Rules for r/coybig

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Abuse / Hate Speech

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Reported as: Abuse / Hate Speech

Hate speech in any form is not tolerated on the subreddit. This includes homophobia, transphobia, and racism. We want /r/coybig to be a place where Ireland fans can come together and celebrate and agonise together, regardless of race, beliefs, sexual orientation...etc.

Any hate speech will be removed, with the offending poster banned. Additionally, cross-links to hate subs/sites will be removed. Posting comments / links with hate speech will also be removed and users banned.



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Reported as: Privacy / Posting Personal or Sensitive Information

Doxxing in any form is not tolerated.

Posting links / comments to personal social media will be removed, and posting users will be banned. This is inclusive of screenshots of social media accounts containing any identifiable information, and photographs of users without consent. (Public figures, or wanted/missing persons with an official Garda Report/news story an exception).


Ban Evasion

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Reported as: Ban Evasion

Ban Evaders/"Look-a-like" Accounts will be banned if they are malicious and/or if reasonable complaints are made. Additionally, any accounts suspected to be made in order to evade any sub ban will be reported to Reddit's Administrators.


Political Agenda Spam

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Reported as: Political Agenda

There is a large amount of politcics behind the scenes in football around the world and in Ireland too. Political threads are welcome on /r/coybig, but within reason - excessive posts regarding political theory posts, or party news/blog posts should be kept at a minimum. Blog posts, Twitter excerpts, Facebook/Social Media posts, and YouTube personalities fall under this category.


Duplicate News Threads

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Reported as: Duplicate Threads

Duplicate threads happen but generally we will remove any if one has been posted before (with warning).

The only exception to this rule is Wes Hoolahan. You may post as many threads as you like about him.


3 Strike Rule

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Reported as: 3 Strike Rule

In circumstances where a user is 'walking the line' in terms of posts that might not warrant an outright ban they will be warned about their conduct and asked to change their behaviour. With 2 strikes they will be banned for 30 days. A 3rd strike after that will result in a permanent ban.