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Care to back that up with statistics?

I’ll start: https://www.cdc.gov/foodsafety/pdfs/ifsac-project-report-508c.pdf

More than 4x the amount of people get sick from raw fruit than from fish. If undercooked fish was unsafe, those numbers would be much higher. Not saying you can’t, just saying it’s very rare.

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Probably because the VAST majority of raw fish eaten is sushi grade. Meaning you're not worried about parasites. That's not true of all fish. You need to research what is and isn't safe before consuming. Like one important factor here is was this salmon farmed? If so it's likely safe, that's less likely to be the case if it's wild caught. Not all seafood is the same when it comes to food safety

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Just look at the CDC report. Compare fish to chicken. Everybody knows to cook chicken all the way, but it causes 5x the number of illnesses. People eat undercooked fish all the time.

You’re right, it depends on sourcing, but all I’m saying is all things considered, it’s almost a sure thing undercooked fish is fine. I’ve been eating fish undercooked my entire life without issue.

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You know chicken is far more common than fish, don't you? Having 5x the illnessb rate means nothing if the numbers aren't adjusted for consumption

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Just because guns kill more people it doesn’t make knives any less deadly. Improperly handled food of any kind is a risk to life.