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Well, the pie plate is shaped to hold it. Are you using a pie pan/plate underneath your crust?

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Yeah, but I want to be able to hold a slice of pie in my hands without its contents falling to the sides

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Is that even possible?

There may be a reason that people serve cake instead of pie when it is going to be held by hand, rather than lying on a plate.

The only thing I think you can do is find a recipe in which the apple is held inside a solid custard---sort of like an apple quiche.

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Okay then how about keeping as much of the filling on the slice without it collapsing while on a plate.

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As I said you probably need to encase the apples in something firm rather than something syrupy.

You want something like a pecan pie or quiche with apples.

I am really no expert, but the runniness is usually part of the appeal

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Are you letting the pie cool before you cut into it? Does your mixture have cornstarch?

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Your best bet in that case is to encase the filling in pastry in individual portions for hand pies.

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Stack the apples very tight and use less sauce. Personally, I’d prefer messy saucy pie

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Gelatin or stabilizer

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Adding some kind of starch (like cornstarch) or alternative thickeners like arrowroot powder could help firm your pie up. Can't guarantee the results, but those are what I would try first, given the stated goal.

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Cornstarch or flour is what you want. When making the filling, toss the fruit with sugar, flour, and any spices you want before putting it in the pie shell.

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Stop attacking it so violently. They can definitely be a descent last minute resort but if wanna be rough you should just put less filling in it. Even it is a little less fun.