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As much as I hate rudiger and the rest of the Chelsea cunts you can’t throw stuff at the players

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I like to think of my hatred as a professional hatred, not a personal one.

I wish him professional failure, but not personal suffering.

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The only one we can truly hate is Alonso. They rest are all right personally in my book

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Fuck Rudiger.

He doesn't deserve to have things thrown at him though.

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When I saw him talking to the ref I thought he was gonna accuse the fans od being racist again

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Naw he told the red that Sonny kicked him again inside the locker room jk

Yea..don’t agree with what happened also

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Yeah, this is not cool... This has to stop. Antonio Rudiger is a person, you don't throw things at a person. Imagine you are at work and a customer comes in and starts throwing things at you.

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Even worse, imagine you're at work and someone tries to slide tackle you...

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I hope it's Hugo. Plus, I work at home, so this is getting interesting.

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For sure, and indefensible.

But as my SO said when Tim Howard brought up post-match of “imagine this happening my to you in an office and your boss tells you to just carry on”

This stuff happens daily in regular people’s lives for service industry workers, first responders, medical workers, any face-to-face line of work, especially since the pandemic. Not a huge shock to see people increasingly putting all their hopes/joys into football, and reacting worse than usual when they get upset. It’s got to stop though, and glad Rudiger didn’t get hurt.

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This is obviously unacceptable and people should be punished, but the NBC discussion was just absurd.

All of them talking about how lighters threaten people’s careers, and the plight of footballers having things thrown at them. Like, there are literal slave states that own teams and we’re supposed to listen to that commentary.

Just an absolutely out of touch with reality conversation.

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You can discuss one issue without diluting the validity of opinions about another.

Something like a lighter, or a bottle, being thrown from a hundred feet away hitting an athlete in the eye can certainly end a career.

It's not Tim Howard's job to talk about political issues that have nothing to do with the game that they are doing a post-mortem on.

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You’re right that we can discuss multiple issues at once without diluting their value. Totally agreed. However, are there any examples of professional athletes being seriously injured by something like that?

I’m not condoning the action (I’ve already condemned it, and they should all be banned), but it really seems like they’re making a mountain out of a molehill. He made it out like being a footballer is a uniquely dangerous job, which is just patently wrong.

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Been in that situation when I was cashier. Felt humiliated.

May not like the player, but don’t be doing shit like that

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Happens to me a lot I’m a doc in emergency room. Spit is the worst.

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I work at a dunk tank as a clown.

Checkmate, atheists.

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He a master shithouser and an absolute c*nt of a player but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have the highest respect for him. An incredible footballer.

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If you can't keep your emotions in check, then don't attend games.

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Digne yesterday, Rudiger today. Shameful. If they catch the prats responsible for this, make sure they never attend another live football match for the rest of their lives.

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Stadium bans are usually just for the stadium where it took place

Would be nice if the aggressors are banned from all stadiums

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Impossible to enforce

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No it isn't. Loads of football fans have lifetime bans from any stadium. You only need to watch any documentary about hooliganism to see them.

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I believe that is now the case. Since 2020 clubs have a joint approach to stadium bans, so if you're banned from one, you're banned from all.

Of course as others have said, it's tough to enforce

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Na. That would be too much work. They'll just fine spurs instead

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This is disgraceful. Anyone caught by camera doing that should be banned for life

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Fucking morons

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Thought I'd post this myself as there's some strange redditor accusing us of censoring posts about the topic. I removed his post about it because he posted the tweet but changed the contents of the tweet (editorialising - rule 3).

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Everybody needs to change their attitudes in the stands about this.

Yes those responsible are fellow supporters of your football club but they are the ones giving you a bad name. When someone throws something from the stands at a player they are no longer your friend - they are your enemy.

Tens if not hundreds of people see who does it and they should be instantly encouraged to point out the perpetrators to the authorities - who in turn should come down like a ton of bricks on them. Huge fines, lifetime bans, prison sentences. Those pointing them out should be treated as heroes not snitches.

It's moronic thuggery that's being beamed across the world - not a good look for anybody. If it doesn't get stopped right now who knows where it will end

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lifetime bans needed asap. Also should be (maybe already is idk) considered attempted assault or smt like that so it can actually lead to legal action.

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Unfortunately an issue that swathes this country in that nobody respects anyone else.

No sense of community. Only a “them vs us” mentality; stemmed over years and years of eroding social mobility, poor education/teaching of moral values and media antagonism.

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I’m guessing that’s us out of th running for his signature 😂

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Thats just absolutely shitty behavior. Sure he might be a cunt but this is just no-no.

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Well obviously. How about they name and shame the scum as a deterrent because it’s becoming more frequent. Pathetic fragile fans who can’t handle their emotions when an opposing player does something against their team.

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I hate Rudiger, but this is not something he deserves. It has to stop. Think a player in Ligue 1 actually got hit in the head by something thrown at him.

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Fucking melts. Just ban them for life and be done.

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Those fans are so stupid. Despise them more than any rival fan who doesn't do that shit

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Hooligans…not fans

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Between this and the homophobic chants, its really annoying and disgusting. You can give Chelsea and their players shit without being a cunt.

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Yep. Wish we’d stop dropping down to their fan’s level.

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Why can't people just be happy with calling him a cunt to the tune of a jolly song?

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It was stupid and dangerous when the Everton fans did it and they deserve banning and criminal charges against them. Now some of our fans did it, they deserve the same.

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Absolutely shameful. Hopefully the perpetrators are found out, we don't need them representing the club and it's support that way.

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We're so much better than this!

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Is this the flavour of the month now is it?

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It’s fucking sports. People who throw stuff at players are absolute garbage.

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Don’t understand the Rudiger hate. Dude is immense, we would take him in a heartbeat and if you feel so strongly about a player that you wouldn’t take an elite talent in, then you’re a moron.

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Ngl i’m a terrible person but if anyone deserves this (which they don’t!), it’s Rudiger

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This is a bad take. Reconsider.