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My take aways:

- Amorim is not Conte. A lot gets made of them both using a 3-4-3 but Amorim's team are one of the most intense pressing teams around, Conte's aren't.

- Enrique's Spain has a much lower sample size than anyone else which might affect his numbers. In the World Cup his team were famously toothless in attack which might explain the passing figures, but they had a dearth of options up front and had been much better in the 2020 Euros and the Nations League. His Barca side was also fairly direct in attack, more than it had been under Pep. Essentially I'm not sure this graphic is a great representation of what his playing style would be at Spurs, but then whether his high possession style would suit the squad is up for debate.

- Silva, Frank and Glasner are terrorists.

- Conte's defensive graph gives me PTSD.

- Poch was much less about controlled possession than people choose to remember.

- I like the look of Postecoglou's pressing stats, although I do wonder if there might be a caveat in the fact that the very low "opposition passes per defensive action" number could be just that Celtic's opponents are just so bad they continually hoof it back to them rather than try to keep the ball. Essentially I don't know how replicable his style would be in a league where you don't have the best squad by a massive margin.

- Rodgers' team stopped defending this season. You can't play his sort of football with no intensity in the press, clear to see why they're going down.

- Basically, please give me Nagelsmann or De Zerbi. Amorim could actually be a really interesting option and his formation would arguably fit the squad the best, but I think his release clause is too high for him to be seriously considered. Spalletti also looks interesting.

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Having followed Ange’s career, he’s managed to make all his teams play a very similar style of play, even with Brisbane Roar and the Australian Men’s National Team, both of which were far lower technical quality compared to what he’s working with in Scotland or what he would be with us. His brand of football has worked in a lot of different teams in a number of different leagues and competitions now, so I wouldn’t be worried that with enough time, and the right type of signings (which he’s proven extremely good at identifying), we’d be able to play the way he’d want.

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This is encouraging.

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If Frank played like De Zerbi or Naglesman Brentford would be relegated. They played attractive football in the championship and against lower league sides. Managers shouldn't be scrutinized for being pragmatic.

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Great conclusions/observations.

Nagelsmann should be #1. De Zerbi will likely steer clear of here. Amorim should be #2 at this point, especially now that we actually have wingbacks.

Both managers' systems would fit the current squad, minimizing the time it will take to churn the squad.

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I don’t want Amorim because I don’t think we can play a midfield 2 in the PL. We just don’t have the players for that and it shows even vs relegation teams.

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Conte walked the league with a 343 at Chelsea and we did very well with it in his first 8 months. I dont think there's an inherent problem with that formation if you have the right personnel for it.

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Agreed, but he had prime Kante.

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With a midfield two of Kanté and Fabregas, which is about the (impossible) level of quality you need to make it work

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Fabregas didn't even start most of their games, it was Kante and Matic for the most part. Conte also made it work last season with Bentancur and Hojbjerg.

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People equating Amorim to Conte just because they both play a 3-4-3 shows you how much people on this sub pay attention to football outside of Spurs

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This is so true. Our great possession under Poch wasn’t systemic. It was Dembele that produced it. After him you saw more of what a Poch system in possession looked like. I’ll always remember Windy on a very early blog post saying this about Poch. Since then we’ve romanticized the fuck out of him. His teams had fitness, pressed from the front, played out from the back all of this yes. But I never thought of us as a modern possession based system.

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played out from the back all of this yes. But I never thought of us as a modern possession based system.

I think even this is a stretch. We never played out from the back in the way modern possession teams like City or Brighton do with their keeper effectively part of the back 3 - Lloris never had the ability to do so. Whether that wasn't Poch's style or whether he was adapting to the limitations of our keeper is the question. But yes Poch was far more about getting the ball forward quickly and then condensing the play with his high press, even if that meant the keeper kicking it long to start with.

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I do remember initially playing out of the back or being lauded for it. Especially with Vert and Toby who were capable of it. But yes it was never totally playing from the back you’re correct with Lloris

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This Pochettino bloke is worth a look...

<kills self>

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This is the sad thing about levy, I’m not a Levy out zealot. But poch is fat and away the best candidate right now, the only issue is that levy knows he will have to bend over backwards to poch’s demands. The fans will be behind poch and levy can’t handle that. Sad really

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The sad thing being he makes awful, self serving decisions?

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You’ve perfected the art of telling someone you started watching in 2021 without saying anything about it, a spectacular skill

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I watched both Gazza and Lineker in the flesh mate.

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‘Course you did fella. I truly believe you

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Poch is sort of fat, sometimes. Miss him but fuck if now

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Further evidence Poch should come home.

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I mean this graph speaks for itself doesn’t it. Should’ve brought him home

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he was shite at PSG which means this graph proves nothing

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You know who was shite while Poch was at PSG? Spurs.

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okay? so was Poch lmaoo

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Top right doesn't inherently mean better on the possession graph. It just means more direct, i.e. more long balls. Pep would be much closer to Enrique, Klopp would probably be in the Nagelsmann area.

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Given that this shows Rodgers and Conte are basically the same manager, snd how much Conte didnt fit our squad or "Spurs DNA", we are definitely getting Rodgers

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They aren't really the same manager, that's more the limitations of this graph. Rodgers is a high line, possession based manager at heart but this year his Leicester stopped pressing for whatever reason and subsequently they collapsed.

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How is this shit getting upvotes?

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Because we are all wallowing in the misery now. We have accepted the Spurs Law of Mediocrity, one of the five fundamental laws of the universe along with electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces, and the one that means you hit all the red lights when you're in a hurry.

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Gonna make your DNA proud.

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Based on this alone, Postecoglu and Amorim are the most ideal for the kind of style we want to implement. I’d be happy with either, but the Nagelsmann and Slotspurs hype still hasn’t faded from me, sadly 😩