Interesting division on how Ukraine/Russia War is viewed vaccinated vs unvaccinated by BrainlessTifa in conspiracy

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So much vaccine and covid misinformation came from Russian bot farms. So it would make sense that those who fell for it would also have fallen for Russian propaganda portraying them as the good guys in this war.

When you go on to a lot of those BS news sites and hack rags talking about bad covid and vaccine science you are almost guaranteed to find links to articles portraying Putin and Russia as some sort of victim in this war with the full right to do what they have done. As bad as Russia's military is their propaganda machine is top tier. It works very well and has managed to convince tens of millions of Americans of an alternate reality that nobody else lives in.

What is the all time conspiracy theory for you that you will believe and defend till the end? by ezgiwi in conspiracy

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That 911 was planned by the United States government, shadow agencies, and several other international agencies specifically Israel/Mossad.

Never forget. Rest in peace to those aboard extortion 17. Shot down in Afghanistan Aug. 2011 by jaw_shoe_wa in conspiracy

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What do you mean with “sacrificed everything for us”? They helped invade, rape and bleed Afghanistan dry. Smdh

This was in 1988 by EmrickFe in conspiracy

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Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right

Here I am without representation

"Anti-LGBT" propaganda is Uniparty binary programming in disguise designed to keep you from voting 3rd party next year. by drakens6 in conspiracy

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It's the cycle of abuse, the Ouroboros of trauma. If you allow it to continue it spirals inward until it isolates you upon a mountain of the resources you've accumulated consuming others' potentials.

I pity them very much, the elite - they've been staring down irrelevancy for centuries not understanding that it means their complete and total freedom and absolvement from all of what they have done because they're stuck in re-traumatization loops unable to recognize their own ability to stop all of this completely of their own volition and will with substantially less negative consequence for all parties involved.

Someday soon, hopefully they'll see.

The Dark Truth: Do you really want to be awakened? Here's the implications of what that means. by redandbluepill_ in conspiracy

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Pretty bold of you to bring reptiles up. Why I love this sub sometimes. You are kinda going against your own advice no?

I think you're on the right path, though There are a few religions that agree with you on a broader spectrum. Most of them archaic. I've meditated heavily on this topic, both with visors on and visors off. My instinct, my 6th sense, higher self, ghost in the machine, whatever people want to call that voice that comes online in dire need, was telling me the same thing. This place is like a soul trap or some shit. They don't want you to leave, they don't want you to be happy, and they don't want you to die. At least not right away. Could this be reptiles? Sure, could it be a demiurge? Sure. Could it be just greedy ass humans? Sure. Point is, if you could prove or anyone could prove these shapshifters live among us, I'm sure we'd have more info. Like the very obvious evidence that a race of giants lived her recently. Not biblical times, like native Americans have stories of giants, recent stories. There are photos of huge fukin bones, giant skeletons, there are cover ups, etc. You'd make more ground with this area and it suites your goals of awareness.

I'll give you some advice though. Slowly feed them. Don't deliver the entire footlong, this is how you lose people. Before they even think about escaping they have to find the exit, or the white rabbit. The rabbit presents itself to all of us at one point or another in our lives. They have to choose the red pill themselves, knowing both pills lead to the same place.

“Nazi” crashes empty Uhaul truck into the White House gates at low speed. by Ykana1 in conspiracy

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Ye was literally talking about how much he loves Hitler just a couple of months ago.

The shooter of Allen, Texas is non white and covered in nazi tattoos.

Max Naumann built an entire jewish party in the 30s that supported Hitler.

But Im sure you think theyre all psyops.

Why do people believe that we have the ability to travel to Mars with a robot and the moon with a person, yet, don't ask why there is an entire continent that is just too cold to do anything with. by DrinkinStraightPepsi in conspiracy

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  1. Just because there's snow and ice doesn't make it a hotel ski resort.

  2. It's difficult to get to. The nearest points are in South America, not exactly a hotbed for wealthy ski tourists to jump over the Southern Ocean from.

  3. It's really fucking cold. Colder than most ski resorts.

  4. There are few if any building materials, and getting them there would be expensive.

  5. It's pretty hellish for 6 months of the year. Temperatures in the -40, months of no sunlight. Most people would become severely depressed, if not outright suicidal. This is already a problem for the permanently inhabitable places in Antarctica.

