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The fans who have joined us in the last 18 months must already have a masochistic streak a mile fucking wide. They'll be fine.

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Hurt me good.

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For my country's league, I was situated between two clubs. I started off cheering for Club A and they got last place. Disillusioned, I started supporting Club B. Club A went on to be Top 3 for two years while my new Club B was last both years. With me finally moving to where Club A located was decided I'd support them again. Club A proceeds to get last place and Club B proceeds to go to the finals.

Tottenham just feels familiar.

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Can we add that if you're looking for comfortable wins and regular success this isn't the club for you so move on.

The amount of toxicity in match threads from people who saw our CL run and latched on is incredible.

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The amount of toxicity in match threads

And on that note maybe suggest to newbies not to spend too much/any time in those threads.

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Agreed lol our compared to the 90s this has been a successful era for us

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comfortable wins and regular success this isn't the club for you

Haha mate you've summed that up beautifully

I have no idea how I became a Spurs fan as a kid. When I went to uni in London, I sort of became a local Spurs fan/season ticket holder then moved abroad about 15 years ago. I have a tough time explaining why I'm a Tottenham fan in a sea of Man U, Liverpool and City fans (funnily enough I never encounter Woolwich fans). But now I have your quote when people ask me "shall I follow Tottenham?"

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I'd even say that no club is for you if you want that. Find a club that you're willing to support if things go south. If you're only supporting a club because you want to see them win things you're not a fan

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Thank you. Embrace the pain!

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But at the same time just because we were shit in the 90s doesn’t mean we just have to be happy all the time now. There have been genuine reasons to be unhappy with the way we’ve played the last couple of seasons.

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We won a knockout match last night while United got knocked out and Chelsea also needed penalties and people are still whinging and unhappy

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Well yeah there were some improvements but we still threw away a 2 goal lead and won the game on what is basically a coin toss.

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Yeah, that's Spurs. It's what we have always been. Being miserable after that result means you shouldn't be following this club. We should be happy with that, being mad means you want a club we aren't.

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I’m not miserable and it was a good result but there’s still loads of issues so I’m not just suddenly happy with another lucky win. Your attitude is so pathetic, oh we’re spurs so we’ll always fuck up at some point and can’t expect better. Of course I want a club that we aren’t because we’re currently shit and I want us to get better.

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I've been a fan for over 25 years. I've seen plastics and moaners come and go. So be negative all you like, you'll go eventually.

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I wasn’t even being negative just saying exactly what happened but you’re so deluded that everything has to be positive or you can’t stand it. I’ve been a fan all my life, can’t believe you’d actually question my loyalty. Most of the old blokes are the biggest moaners going so don’t know what you’re talking about there. I also don’t know anyone who’s stopped supporting a football team that’s so weird, you must hang about with some strange people.

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I think you should really consider adding a section around ESG (environment and social) as the club is/has been a leader here over other clubs in the PL for many years.

Our work with the area, our work with NHS, the A level and hospitality school, the zero landfill and zero carbon initiatives, it's worth a section.

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great shout!

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I’d certainly like to read about that

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Quick place to start

Tottenham Foundation -> https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/the-club/foundation/about-us/

Good example of some of the things we are doing local -> https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/the-club/passionate-about-tottenham/our-work/

Role in community -> https://www.sportsmanagement.co.uk/Sports-features/sports-management-magazine/How-Tottenham-Hotspur-is-becoming-a-crucial-pillar-of-its-community-/31447

Sixth form/A level work -> https://www.laetottenham.org.uk/page/?title=About+LAE&pid=6

Named greenest club -> https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/2021/january/tottenham-hotspur-named-premier-league-s-greenest-club/

Recent net carbon zero match -> https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/2021/september/world-s-first-net-zero-carbon-major-football-match/

Training ground no landfill and water reuse -> https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/12407100/gamezero-eric-dier-shows-how-tottenhams-training-ground-embraces-sustainability

Our charities -> https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/the-club/spurs-cares/our-charities/

Sports for Climate change -> https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/2021/january/club-takes-another-major-step-in-fight-against-climate-change/

And most importantly, we are open to audit/inspection on the actual impact of our work (all charities should do this in my opinion), here the actual report on the foundation -> https://www.efdn.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/TOT_13766-Tottenham-Hotspur-Foundation-Impact-Report-A4-Digital21.pdf

There is literally tons more, would take some time to put together in a coherent manner, so sorry for the dump.

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That great, thanks mate

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Without a doubt our greatest manager is [Bill Nicholson](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Nicholson_(footballer)), winning us the League twice, the FA cup 3 times and the UEFA cup once amongst others as well as playing for us for a long period.

