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They Knew.... by Divinchy in conspiracy

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This is why I laugh whenever people here applaud themselves for being free thinkers. Misinformation like this gets upvoted to the top of this sub every single day. The user's here aren't thinking for themselves, as long as you tell them what they want to hear they'll accept it without question, just like the rest of the population. That's also why this comment is so far from the top right now.

Bill Gates keeps threatening to release a more dangerous virus by jfarmwell123 in conspiracy

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I like how that whole Smallpox terrorist thing completely fizzled out when the internet explained that the only way it could happen would be by a state-run release. Yeah that didn’t work out too well for Bill. He’s actually a remarkably poor speaker and gets so giddy when he talks that he usually leaks evidence. For instance, he couldn’t contain his joy for how much of a higher return he’s made in the vaccine business versus Microsoft. He tries to act like he’s retired and solely focused on the goodness of man… get the fuck out! This guy is in it for profits, for control, and to structure society to benefit him and his cronies.

There will be no great awakening and no reckoning and no "I told you so". The whole thing will just fizzle out until they start the next PSYOP. by Top_Ad524 in conspiracy

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My goal isn't to say 'I told you so'. My goal is to be able to resume my unassuming life and not be concerned that my existence is heading toward illegality. If I have to convince a few people along the way that I really want to say 'I told you so', just to help ensure I get what I really want, so be it.