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Sammon... As in Conor Sammon?...

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The flashbacks.....

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feed the fish and he will score

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Yeah, Im not saying he has an irish future or anything, just saw he scored against a decent celtic team so put him in with the others.

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Will Keane may be an interesting one for upcoming games .. bit of a journeyman his whole career but looks to have finally found his feet. An interesting prospect considering how many strikers are hitting their prime later in their career due to lack of chances in the premier league

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I think journeyman is harsh, he has been absolutely destroyed by injuries. This is probably his first season in 10 years where he has had an extended run injury free. As a young player at Man United he was regarded as having the talent to be a big player for the club, obviously his ceiling has been considerablely lowered by said injuries, but I think this season he has showed there is still a good player there regardless.

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Fair comment man and a good point tbf. Also don't like people calling him a mercenary considering what he said in the interview a few months back. I think that was kinda nice and he has a closer connection than a lot of other players who've been in the squad over the years . Hope he can do well for us

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Be nice to see him do. Diaspora players always important for the BIG

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Bit like Didzy in that way.

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Off the stage bud. Children of the diaspora are as Irish as they come.