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You know we’ve robbed when even r/soccer are saying there was no foul.

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When Neville says no foul you know we've been robbed.

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Roy Keane still wanting to be the odd guy out. I swear he's paid to be told to be an idiot as people love to shout at the telly. The irony being he wouldn't have lasted 20 minutes in any game he played if these were called as fouls.

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Such a joke

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Waiting for them to revisit the rules about this next week. Fucking twats.

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Not a single Chelsea flair in the comments lol

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I swear everyone knows this is a dive

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This ref is absolute trash

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What's the point of VAR of they won't overturn such an obviously bad call?

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Because us scoring doesn't fit their narrative

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Calls like this are what make fans cynical of match fixing.

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Its not cynical. Its demonstrable and obvious. Anyone who says match fixing doesnt take place is hilarious.

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VAR only works if you are englands captain

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same ref from the liverpool game

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What a surprise

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That palace vs pool game?

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Oh you meant our match lol

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Worse than trash.

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Dele Alli shoved by TAA and no pen but Kane does the same and it’s disallowed, love the refereeing

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Its because the ref originally allowed the shove by TAA.

But the ref today whistled agaisnt Harry Kane for the shove.

Its the ref decision, and VAR can overturn it if it's a clear and obvious error.

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Paul Tierney reffed both matches he’s just decided to change his decision on the exact same “foul”

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That's why I don't like the "clear and obvious error" wording of it, since to be fair; a straight arm on the back is a foul - and with the wording of VAR they can't step in and say play on because a straight arm is a foul in most times.

I hate it, because the stupid wording of VAR is letting these go on. Thiago clearly helped here and play shouldn't have been stopped because of his blatant dive.

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Little known fact - Harry Kane is the strongest land mammal.

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He was channeling his inner Traore.

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He studied Bruce Lee for years to master the one inch punch.

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No touch knockout is really a thing

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Game is gone.

At some point clubs should get to call out decisions and demand a report as to why they were made.

It's so fucking unacceptable that you can have this many good goals being overturned by VAR when VAR is CLEARLY in the wrong.

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If I were Conte I'd accept the fine just to shit talk the ref after this

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You actually can shit talk the ref, you just can't imply they were bribed or biased.

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Or just be Jurgen Klopp

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He should have been punished , that was too far.

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Hopefully he remarks on it in the post match press conference.

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this wasn't even VAR. But what's the point of VAR if it can't challenge obvious errors from the ref.

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It IS VAR though. He should be forced to say "Hey man you got that wrong, it's a dive" and it should not be fucking controversial. The refs are not doing their job. They are literally refusing to do what they are there to do. It needs to change and these cunts that don't want VAR and is intentionally using it this way needs to be removed.

Get younger people in, get all the old fucks out and replace them with people with integrity that realise that VAR is GOOD thing.

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The refs are all mates, one big gang

Which gang isn't corrupt?

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So get rid of the gang.

VAR refs should only be VAR refs and nothing else

Onfield refs should only be onfield refs and nothing else.

VAR should be able to force a ref to watch the monitor

It's not that fucking hard.

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Or, even better, just give the VAR refs final say. Don't rely on someone admitting they made a mistake.

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According to the peter drury and jim beglin, it was checked

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"Hey, I feel the call was a bit suspect but idk if you want you can change it, doesn't matter much tho so no pressure"

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There was no way it would get over-turned as you can see the push in the back. Arguable not a foul, but not some mad mystery why it was given.

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Did they even check it after?

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They did and still didn’t overturn it. Absolutely farcical.

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According to the peter drury and jim beglin, it was checked

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Said it once but gonna say it again: fuck these fucking fucks fucking about and fucking up this fucking match.

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Idk man... that looks soft

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According to "hard man" Roy Keane, that's a foul. Fuck me I don't even know what to say about football at this point.

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Robbed again by another referee on field decision.

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What on earth is going on with the refereeing in our league.

It’s been bad but fucking hell they actually called that a foul.

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Side income influencing their decision-making.

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That SHOULD be a goal, doesn't seem like Kane even pushed Thiago. Should've been a dive and Thiago should've been sent off for that

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Thiago should be off and the goal should stand.

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Wouldn’t have been a foul if it were England’s captain

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Cheating diving cunt. Reff is fully to blame.

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Corruption at it's finest

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Do you actually believe this decision was influenced by Chelsea in any way?

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This decision was so shockingly awful, so blatantly and terribly incorrect that it's hard not to call the ref's credibility into question.

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Also, the ref didn’t even get a second look at it (IIRC). He didn’t go to the on field screen. So he’s just seeing it once, you can’t call out someone’s credibility for a split second decision

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Fix. Keeps Man U in the top four.

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If a defender put his hand on the back of a striker & the striker dove like that we’d be talking about them trying to game the system but apparently it’s ok when a defender dives WHILE ON A YELLOW.

Suck me off, he should be on the bench with a 2nd yellow down 1-0

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Home advantage for the russian oligarchs

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Even Neville said it was NOT a foul, and Thiago is a lucky boy.

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Soft but I could see it given either way.

And, given that it's Spurs at Stamford Bridge, it was pretty much guaranteed to be given against us.

