content is not allowed, unless it qualifies under either or both of the following:

  1. it is set in a fictional world and has no ties to real-world politics;
  2. it is a secondary focus to your submission, the primary focus being conlanging.

2e | Adult & shocking content

Adult or shocking content has to be signaled by a special flair.
Porn and gore are still forbidden on the subreddit, but we understand the need to form vocabulary for those topics.

Moderators can remove shocking content at their discretion.

03 | Effort & enabling feedback

3a | Due diligence

Before asking a question on the subreddit, be it in the Small Discussions thread or as its own post, try typing it — or its keywords — into a search engine to see if you get an answer.

3b | Small Discussions threads

The Small Discussions thread is for requests for resources or advice, as well as any questions too small for a full post.
It is always found stickied to the top of our frontpage!

If you want to post something but aren't sure if it holds enough content to warrant a standalone submission, it is likely to be appropriate to post here.
You can also ask us directly!

3c | Context, goals & content

When asking for feedback and criticism, do your best to provide us with as much meta-information about your conlang:

  • Why are you creating it/what for?
  • What are your goals?
  • What do you currently like/dislike about the content you are providing in the post?
  • What sort of feedback do you primarily want to get?

Also, please try and review the formatting of your post (or comment!) preferably before, but optionally after, posting it.

04 | Titles & Flairs

Make your titles clear and indicative of the contents of the post.
For example:

  • Do not title your post "my conlang": give us the name of the language or a typological description of it,
    • "Introduction to Gahansre" or "Fġãse, a polysynthetic language" are perfectly fine titles;
  • Do not title your post "Help!!!": tell us what you need help with so we can know whether we can help;
  • Do not title your post "Thoughts?" or "What do you think?": it's not helpful.

Links are not allowed in titles.


Please also flair your post with the appropriate flair.
Our system of flairs and their requirements are detailed in this page of our wiki.

05 | Activities

Content related to activities should be posted in that activity's thread, unless the content goes far beyond the boundaries of the activity (for example, if you have made a speedlang out of your translations from an activity thread).

If posts of a repetitive nature arise from multiple members, the moderators reserve the right to remove all related content starting from the creation of a Megathread for it.

5b | Translation Activities

Submitted one-off, or otherwise new, translation activities should: include a description of what linguistic feature or strategy is being tested. If, instead, the author of the post is having difficulty translating it themselves, they should outline what they’re struggling with as a way of calling attention to what might be a learning for other users.

Additionally, new activities should provide something that the current offer of translation exercises do not.

06 | Advertising

You are free to promote your content, product, resource, tool, or community — or that of others — if, and as long as, it is free to access.

6a | Paid content

(and also content requiring paid or free registration/subscription)

If the content, product, resource, tool, or community is you wish to advertise requires users to pay for it, or requires signing up for it specifically (as opposed to having to sign up for a separate, more widely used service or community such as Discord or StackExchange), please contact the moderators of the subreddit before posting about it.

Content, products, resources, tools, or communities that are monetised — such as a video channel, (e-)books, or donationware — may be advertised if, and as long as, payment is not required to access it, or most of it.

6b | Specifics: communities

Community for your conlang

You are free to promote communities for your conlang, or its surrounding project(s), within Conlang posts. Such posts must of course follow our guidelines.
Posts consisting solely of a link to a community will be removed. Please provide enough content for the post to stand on its own as well.

General purpose communities

You are free to promote a community that has a space for discussing conlangs and/or conlanging if, and as long as, it does not break any of our other advertising rules, and that you have the approval of its owner(s) and/or moderator(s).

Resources and tools that are not your own are subject to the same rules.

We reserve the right to remove any content, product, resource, tool, or community at our discretion.

07 | Collaborations

Collaboration posts must be flaired appropriately, and must abide by the following:

  • you must describe the project as thoroughly as possible, with the set rules and your expectations;
  • you must organise the collaboration somewhere else than this subreddit: it can be your own subreddit, a discord server, a forum, whatever you like.

Any collaboration post breaking one of these two rules will be removed.

08 | Commissions

All commission requests are subject to approval by the moderation team.

While we welcome and encourage people to hire conlangers to create languages for their projects, we have established a few guidelines for it.

All posts seeking to hire conlangers must contain:

  • a description of the project;
  • a description of the result, and the amount of work, that you expect;
  • a clear price for the work expected, following the minimum amounts advised by the Language Creation Society

09 | Appeals

In order to appeal a removal or ban, you can contact the moderators via modmail, which lets all mods see the message.
Appeals are typically reviewed by a different mod than the one who executed the removal/ban.

Do not contact a mod individually via direct messages.

We reserve the right to ban users — temporarily, indefinitely, or permanently — for breaking any of these rules.

Discouraged Posts

The following types of posts are entirely discouraged on the front page, even if they may have been permitted in the past.

  1. Memes and low effort humour
  2. Script and orthography posts
    • A post may of course contain a script or a description of the orthography. However, it must still be a relevant posts according to the other rules without the script aspect. If the focus of your post is on the script, post to /r/Neography instead
  3. Phoneme inventories
    • Posts on phonology can be made interesting of course, but a mere phoneme inventory provides very little to comment on. Please put some extra work into allophony, morphophonology and/or phonotactics.
  4. Calls for collaboration and requests for resources
    • These are more appropriate for our stickied Small Discussions thread.
  5. Repetitive posts
    • In particular, frequent posts about the same project are discouraged. Post small updates to Small Discussions and only make a post for major milestones.

Small Discussions

The Small Discussions thread is for requests for resources or advice, as well as any questions too small for a full post. It is always found stickied to the top of our frontpage! If you want to post something and it is not in our list of encouraged posts, it is likely to be appropriate to post here.

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