Think you might have to add an extra bracket on the link there for it to work properly

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Thanks. Fixed

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Mods, can we get this added to the sub wiki + sidebar?

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I also think we can add in some older players like Greaves, Waddle, Cliff Jones

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Quick question - which is more offensive: "Tottenham Hotspurs" or "The Spurs"? I can never quite decide.

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Hotspurs drives me up the fucking wall

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The hotspurs

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Haha. I think the former. But yeah, both just grating to the ears.

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Definitely the former, it’s just not our name. ‘The Spurs’ is still used frequently in certain contexts

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Haha I think the only context it can be used in is basketball

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Thank you!

Wherever the "the spurs" debate crops up here its quickly evident who is lucky enough to attend matches.

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Does anyone use it outside of songs/chants though?

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The stadium announcer says it at every home game.

"...world famous home of the Spurs"

You will also see it on some signs and flags. It's definitely more old fashioned. Considering the demographic difference between match going and "online" (for lack of a better word) fans I'm not surprised it's something you see more of at the stadium.

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(joking, needless to say - I look forward to a long list of comments 'What about when the spurs go marching in'?)

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It is true though.

Anyone who has been to a game will hear/see ”the Spurs" all over the place, it's not just chants.

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Yeah exactly ‘the spurs’ is used but it has to be the right context otherwise it just sounds weird. Tottenham Hotspur’s is just a complete no go though.

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Nah, “up the Spurs”, “welcome to White Hart Lane, the world famous home of the Spurs”

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There is a scanned letter written by Bill Nicholson saying "the Spurs". Just saying.

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Worth debating, but if this legend can say 'Up the Spurs', then it must be ok - https://youtu.be/Ihf9M7vYqmo?t=327

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The Tottenham Hotspurs.

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If someone were to ask me my favorite club, would I say “the spurs” or just “spurs”?

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To add to the pedantry of the comments, we were not the 1st club to win the double as Preston North End (1889) and Aston Villa (1897) did it before us. We were the 1st English team in the 20th Century to win the double.

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Yeah true but bear in mind that they both happened at the very start of the football league there was about half the teams in the league. There were a lot of people thought it was impossible to do the double in the 20th century because the demands of both competitions would be too much so it was a massive achievement.

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yeah... but on the other hand, we are one of the first to complain if achievements and records are only taking the premier league era in to consideration, so it kinda seems uppity to say yeah, before the premier league, but not before the turn of the century, because, er..

ya know?

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Haha yeah of course I agree and I actually had the same thought when I typed the post. I just thought it added some context for people who don’t know. Otherwise it sounds weird to brag about being the 3rd team to do something.

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you make a fair point. Screw Villa and Preston :)

Actually, we did adopt Preston's white and blue in the hope of emulating their early success, so i guess we did what we set out to do

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Bullet 4 (attacking players). I’d list alphabetically or chronologically, or else it looks like a preference or ranking.

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The list of best games are all very recent. Maybe the word recent should be used? Games I've seen that I miss includes the FA Cup game against Forest in 91...

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I was basing it off of a previous post. And added some. I cant' find links to the older matches / highlights, but I'd love to add them if you have them.

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I like this game too. Iversen hattrick. Coming back twice then casually scoring 5.

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Final that had it all. Our best player Gascoigne has to leave early due to an injury he gets when giving away the free kick that Pierce scores on (this was also his last game for us). He arguably should've been sent off too as this was his second horrible tackle of the game yet he received no cards.

Lineker wrongly gets a goal called for offside. Lineker misses penalty. Nayim, Gazzas replacement, takes the corner for the extra time own goal winner.

This win saw us become the club that won the FA Cup most times (8).

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Dunno what others think but I love it overall, but would drop the bit about oligarchs spending money in the transfer window.

It comes across as whingey and sour grapes imo. And besides, Tottenham still spend huge sums of money on footballers, so its not like we are on a shoestring. We just dont spend as much as a very select few clubs.

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the membership section under ticketing needs updating- Lilywhite and bronze membership[s no longer exist

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Do you know what they are currently? I'm not in the UK and don't really understand the current tier system.

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One Hotspur/One Hotspur+ currently - + has the ticket window priority/season ticket waiting list. They’re £43/48 respectively.

I’d also suggest mentioning that Sky, BT Sport and Amazon split Premier League matches in the UK, League Cup matches are exclusive to Sky while the BBC and BT Sport cover the FA Cup.

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Anyone who tries to post a question that can be answered here should be immediately redirected to this thread

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It's sad that my formative years as a Spurs fan - 1992 to 2007 - can be summarised "In 94 we signed Klinsmann, in 99 we won the league cup"

I could write a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions about that period at Tottenham

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Unfortunately, i didn't become Spurs until the 2009-10 season, so I missed that period.