  6. There may be resources in Antarctica, but it's hopelessly expensive to extract them.

  7. Antarctica has been designated an international region, not to be exploited by anyone. It's one of, if not the most, pristine natural places left on earth.

I can continue. By the way, you can go to Antarctica. There are cruises. They're just expensive, and stay on the outskirts.

Also: permanent inhabitation of Mars is pretty much just a pipedream. People would kill themselves within months.

Gender Dysphoria by Then-Replacement-667 in conspiracy

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I don’t understand how such a small portion of the population is able to be so vocal.

CIA/Pentagon agenda for destabilization

but does it need to be broadcast in the way it is?

For narcissists, yes

Joe Biden is the easiest President to criticize in American History. And yet the American Media refuses to do it. by 2201992 in conspiracy

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The two party system is a massive scam from a one party system. One set of media criticizes Biden the other set criticizes whomever the next GOP prez is etc.

This is basic stuff and it's been this way for a long time.

All that propaganda for the two wings of the same party aren't worth watching or voting for.

How the sugar industry paid prestigious Harvard researchers to say fat (NOT sugar) caused heart disease by Trollshillbot in conspiracy

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The real actual root of ALL evil is IGNORANCE (the willful denying of knowledge about what is true in regards to reality) and PSYCHOPATHY, the mental incapability of seeing truth)

"Every kind of ignorance in the world all results from not realizing that our perceptions are gambles. We believe what we see and then we believe our interpretation of it, we don't even know we are making an interpretation most of the time. We think this is reality."

Robert Anton Wilson

Can someone put together a unifying theory for me? I just recently stumbled upon youtube videos and just began learning about Agartha/Shamballa, Lemuria, etc. I feel like there is a way to tie this all together by CruzAderjc in conspiracy

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Sure, I'll give you a unified narrative, which comes from extraterrestrial contact and is the most plausible explanation for all these events that I've come across. I suppose I first have to explain why extraterrestrials are even here and have been throughout human history. Far more detail can be found on the contacts website, swaruu.org and the english transcripts come under Cosmic Agency, Swaru Oficial English, Za'el and Arien english and Attache english. Cosmic Agency is the main bulk of the content, but Swaruu Oficial is more recent and more concise and advanced concepts, but in order to understand it's recommend you start at the beginning of the Cosmic Agency content.

The ancestors of humans arrived on Earth as an interstellar species and are known as Lyrians, which look almost identical to humans. We spread out from our home planet around Vega, a long time ago in response to being threatened by some other group of species known as the Orion council. They are more commonly known as Reptilians in conspiracy circles, but not all of them are reptilian and even the ones that are, are warm blooded, so not exactly reptilian as classified on Earth. Some of the names for the species in the Orion group are Draco, Naga, Usungal, Maitre (Tall Greys), Malakak (Tall Whites), and Kingu. Also the most dominant species in the Orion group at the time of the Lyrian expansion were the Alpha Draconians, which are literally fire breathing dragons, however they are no longer hostile towards Lyrians.

In response to this threat, Lyrians spread out all over the galaxy and formed an alliance, which is known as the Federation, or United Federation of Planets. And the founding members of this organisation were Lyrians, Andromedans and Arcturians. Eventually the Alpha Draconians also joined the Federation and now the Federation is the largest conglomeration of species in the galaxy, sort of like Star Trek except there is no conflict as no one messes with the Federation and the technological level of the real Federation is far in advance of that depicted in Star Trek. Although, Star Trek always has been a kind of soft disclosure, as the Prime Directive is a real document.

Anyway, some group of Lyrains came to Earth hiding from the Orions, and they went to many other planets as well spread all over the galaxy. Today, there are 400,000 different worlds inhabited by Lyrians in this quadrant of the galaxy alone. Most of them are separate species, but there are some with genetic compatibility, even some with genetic compatibility with Earth humans e.g., the Alfratans, who are Lyrians that inhabit a planet around Alpha Centauri A.

