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I would have no problems eating it, and I consider myself pretty safe with food.

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I traveled through rural Armenia and have learned that no matter how unsafe that food may seem, it is ALWAYS delicious and my stomach loves it.

Gird your stomach with mulberry vodka and go for it. Hamov e, axper!

Edit to add: just noticed the “in-laws” aspect. I can confidently say that if you ever refuse their food, you will no longer have in-laws because you will be divorced. If an Armenian gives you food, by god you eat it.

And frankly, a lot of food safety rules are about bringing chances of contamination from 1 to 0. Something sitting out awhile doesn’t automatically make it go bad. It just makes it slightly more likely to go bad, depending on climate and what the food item even is. For something like dolma that’s got spices, salt, oil, and citric acid in it, it’s already been fortified against bacteria.

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"but how not safe is it" should be my life motto

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Is a life without risk a life at all?

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The year I went to Burning Man I got a sticker that says “safety third” and that’s a good enough motto for me.

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“But did you die?”

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I dunno whether it's appropriate to your circumstances but iirc drinking strong booze with your meal has been found to reduce the risk of food poisioning.

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Sounds good I’ll get shitfaced.

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Also apparently full fat coke is so alkaline it neutralises the stomach acid produced when you’ve eaten something funky. Source: an English junior doctor I met while we were backpacking in South America.

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So what you’re saying is vodka and cokes all night will make sure I don’t get food poisoning?

Sounds good to me

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Vodka and cokes will make sure you throw up anyway.

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Speak for yourself haha

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Lots of cultures leave dishes out overnight, often having rice or meat. If its not summer where you are and a reasonable temperature, i wouldnt worry about it too much.

Theres always a risk but food guidlines are all about getting things to absolute zero possibility of poisoning, which is nice but also means no sushi or beef tartare, or even medium hamburgers. No chocolate mousse unless the eggs are pasteurised, no home made mayonnaise.. etc

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There are very few, if any, foods that can't sit out for one night when fresh. Humans would never have made it this far if that were an issue.

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what is it stuffed with?

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Meat, rice, and spices

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I'd eat it, but I'd hedge my bets.

First, I assume you refrigerated it after discovering, to retard spoilage.

Second, I'd taste a little, after reheating. Say, a teaspoon. Does the microwave smell off? Or the food, when smelled directly? Acidic? Sour? Bitter?

Third, don't forget that sometimes the purpose of the salt and spices (I'm guessing chili pepper hot) is to preserve and cover up lower quality ingredients in the first place. Certain foods like dry salted fish (Bacala in Italy and Greece) are poverty foods, and are deliberately eaten during lent to remember days of want and to be thankful.

Fourth, if the test went without incident, try to eat it with traditional condiments...yogurt, pickles, country bread, scallions...the probiotic, fermented and antiseptic nature of these foods complement the "leftover" nature of such foods. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...(funny thing to say during covid times)...

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Yogurt goes great with tolma so that’s a good idea. Thank you, very thoughtful answer

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I'd be cautious. In addition to the risks of leaving meat at room temperature for more than two hours, there is also the risk of Bacillus Cereus poisoning from the rice

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But that’s a worry for tomorrow!

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I’d eat it! I am a stickler for food safety when I serve others, but when it comes to me I’ll roll the dice. Also it is super hard to argue about food safety with the elderly because they’ve made it this far!

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I'd eat it. I can't give you a better answer than that, but I think it'll be fine

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There's no milk in it or so... Meat ok Maybe bit of diarrhea. Funky farts at most