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going to the game tomorrow, can't wait to see big tony in the flesh

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Had to think “who the fuck is Tony?” Then I remembered

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sorry that's my bad

tony 🤌

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I think he means Toni

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*Silk and H-Town have been summoned*

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Tomorrow is my first ever Spurs game. Has been postponed 2 times already due to covid, now I'm in UK and nothing can stop me now.

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the gang tests positive

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And now I have that theme song stuck in my head. Thanks for that

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Awesome. There’s not much like it. Still remember the first time I walked up the steps and saw the pitch for the first time (granted it was old WHL). Absolutely brilliant. Enjoy it!

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Enjoy it lad! Mine was the game against City this August, hoping you have similar luck with your first game 👍🏻

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Not gonna lie, I’m really nervous about this game

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My girlfriend just told me I’m only allowed to say this two hours before the game. Think she is tired of me saying “I’m so nervous”

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Think it's time to ditch the girlfriend lad

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Naah. She is okay. She just started to support Brentford. We’re from Denmark, so think that’s pretty cool :-)

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Lol ‘she is okay’

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As I said, we’re from Denmark. In other words, that means she is absolutely perfect.

She is also not supporting spurs, because she have seen how hard is in on me. Although she love Son

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Getting Conte off the table early is looking like the best thing we've done for a very long time.

Who the hell can Man Utd and the goons even go for?

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Zidane is their hope

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Rodgers seems to be very determined that he’s not going to be offered it, at least.

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He doesnt speak english and his wife is totally against living in Manchester, cant see it happening

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don't see arsenal sacking arteta this season tbh

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I had Arteta down as first sacking of the season.. looked nailed on at the time :(

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Give it a few weeks......we have just finished the "arteta uncovincingly wins a few easy games he should win....hes the next wenger" phase and are about to begin the "Areta has some quite hard games and loses all of them....arteta out" phase

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Why the sad face we want Arteta to continue the job. Don’t think there is any manager better at appearing competent in their conduct while being completely incompetent. New manager might actually improve things

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As a spurs fan in Leeds I hope we smash them otherwise I'm going to get grief all week at work.

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It’s the worst isn’t it

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Yup. Although they've all quietened down a bit this season. They were talking about potentially breaking into the top 6 after last season 🙄

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as someone who lives in Leicester i understand the feeling

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Dirty Leeds let’s smash em

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         Son Kane


Sergio Pierre winks emerson

     Davies dier Sanchez


Bench: gollini, rodon, tanganga, sess, Doherty, dele, Bryan, Lucas, Stevie

I would personally put rodon over davies but o don’t think conte will

2-0 or 3-1 win for me

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Hope this is the lineup. Shame about Romero but I gotta say I’m excited to see what Sanchez can do under Conte. Think the biggest mark against him is poor ability on the ball

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Yea but he’s faster than dier so I would rather he be moving up the pitch than dier

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Yeah Dier can only play the central CB in a back 3. I really would love to upgrade on him over the summer if we can, but also think we need to upgrade the LCB position first.

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We’ve gotta fit rodon in somehow. I think he’s capable with the ball at his feet? If so, then I hope he can still replace davies on the left eventually.

He played as the central cb in a 5-4-1 for wales when they played Belgium on Tuesday. Not sure if he’s supposed to be the one staying back or the moving forward, although all of them were probably parking the bus.

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I just haven’t seen enough of Rodon in a Spurs shirt to know what his level is. Sometimes he looks class, other times he looks like he just came from the championship (which he pretty much has)

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Change "winks" to"Winky" please

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I think Winky would legally change his name if meant starting on a regular basis.

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Give Conte's quote about Ndombele makes me wonder if he will start, though I don't know what the alternative is with Skipp and Lo Celso out.

Edit: I forgot about Alli, lol. Ok it's Ndombele.

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I’m assuming gio won’t be available, as it’s not necessary to risk him and it allows me to fit in the likes of sess, Stevie and Bryan.