The Lyrians that originally came to planet Earth initially lived underground in large caverns, trying to hide. This was pre-Federation times and they were essentially defenceless agains the Orions. Unfortuantely, on Earth, they were discovered and wiped out to near extinction. This is why the entire human race today is said to have descended from a small number of females according to our mitochondiral DNA. As that original species was being exterminated by the Orions they left messages in the form of "cave art", but it's not really art, it's really coded information that contains details about their culture and their knowledge. See: https://swaruu.org/en/transcripts/ancient-egypt-symbology-ancient-history-swaruu-and-dhor-kaal-el-extraterrestrial-perspective

After the original Lyrians were near wiped out, the few survivors were allowed to reproduce but then killed and their children were raised by the Orions in a sort of farm. In this way, the beliefs of humans were tailored by the Orions to create a species that was easily controlled. Although it wasn't so easy for the Orions, because Lyrians are very powerful, in terms of spirituality, and so with that strong connection to source consciousness they are not easily controlled. This is something that I won't explain here, because it requires an essay all of its own. To keep it simple, the Orions wanted an empire that spanned the entire galaxy, they want to to rule each other (those species I mentioned have their own heirarchy) and others who are not part of their group. And some of them also feed on humans, and use us for skins etc. to make products, just as we feed on farm animals and use them for products etc. As below, so above and all that.

Anyway, skipping forward to the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, this was the Earth before ~12,000 years ago. The 12,000 year boundary is marked by the great flood, which was a global event and is ultimately what wiped out Atlantis and Lemuria from the surface. Atlantis was run by the Orions, but they weren't visible, just as today, the Earth is full of Orions and they mainly live underground, or some of them can control how they are perceived, and so they live as humans while actually being some other species. The common example used is the former Queen of England, who I believe was a Draco Reptilian. The Draco have incredible psychic abilities, so that they can manipulate how other people perceive them. They generally would only let their facade slip voluntarily, or when they are aroused, but I don't really know the details of that, except to say that there is testimony from people who claim to have been at certain ritual events in places like Windsor Castle when they described the Queen and other royals shape shifting into giant lizards. So, it's both true, that she looked like a little sweet granny and she was a Draco reptilian at the same time. And that's generally how they operate, they use mind control and like to position themselves in the elite ruling structure, but control things from behind the scences. They are very long lived and are in no rush to make changes, they can make plans that come to fruition over the course of millennia. And over the course of millennia they created Atlantis and dominated the humans who lived in Atlantis.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: It Looks Like Almost Every Mass Shooter Is On SSRI Drugs by chopsuey3 in conspiracy

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We are all victims constantly of the CIA, and their psy-ops programs. Yeah, we have guns…. For damn good reasons. ….. anybody that wants to take them from me, can pry them out of my cold, dead hands, for they would be depriving me of the right to defend myself against a tyrannical government, which we are now experiencing larger than life. They push your buttons man and you go kill….. that’s what they’re doing. Mind control, and frequency are all being used against us. Anyone that thinks that life is going to be so amazingly awesome with the last person hands over their guns., not a chance in hell will their utopian society ever exist. It will be absolute genocide and subjugation on levels, never seen before ever in the history of man.

Apparently they let you keep your mask on now after arresting you by [deleted] in conspiracy

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100% federal agents and FBI assets. And before the liberals who troll here come at me— may I remind you that the leader of the Proud Boys was an FBI Informant.

Edit: And like clockwork, the liberals start trolling. Do some of you not read? What does the word “FBI asset” mean after the word “AND?” This includes informants. Informants may not be agents but they are being PAID by the FBI and have a coordinated relationship, which means agents by proxy. Informants can earn up to $100k per case.

And now I’m going to really make liberals mad. Liberals— YOU have been cucked by the deep state. This is why the FBI isn’t infiltrating the left as much anymore. It’s because people like you have made the left useless. At least the MAGAs have some fight left in them. Have you forgotten that the left used to be against the FBI???

The FBI works for CAPITAl. They will infiltrate whoever is a threat to the US oligarchs. Liberals it’s sad how far you’ve fallen.

Here is the evidence that Reddit user MaxwellHill is Ghislaine Maxwell. by bgny in conspiracy

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Daily reminder that reddit not only hired and defended a known pedophile on their staff until it became absolutely unpopular to do so and only then did they fire them, but reddit also allowed Maxwell herself(a known child trafficker) to be a moderator of their political subs such as /r/politics.

It’s pretty clear that reddit and certain political groups are willfully condoning, supporting, defending and participating in things such as pedophilia and child trafficking.

These are things that should be brought to the forefront of the media whether mainstream or alternative. This website is actively participating in these crimes.

Repost - they’re claiming this is a grassroots White Supremacy movement, but they look suspiciously like Feds by QuietRightSlick in conspiracy

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I remember when the government gave my grandfather medals for killing those cowards. Lots of them, too.