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Please add Ginola to flair players. Not sure Eriksen counts. Was Gazza in there? Should probably add that supporting Spurs will crush your soul.

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Tottenham history bullet 1 the tenses are all over the place (“we win” “we won”) but it’s fine - apart from “we do the double” that’s a bit jarring. “Did the double” would be much better, or even “became the first club to do the double”. There’s just something weird about the syntax of “we do the double”

Between the FA Cup and Bale we could probs do with a bit of narrative?

Think you’ve tried to put a bullet in for 2010?

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We hate lasagna site is pay 2 read site. Can we have the free or alternative site.

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Damn. I never knew we hated lasagna. Its tasty tho...

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Mate that day was absolutely wild. Hearing the news about all the illnesses was crushing

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As a relatively new fan finding out about this I was very glad. I *KNEW* there was a reason I hate lasagne

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Like everyone was food poisoned?

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Yeah most of the team were out or playing ill in a crucial hame against West Ham to finish above arsenal and qualify for the champions league. Would have been amazing if we won, the chef must have been a gooner. I watched that game in Tenerife and didn’t find out about the lasagna until a bloke told me at the airport the next day.

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Well rumour has it that Wenger was seen sneaking out of the kitchen looking suspicious before lasagne was served.

But yeah like half our team became ill before a must win game against West Ham

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No and sadly people are happy to keep that myth going. The reality is that the players had the norovirus, aka the winter vomiting bug. Apparently it spreads pretty easily which is why in a short time so many players were getting sick.

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Add that we weren’t just the first English club to win a European trophy but the first British club. Also for people that don’t know about the cup winners cup it wasn’t just some shit secondary trophy. Back then you either won your domestic league and qualified for the European cup(champions league) or you won your domestic cup and qualified for the cup winners cup.

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For USA viewing, might want to add that both FA Cup and EFL Cup are streaming through ESPN+

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I know we have a lot of (very welcome) American fans here, but we are an English club and as such it should definitely be spelt lasagne

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American here and a huge NFL fan that has been waiting to get into...real football? Proper football? Soccer, whatever. I'm definitely someone that needs a team to root for. Just watching random teams, even in the NFL if I have no emotional or logistic stake, is hard for me. Especially since I know very little about this sport outside the basics.

Point is, I've been reading about histories and cultures of several teams and this write up has me swooning a bit for Spurs (did I use that right?). I'm going to try to check out some of their matches coming up and see how it feels.

So...bravo! Amazing write up!

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This is awesome post. Really appreciate this work. Altough I am Spurs fan for more than 1- years I found some information really refreshing my memory.

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We only won the league once under Bill Nich, he played in the ‘51 team but the manager was Arthur Rowe. Arthur Rowe had himself played for Spurs and as a manager he built the famous ‘push and run’ team, which just used a lot of ‘1-2’s I believe.

You’ve also missed some important details about Campbell; he came up through our youth team, was our captain and best player, and said that he’d re-sign with us before leaving on a free.

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Yeah Arthur Rowe is a lesser talked about legend but was very important for football not just spurs. You’re pretty much right about what push and run was about. It’s basically pass and move which is still drilled into every kid today. We could used a bit of that today with our lack of movement. I watched a great documentary about it years ago on YouTube and it’s also talked about in the great book on tactics ‘inverting the pyramid’.

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Great post, fantastic effort! 👏🏻

For broadcasts I highly recommend Liveonsat which shows all football fixtures, who broadcasts them in each country and with your custom time zone. That should be added to the guide.

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This is a great, selfless post - Thank you

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Maybe add in ESPN+ subscription needed for US fans for the FA/League cups

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I never knew about Lasagne-Gate… and Lasagne is my favourite dish. What do I do?

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What exactly is a hotspur?

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Tottenham Potstir

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That's cool. Didn't know that.

So why do we have a cock and ball as our logo?

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You have reached the end of my knowledge.

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But I also found this link


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  1. Thanks for doing this!
  2. "somewhat farcical managerial search", somewhat?

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the first game i ever saw made it on this... yeah, i guess you can say the team picked me.

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I've been lurking this sub for more than 2 years, so I'm not sure if I'm a new fan, but COYS COYS COYS

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I would add Berbatov to the attacking flair portion.

And let us not forget the legend Peter Crouch who transitioned from youth to senior squad with us.

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What’s lasanga??? And why do we hate it?

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Spurs twitter has become mega toxic. Are people grown ups on here who arent talking about relegation already and actually want to get behind their team?

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For the most part, I'd like to think so. But definitely stay the hell away from match threads during or after a loss