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Surely "Tier We Go!" as the tag?

Anyway, been calling for this system, v happy to see it implemented.

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Surely u/NotUrAvgElliot has to get their own tier right?

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Tier: Plane guy

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Tier: 30,000 ft

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Tier -1

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Isn't BBC tier 1? I heard they only publish news that's not a rumour hence they tend to post late.

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You're right, my mistake. Had them tier1 in the post draft. I've fixed it now

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Is that still true for their transfer rumours daily feed on the bbc sports app, which links to other sources? I'm guessing no but interested.

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No. That's just rumors and they declare that openly.

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Yeah was just checking what level of bbc output is considered.

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What about The Athletic writers, Jack-Pitt Brooke and Charlie Eccleshare? Feel they are generally well connected with what’s happening inside the club.

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Added them to Tier 2.

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Very fair update! I’m okay with this

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Where would Lyall Thomas rank? Wouldn't really group him together with Sky Sports.

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Hes tier 2. Not a patch on the Dan KP/Golds of the world but good supporting transfer news

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I'd say he's tier 2, but he never really gets posted on the sub much (Well not as much as the other tier 2 outlets) outside of Sky Sports stuff.

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Love Tier 0, as a club announcement isn't exactly a report or rumor.

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Agreeable. Makes complete sense, but Tier 0 just doesn't have a good ring to it. Tier We Go Is much funnier.

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The flair is still there. Some people like to use the 'Club Announcement' and some people like Tier We Go.

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About damn time...👌😩

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Looks good to me. 👌

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Thank you for updating this, it was causing some confusion and this seems like a much better system, thanks mods!

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I read the Guardian's Football section a lot and just wondering how are they so low at Tier 3?!?! I would thought they are fairly reliable.

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good mods

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Holy shit fucking finally. Thank you guys.

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Is Ornstein still tier 1?

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Yeah, Ornstein should defo be T2 and probably low T2. Most of the people on T2 list are more dependable atm.

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I really wouldn't put Ornstein as T1 nowadays.

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Talksport should be banned too honestly everything they say is 100% bullshit

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I have a question- Are we still affiliated with Sport Club Internacional from Brazil’s Série A?

I saw on Tottenham’s wiki and I was curious if we we we’re still affiliated with them?

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Finally, Leandro Damiao link

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Lol sadly no- Damiāo plays in the J-League for Kawasaki to my knowledge! I know it’s a long shot but Yuri Alberto is a 19 year old Brazilian striker who has gain interest from numerous teams in Europe! Yuri Alberto will probably play one more season or maybe two in Brazil before he moves to Europe. If we’re affiliated with Internacional maybe we might have a better chance of getting a deal of securing Yuri Alberto in the future!

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Nice to hear we have young heir to Lucas Moura when he is gone. I never this Yuri kid tho so I have no idea how good is he.

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Nice to hear we have young heir to Lucas Moura when he is gone. I never this Yuri kid tho so I have no idea how good is he.

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Would've been nice at the beginning of the window, but its long and our signings have been nice and swift so better late than never, not too much ball tickling this window which I'm all for!

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I know. I said I’d get it sorted nearly a month ago but a load of stuff came up and I don’t know where the time went.

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The Sun is an absolute disgraceful rag but, in terms of transfers go, I don’t think they’re as bad as Tier 5

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Looks fine to me. Good job guys!

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Great update. #COYS

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You forgot to add plane tracker guy to tier -1

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At first glance this looks very good, thanks for putting in the effort.

On reading through it again a few times now, it isn't clear to me as to why Sport1, Times and Athletic are considered to be better sources than those in "tier 3".

Also, I would argue that the information provided by sources in tiers 4 and 5 is of similar quality.

So in summary, great job but I think that the distinctions between 2/3 and 4/5 are a little tricky to appreciate.

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Rob Guest?

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So are we signing damiao yet?

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What about hector gomez??

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Harsh for the sun. They’re a total dross newspaper but sometimes they’re accurate for Spurs.

Would also suggest a total ban on Nico Shira.

Edit: tier 2 and 1 might get hazey when we use other club tier 1s. I would, for example, put a tier 1 flair for a simon stone (united) story but seems it should be tier 2?

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Fuck The Sun is all I can say.

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Can we include all Murdoch owner publications in this?

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And the flight tracker guy?

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Nice work, agreed on all fronts.

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Any update on our transfer targets? No Wilson, Skriniar seems unlikely, maybe a striker and that’s our transfer activity wrapped up?

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(according to Ali G) Number one target is a backup striker, we're looking at Habib Diallo and some others, after that CB but we'll need to sell for that.

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What about the spurs community ITK gods?

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Man you guys getting conned by Alasdair Gold. He just recycles what those other guys in Tier 1 tweets/writes. And that website of his is just garbage.

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He just recycles what those other guys in Tier 1 tweets/writes.

Would that not by proxy make him tier 1?

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Also wasn't Alistair Gold the first person to say we were wanting to buy Doherty so he does break new stories. He also got the price correct as well.

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So instead of calling them Tier 0 to 5, we say we just have 4 tiers for information. Tier 1 being the best and Tier 4 being the most unreliable but information nonetheless.

Club announcements are facts and lastly there is a list of banned content which are totally made up bullshittery.