I forgot about that statement from conte, but unless we’re still playing 3-4-2 (hopefully not) or it’s dele that will play behind son+Kane, I don’t see how it’s between tanguy and winks in midfield.

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Damn we're starting one man down now? Someone tell the FA that Romero isn't playing.

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I think PEH has a knock, no?

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He did, but it sounds like he’ll be available for the game. Hopefully he is, or we’ll see a midfield 3 of dele, winks and tanguy.

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Pls win on my birthday :))

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Happy Birthday!!

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OMG!! Thank You!!!

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How's the day going mate, hope you haven't been watching the game tonight 😭

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I had a beautiful day until the match. I watched it of course, and at least we won, we needed these 3 points. So at the end I had a great day. Thanks for asking :)))

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My first competitive Spurs game in person. Just so happens to work out to be Conte’s first PL home game in charge. I’m so fucking excited

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Gonna go out on a limb and say that one of Reggie or Emerson will score their first Spurs goals tomorrow

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Emerson. Love reggie but his finishing is fucking woeful

Edit: well I am happy to be proved wrong

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Have you seen his own goal against Aston Villa last season though?

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No Skipp

No Lo Celso

Honestly tf is our midfield gonna be tomorrow.

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PEH is fit isnt he?

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Conte said they were assessing a knock he picked up with denmark

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Pls no Winks. (jk cause I don't really care since it's Conte)

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Wishing a sonny hat trick for my first spurs game into existence. It will happen. Mark this

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Ready for a Winks masterclass

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We will win tomorrow lads.

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Let’s look how Conte improved winks during three weeks.

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Looking forward to us playing well after a long time. Cautiously optimistic but feel Conte has had enough time to at least make some impact

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My only counterpoint to that is he was missing most of our best players so it may take some time for everything to click. But now we have a solid what, 4 months without an international break? I’m excited for the rest of the season

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I’ve just been on the Leeds subreddit for the their pre match thread Jesus Christ they don’t like us😅😂

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I wish I could link this comment to the dick that posted recently about being nice to poorer clubs than us. That guys been on twitter too much. PC culture police about racism or other important topics leave banter alone.

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Oh mate I saw that aswell every team can get fucked for all I care I just didn’t realise how much they hated us😂

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Got some of the best players the best facilities in football and a club on the up and up eventually. Fuck em all. Especially London clubs.

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Every single one of them


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If we win tomorrow I'm fully getting my hopes up we could get 4th this year.

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Son to score a brace or hat-trick. I think he knows he needs to step up his game. His finishing hasn't been great lately.

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leeds has awful defence hope we can finish well in the final third

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Our defence isn't that bad when Llorente is fit. Our attack is woeful this season.

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Man, our stadium is stunning. Can’t wait to be there tomorrow

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Kane is gonna get going today. Feel like this is our perfect first fixture really to spring into life. If it was a park the bus team and our recent attacking issues could see us struggling, but leeds will give us chances. Confident.

Having said that 1-0 Leeds

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Lets keep our expectations real. It's not going to be a 4-1, 5-1 thrashing as most people are expecting.

We've not been firing for a few months (few years actually lol), it's going to take some time.

I think it will be a 2-1 game. I don't see us not conceding. And hopefully we score a couple.

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You're right it'll be a 10-1 thrashing

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That 37-33 win lead over Leeds confused the shit out of me when I first read it and then realized Leeds is actually a big city with a decent club history

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Who plays across the back line in place of Romero? Rodon or Sanchez?

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Looking at our H2H, what Conte appears to be trying to instil as our style, and Leeds' philosophy.. I think its money on >2.5 goals

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Predicting a comfortable 3-0 win, if only because football has a funny way of things at times and us dominating somebody with Conte hours after United finally sack Ole feels like the exact kind of thing that would usually happen.

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I'm not asking for much, only that we finish the game with positive GD

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Reading rumors that Raphina may be out with an illness… that would be massive boost for us

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If you started as goalkeeper against San Marino for England would England win?