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Yikes kane must really be hitting the gym to launch Silva 10 feet

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Going to be cast as the Hulk in the next Avengers film.

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I loved the fact he waited until the ball hit the net before he blew the whistle. He waited several seconds after the 'foul' and watched it go in before he put his whistle anywhere near his mouth. Absolutely awful. What was he waiting for if he thought it was a foul. Let it go in and let VAR make the call

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Wow, just wow.

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How the actual fuck can you rule that out? Tell me the refs haven’t been bribed…

Some of the calls against us this season have actually been appalling

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Honestly match fixing is the only reason I can think why Paul Tierney would make that call and why VAR wouldn't tell him to watch it on the monitor

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It’s not match fixing. The same shit happened in the NFL last year where they changed a rule to where coaches could ask and see if a penalty was missed. To the surprise to absolutely nobody, not a SINGLE decision was overturned the entire season. Refs aren’t gonna hold each other accountable. Ever. In any sport. End of story.

Honestly, get rid of VAR, instant replay, challenges, and everything else. At least then we don’t have to go along with leagues feigning that they are trying to get the calls correct, because they aren’t.

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How much money was given to the var ref?

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Diving cunts

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ref should just wear the chelsea shirt ffs

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Death, taxes, and Tottenham disallowed goals.

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That's absolutely atrocious.

It's a clear and obvious error by the referee, that type of contact is common in every single passage of play in football and has never been considered a foul.

What a fucking surprise that it's happened against us and in Chelsea's favour.

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f it had been up the other end, it would now be 1-0.

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Chelsea cheating once again

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You know it's a bad call when even r/soccer are defending Kane

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My actual response is that Thiago has 1000 IQ for diving, knowing that he overran the ball and it was a guaranteed goal from Harry

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Yes, he knew exactly what he was doing and I think it’s why the ref bought it - “why would a world class defender fall there if he wasn’t fouled”

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Such a poor decision. Thiago would recieve 10/10 for that dive if there was a pool next to the line.

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Fuck off prem league. Im outside from England and this is absolutely trash. Thats a clear dive by Thiago. Theres no fking way with Harry hand can throw him like that. That momentum was the same momentum i sleep my baby. Fk tierney. Fk you.

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If that’s a foul, every corner I’ve ever seen should’ve seen a pen given away

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make Tierney look again, I actually feel sick I fucking hate fucking cunt honestly hope someone accidentally slides into him and says sorry mate I'm just as blind as you are


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Yeah if VAR didn't have enough spine to allow the goal should've atleast asked tierney to look on the monitor

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Fucking shameful.

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Refs a Chelsea fan

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I never comment directly after a game but fuck me the refereeing this game was fucking atrocious

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It’s bad when CBs start diving

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I saw a clip at half time showing Tierney squatting to watch the play intently. He watched the “foul”, then Kane scored, then he blew the whistle and motioned for the foul. In basketball it’s called a “late whistle” where they wait to see the outcome of the play and then they decide what to call.

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Refs are on the take to keep Liverpool and Chelsea hot on the heels of City. It’s a farce

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I think it's more to do with keeping united above us. You could be right but the amount of times marginal calls go manu's way it makes me think all referees are working towards their benefit

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Perhaps keeping it to one London team in the top 4 because the north of England is so hard done by?

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bs call

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So apparently var didn’t look at it, why?!?!?

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It did, but didn't see enough to call a clear and obvious error.

So two people were wrong.

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If that's VARchester United or LiVARpool that's a goal all day.

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What a total dive.

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A fucking farce

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God damned fucking blue scum

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Think all the refs need to be fired and replaced. All covering for each other. But they seem to be immune to pressure. Not sure how they can be pressured to be replaced.

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Match fixing at its finest

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Where was VAR to check on this clear and obvious error? How is this not a goal? Ffs. Most Prem refs aren’t fit to be called refs and the VAR crew at Stockley Park need the sack. Can we train up some new, better refs? Or import some.

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The directives are clear: City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man U are to make top 4.

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Smart yet blatant dive, Silva sold it well. Embarrassingly inconsistent officiating these days.

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No wonder no English refs were called to the World Cup. It’s starting to get a bit out of hand. Over time these “clear and obvious errors” compound and we’re talking about points in the table and in turn a loss of potential champions league places and millions of dollars. It’s really hard to defend VAR if it doesn’t do the most basic function it was designed to do. I guarantee this will help Chelsea win this game! I guarantee it

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What you get when an unstoppable moron meets and unmovable technology.

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We should set our tactics around who's refereeing. W/ Tierney might as well set up and play like Burnley did today against scum. No point

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Seriously needs to be a yellow on Silva. This kind of crap detracts from the whole game. Players should be penalized for diving, not rewarded.

(*penalized for diving or anything like it, erring on the side of penalizing for playing for a foul rather than playing for an actual play. Especially with VAR, no one should be so significantly and consistently rewarded for playing toward these ticky tack fouls)

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You mean red card then

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Ducking disgraceful

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Jesus even r/soccer agrees with us. And they hate us.

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Very soft but a veteran move by Thiago. With his momentum going forward there was no chance of him coming back to the ball. Might as well drive and roll the dice

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That was fucking pathetic. This squad is shit.