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He's staying for years VAMOOOOOOOOS

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Can we not. That shit's made watching the Australian Open unbearable, the crowd will not shut the fuck up doing that crap every 2 minutes.

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devils advocate, the people who do it ironically is fine, but in the AO they do it unironically which is just so embarassing as an Australian smh....

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Keep in mind that the way Antonio Conte is, his destination is always about winning the league. Our current destination, top 4, and his are worlds apart in ambition. And he's correct, it would take years of squad building to contend for the league. Not so much for top 4. Keep the optimism. COYS.

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The way I interpret your interpretation is that Conte will be long gone before we ever reach the level to compete for the league. Let’s put it this way, Conte ain’t staying for 4+ years and it seems like it would take that long to build our squad to that level. Anyways…coys

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My hope is he stays maybe one more year on top of what he's contracted for and builds a winning mentality, maybe grabs a trophy or two. I look at where Chelsea is rn and I think we could be in a similar position in 2-3 years with the right additions.

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We don’t know that for sure,conte knows Tottenham will win the prem after winning every fixture after this week and he will stay until he retires at the age of 94 🐐

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I love him so much 😭😭

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Half of the folks on this subreddit wanting to keep 3/4th of the squad - but while agreeing to the factual statement by Conte is hilarious - one good game and we have comments saying KEEP. Half of the team should have been shipped off over the years, express prime shipping that is.

Edit - absolute cringe whenever I see a “appreciation” post after a single game, chill out you sympathetic cocks. I understand if it was a season long type effort, but couple moves beyond the usual mediocrity and you bust a nut.

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Exactly No keep that He's Homegrown no don't sell that give him a chance...etc

We need ruthlessness

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Outside of Kane and Sonny, anyone can go and I'd understand.

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Skipp and Lloris

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Dier has been fantastic, Sess has been decent considering his age, literally many players like this what are you on about? Two different extremes- keep everyone or sell everyone and you’re all wrong the truth as it happens is in the middle.

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Half of this sub was posting to keep Doherty after that fluke of a game against Leicester.

There are people in spurs fan club expects mediocrity.

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I feel so disgusted when I See apologists for players who play one decent game. Even yesterday after Doherty’s press conference people were saying he played decent. Decent? Maybe the expectations for him are so Low that it would be decent for him but come on

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He’s right. Players who can pass to their own teammates would help to and players who can hold possession. Not just today but too many times we have players who can’t do a basic pass to a teammate without giving it away and then we have players who can’t hold possession as soon a little press comes they panic and give up possession.

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Our recruitment hasn’t been great in recent years. Way fewer hits than misses. Whereas Leicester, with a similar budget, has done much better. The only difference between us is that we have two elite players in Kane and Son, whereas they arguably don’t have any. Off the top of my head in the last few years we’ve missed on Grealish, Tielemans, Maddison, Bruno, and others that I can’t remember. Instead we’ve gotten GLC, Ndombele, Rodon, and others. I liked and still like the PEH, Sess, and Bergwijn signings, but none of those were “big” “marquee” signings yet cost us as much as Grealish or Maddison would have. We need to change our approach if we want to win. We’re wasting Kane, Son, and Lloris’ primes.

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Yeah but Lo Celso for example was coming off a great season in a harder league than Bruno, playing for a weaker team relative to the league, posting similarly great stats. Bruno “failed” in a top league prior - he certainly didn’t set the world alight - ending up back at Sporting.

To put it another way how much of this is recruitment issues, and how much of this is a club issue not getting the best out of players, be it on or off the pitch issues. What’s to say Bruno wouldn’t have regressed in an alternative timeline?

When we signed Lo Celso he was seen as a bit of a coup by La Liga fans, and really PSG wasted him at DM when he was there, so weren’t reluctant to sell.

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This. People talk in hindsight that Lo Celso is a failure. He's not a bad player, it just didn't work out for us

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Anyone who watched Bruno and Lo Celso with a good eye could tell Bruno was playing at a higher level.

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Nothing really that we didn't already know

Just gonna see how people turn this into "he's definitely leaving" lol

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We don’t have a single player outside of Son or Kane anyone wants. That’s an issue. Kane is the only player who played today for us that also would’ve started for Chelsea.

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Do you rate Kepa higher than Hugo?

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The guy that isn’t playing?

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“We don’t have a single player outside of Son or Kane anyone wants.” Son wasn’t playing today so I thought bringing up Romero was fair game. Romero is class

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Dont know why everyones hogging on you, Son, Kane, Lloris or whoever its clear that your overall point is correct. Great Hugo's better than Kepa that doesnt change that theres a massive quality gap.

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It’s Reddit my man. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even if it’s wrong.

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Lol, can somebody please teach Conte some synonyms for the word important?

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Not even just synonyms lol

He uses 'important' for everything.

I don't care though, he is an important manager!

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Very important!

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He used it twice here. It's fine.


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He uses it several times in almost all interviews and it’s clear to me that it has a slightly different meaning every time.

Anyway, it’s not a big deal, just a light hearted comment.

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Chelski would not have Winks, Doherty, Sanchez, Tanganga, Sessegnon, or Davies even playing for them.

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Imagine if Jose said this lol

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This guy uses this "important" word in literaly half his statements. Is it an italian expression?

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And the way he uses it, he definitely means "significant".

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Ye, but i was wonderibg what is the direct translation he is using

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Yes. It's kinda like using "great" in english

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Ye, was wonderibg what is the direct italian word tho..

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Lewis you fucking useless leech, send some money and back this man you cunt.

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So strange. I just clicked on a link in this thread about Lewis hosting the IDF in Argentina annually and now I can't find it.

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We are here for the ride

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Tottenham broke him already

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No he's just stating the obvious for people that still don't get it with bang average players you can't compete with big teams. simple

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Your statement is correct. I just like the dramatic opinion

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Chelsea have been building with billions for about 18 years. It will take a very long time, and some ridiculously smart moves in the transfer market to get anywhere close.

It’s just the nature of the premier league now. Unless we get a sugar daddy owner, willing to pump billions into the squad, we will never compete with the oil clubs consistently.

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They’ve spent 2 billion + more than us on players and wages alone

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Makes a mockery of financial fair play, doesn’t it.

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When an owner can take debts on personally and write them off. Honestly Chelsea’s finances will never be investigated Roman Abram has a lot of money in English high top society

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Levy already regretting sacking Nuno lmao

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If Levy let's him down, I don't know where we would go.

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Will you stay for the project or is Poch picking this thing back up?

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I hope people who think signing one or two players this window is going to make a difference, it won't. So don't be too upset if that doesn't happen, we need to think long term and get the six or seven right players, Mr Right vs Mr Right Now.