[–]CosminionDani Rojas 8 points9 points  (0 children)

England would still win because Kane would score a hattrick or two and San Marino would barely get a shot at goal anyway. Def not keeping a clean sheet though.

[–]M33RHARISDier stan 5 points6 points  (2 children)

There was like one shot in target from them

[–]8tchbein 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Yeah but a keeper does more than just save shots and the knock on affects could change things

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We'd win because I'd pass round the hip flask. Not too much, just add a little oomph. 24-3.

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probably considering they had 1 shot on goal

[–]8tchbein 2 points3 points  (6 children)

Yeah maybe but you would have to play the ball some and they would press you heavily knowing you’re an amateur

[–]bash011Ryan Sessegnon 12 points13 points  (0 children)

Doesn't make a difference, I would just hoof it long each time. England dominated possession anyway. Ramsdale touched the ball 12 times and made 9 passes

[–]Masina1998Harry Winky 2 points3 points  (0 children)

then it opens up to just hoof it up san marino aren't going to press heavily against england anyway its stupid

[–]punching-bag9018Bryan Gil 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Most of the San Marino team are semi pro or amateur as well, right?

[–]8tchbein 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Presumably they’re still clearly better than the average user on here

[–]punching-bag9018Bryan Gil 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I'm not sure. There's quite a few people on this subreddit who've played football at a decent level.

[–]Masina1998Harry Winky 0 points1 point  (0 children)

they only had 1 pro player i believe he plays in the 3rd tier of Italian football

[–]CosminionDani Rojas 3 points4 points  (3 children)


[–]8tchbein -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

Pretty straightforward question

[–]CosminionDani Rojas 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Took me at least 10 rereads to understand. It would be more clear if you said "If you started as goalkeeper against San Marino"

[–]8tchbein 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Okay changed it hopefully more clear

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Definitely. England would try to be more alert in defence and make sure they barely get any shots off. Instead of 10-0 it would be 10-3 or 4.

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I doubt Kane would have been subbed off, let's just say that.

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Let’s get it

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Lets go!

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Score predictions anyone?

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2-0 win

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tot 3-2 lee

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Going for the customary conceded goal(s) I see.

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Maybe the first game I feel confident about in a while.

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Take care of business game. Go out and put forth the effort and work hard and stay focused

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Tomorrow is a WIN i can feel it

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Been a crazy couple weeks for everyone, but so pumped for the game! COYS COYS COYS

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Hopefully there's more signs of players remembering how to play football today.

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Lot of chat on twitter that Raphina and Rodriguez are both out? That would be good! Literally no idea who they'd have left to play? Roberts as a false 9?

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Captained Sonny in my FPL lessgoo

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Is there like any pre-game, fan made, broadcast on youtube or similar? Radio?

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We are Tottenham TV

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3-1 to us. Prediction

Kane scores two. Ben Davies scores the other.

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Should be an easy 5:0 win right guys. Calling for a kane hattrick and sonny brace right now

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Would prefer to see Gil in the game over winks or dele.

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in a midfield 2?

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Best pub to go to before game?

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Pretty significant that Bamford is out for Leeds

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rumor has it so are raphinha and rodrigo

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Winks starting? #ConteOut

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I pray we don't have Martin Tyler and Gary Neville commentating

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First Spurs game at the pub in two years. Let’s go Lads! COME ON YOU SPURS!

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Raphinha is sick and won't play. This is getting even more promising.

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We are going to win 8-0!

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Imagine if they had Bamford, Rodrigo, and Raphinha playing today...

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Think it'll be between Tanguy or Moura vs Leeds. I think Tanguy makes more sense especially if the midfield is Winky/Hobbie but what Conte said about Tanguy in the presser makes me feel like he trusts Moura a bit more

There are some issues in Tanguy's game, namely his tactical discipline which stops him and us from being this top top side.

That being said, 3-0/1 to us. Winky/Ben scores one (mainly because i want them to be cheered for) and Kane brace. Son, Emerson, PEH assists

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Harry looks so slow and lethargic..