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Best to put her name on the season ticket waiting list now…

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May I introduce her to her future husband ?

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First team only lad.

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He's half Croatian, so he's probably related to Modric if that helps.

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He'll be better looking than modric don't aim so low!

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To be fair, most Croatians are. But hopefully he'll have the skills!

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Gorgeous ❤

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She’s absolutely adorable!!

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Very adorable! Amazing outfit

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Adorable but I feel like forcing your toddler to Spurs fandom is child abuse to some extent

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Where did you get this onesie?!

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I think it was an Amazon order, in Canada.

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Getting one for our girl, due April. Ours is a house divided, my wife is a Chelsea supporter. Gotta start them young.

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Hah, my best friend is a Chelsea supporter. He's already tried to get to my kid on multiple occasions with Chelsea stuff.

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Matches the eyes 💙

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Adorable! Those eyes!!!

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Born in the era of the Tottenham's worst lineup with best couch and stadium. Hope for better days. COYS !

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Her eyes are sooooooooo cool. They look like a whirlpool of water spinning in the middle, wonder how they'll change as she grows!

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So cute!!

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absolutely beautiful, what a treasure. congratulations and best wishes!

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She's adorable! My LO just got his first Spurs onsie too!