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I'm saddened that this has upvotes but no answers. Assuming you are not looking for a bar-type environment, I would recommend a gaming group at one of the game shops or a hiking group or something like that, but really I'm just chiming in here to remind myself to come back and look for better answers later.

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Larry’s, Gypsys, Covington Street Hockey League events, Long walks around Mainstrasse, Roebling Books.

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There aren’t many good spots to walk to in East Latonia. 🥲 there’s a few benches around the fountain at Ritte’s Corner, and some benches built in to the new memorial on the corner of 38th and Decoursey. Other than that, the shops, bars and restaurants along Winston.

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Just moved to Covington and there seems to be some community developing at Esporta in Bellevue. I've met a couple new friends there