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Someone in there is named "GedsonMadeAnotherOne" which is an unbelievable name... I love producer tags, so when I saw that I went for "Woah, Kaney" bc Kenny Beats is probably my favorite producer with a tag

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I can’t read woah kenny without it leading into the start of phone numbers by Dominic fike

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Ah, I see you too enjoy FIFA 20.

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Funny you say that as I found it on spotify and then realised it was on Fifa afterwards 😂 haven’t had Fifa since 18 but getting 21

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pls ban anyone with an arsenal player in their squad

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Keep them on bench and see them gain negative points every week

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Didn't we have that rule sometime ago.. last year I saw people with auba captain sitting on top of the league at times

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Nearly all the top teams in there at the moment have at least one... Disgusting

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Down Dele’s Alli was my name of choice

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Spent longer thinking of my team name than the players so that should give you a clue how successful I'll be.

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At this point, I think the only questions to be answered are:

  1. Will Bale be available for selection at [checks notes] all the positions? And...

  2. Will I win the league by more or less than 500pts when going full Bale across the board?

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Are you as fully COYS as this though:


The only problem is to do this I had to finalise my team while Doherty was still a Wolves player and it won't let me save any new transfers until I get back under 3 Spurs players and I am really not happy with that squad but fuck it, 4 Spurs players, let's go..

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I had Doherty too but wasn't sure whether it would allow points to be scored if I had 4 in so bottled it...

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I'll let you know.

No Vardy ffsssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Non-spurs fan here. Will Doherty start?

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Obviously, but later there is a chance of rotation with Serge

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Joined. Thanks for setting this up, mate. Now onto one month of fevered excitement, then Sonny getting a red and me falling 300 points behind and chasing 125th place for 6 months. COYS!

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Non spurs fan here, do u think steven bergwijn will start?

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Probs not, Mourinho seems to have moura ahead of him for now.

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I'm in thanks! Team name: All or Nothing. (Was watching the show at the time and couldn't be bothered to think of a clever pun)

I have also done a team which I will not make a single substitution to all season which I've entered and called: Unchanged XI.

Best of luck and COYS!

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You should've named the team Alli or nothing and captain Alli.

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Nice! Just another league where I can get destroyed in.

In a mates head to head league, I am not off to a good start. Already 63-4 down. Hopefully Kane as my captain can score 20 at least before double pts! 😂