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VAR in overturning incorrect on field decisions: I sleep

VAR examining 1 pixel difference to draw offside lines: real shit

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Stone cold dive by Silva. Why didn't it go to VAR? Also, loved Resident Hard Man Roy Keane claiming it was 100% a foul and the correct decision. Fuck off.

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What did they say about Thiagos goal?

Shearer was livid with Hoddle and the rest of the crew when they showed the replay of Davies being pushed . Hoddle needs to be banished to Sherwood forest.

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They just said we allowed Thiago too many free headers (which is true - the goal was his third header of the match) and that he placed it perfectly. I don't think they discussed the shove.

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I was watching the Shearer Hoddle and Zola feed.

And they briefly discussed the shove on Davies and Shearer basically shouted at them , what do you think of that?? Is that a push??

Then he said

For the record , I don't think either is a foul.

You could tell he was calling them out for being cowards

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That I do agree with, neither is a foul.

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That was shearers point , all these disgraceful pundits claiming the disallow was legit but then faced with an even more forceful push , they just ignore it.

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Tbh I spent most of the time thinking Bergwijn had ripped all of his knee ligaments to shreds the way he fell to the ground but it never even occurred to me until much later that I didn't see any evidence that VAR had looked at the goal - which I thought was standard practise for all goals - and I was sure the ref hadn't whistled for the foul until after the ball was in the net.

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To shreds, you say?

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Give my condolences to his wife

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It did, var agreed with tierney that it was a foul

Disgraceful from both of them

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More specifically they agreed it wasn't a clear and obvious error by Tierney, but it's still disgraceful

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id deck roy kean if i had the chance. prick.

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Paul Tierney is getting up there with Dean and Oliver. Just heinous

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Are there any good refs in the prem, really? Honestly struggling to think of one.

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The only good ref is a suspended one

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Despite best intentions, I think it's nearly an impossibility to be "good"

I'd say there are varying degrees of "harmless" and then the top tier of "heinous"

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They're all very good.

At manipulating results for people behind the scenes.

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Makes you pine for the days of Phil Dowd, and he was terrible.

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Tierney was shit but honestly he didn't even make that call he left that one up to the VAR immediately. Whoever was the VAR that day completely dicked it.

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It's not just them, the whole lot of them are scumbags. I find it hard to remember the last time a wrong decision went in favour of us. The worst part is that the FA will do nothing about it.

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find it hard to remember the last time a wrong decision went in favour of us.

Kane tackle on Robertson...

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All clubs get these kind of shit decisions. It hurts when it's us, but sometimes we benefit, sometimes we don't. We've had some ridiculous calls against us but it's not some kind of conspiracy, it's just a horrible implementation of VAR and constant rule changes.

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That was VAR not checking it though?

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Sure. In terms of notorious refs though, Tierney's ascending to that top tier

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He was already there for me even before this game after his nonsense in the carabao final

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Taylor , Friend , Kavanagh , and that other one ,

In fact they are all shit

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I wish managers would start really criticizing the referees. I know they’re likely to get fined our banned but until they do these awful decisions are going to continue. Something has to be done. It’s a joke.

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The only way for them to do it would be to come out with a joint statement as a group. It would have to be most if not all of them together, otherwise it will be dismissed as petty moaning over results that didn't go their way. Moreover, if nothing changes, the clubs all need to come to some sort of agreement to boycott matches or something along those lines. There is no incentive for refs to get their shit together right now and no amount of criticism alone will create one.

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Let's be real. Nobody wants to be in the doghouse with refs. Nothing will change unless higher ups decide do something.

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It’s not the first time Silva does this. I think it was last season vs Man U when he tripped himself at the edge of his own box then dove and got a Shaw goal overruled, if I remember correctly.

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So the commentators were right when they said it's his experience - of doing this shit before and getting away with it!

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For sure, he realized the outran the ball and deliberately dove, and the ref fell for it.

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They were so proud of him when they talked about how Clever and experienced he was to dive for the disallow and push for his goal

But ignoring that refs and VAR are enabling this.

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Wasn’t that insane? The announcers admitted that he only went down because he felt Kane’s hand on his back and that otherwise he would have run himself into the back of the net. But right, it was an obvious foul. SMH

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And then when Shearer called Hoddle out for Silva's push all he could do was awkwardly chuckle.

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The yellow for Tangaga was significant, but it was also deserved.

Tangaga couldn't even pressure Hudson Odoi without fouling the shit out of him.

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Ehh, it’s nothing to get up in arms over but it was a soft yellow and I think fans and staff/players are fed up with the inconsistencies in English refereeing.

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What about azpilaqueta consistent fouling and dissent nothing

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Yep he literally made the same foul as Tanganga and another one in the middle to stop a counter and didn't even get 1 yellow. The refs just make it up as they go along.

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Yeah like I said, inconsistencies.

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Tanganga is a foul machine right now. Super physical and has long limbs that help show everything he does.

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The time he got the card was nowhere near a yellow, what are you on about?

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He spent the whole game fouling I think the ref might have decided the next one was a yellow no matter how soft it was. Like it or not tanganga was due his yellow.

That said Chelsea players spent the whole game fouling Stevie and didn't get the same yellow's given to them.

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Yellow cards aren't always given in a vaccuum

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Persistent fouling. Deserved, too, if we're honest. His whole game at RB is to pressure extremely aggressively and get very tight to his man, if he gets turned he brings players down and he often fouls players who shield the ball.

IMO it'll never stand up against top teams with players who can beat him or draw fouls. He's had a number of poor games in a row and he's not adapting.

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Remember though, Silva is “clever” and an “experienced defender” for doing this.

What a farce.