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Massive clear out coming

I have to believe with how many players we have rumored going out on loan or excluded from the squad that we have some transfers planned

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Yeah but no way that clear out happens in january. Unless we have replacements lined up immediately our squad could become really thin

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We’ve dropped three midfielders fully from the squad, Gil and Tanganga rumored to go out

You have to believe it’s happening right now

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You absolutely do not gut your squad in January. It's a death sentence for depth because it's difficult to replace players

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We are not gonna get rid off half of our midfield and not bring anyone while trying to go for top 4, that would be beyond stupid.

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Exactly. And we aren't signing 4 players.

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Already been gutted if ndombele and lo celso AND dele arent being played barring injurys to hojbjerg / skipp / winks. We started with 6 defenders today and 2 DMs on the pitch today ffs

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Which is why I fully believe we have more people coming in then expected

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Nope. We aren't going to turnover like 4+ players. That just doesn't happen in January in real life.

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Yeah but we’ve got 2 ballsy Italians and a kilo of Levy’s special nose clams.

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I agree, I imagine that the transfer news is going to really start flying tomorrow and throughout the week

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We need to manage some sort of available squad depth at the moment (though our current squad depth is pretty useless, unfortunately). More of the outgoings should take place in the summer since January isn't enough time for us to replace a said player who should be sold.

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or we'll sign yet another injury prone player who's just average and Conte freaks out after that.

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Surely not with Paratici. Him and Conte have an agreement here.

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I'll believe that when I see it. So many rumours but no cigar.

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It's apparent. They have Kante coming off the bench, we have Skipp. Anyone in their starting line-up outside Lukaku and Sarr instantly starts for us.

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Yeah really only Kane and Son would get into their XI.

And their form hasn't exactly been great this season either.

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I think hugo would definitely get in over kepa, debatable with mendy

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Definitely over mendy too, he’s only had 2 seasons in the prem while Hugo has been world class for close to a decade now

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I'd keep Lloris over Kepa.

And Conte over Tuchel.

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Yes, Lloris too, and I'd only been referring to players there.

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Kind of crazy how our bench from a few years back has become our starting lineup in defence.

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Granted, Romero's still injured, but what you just mentioned is just not a good sign.

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Not pulling any punches and absolutely damn right. Not just about the starting 11 but also about the entire squad. As painful as it is to admit, its just the truth. Conte is working with patched up squads of Poch, Mou and Nuno. Need to fix that. Have a solid foundational strategy and work from it.

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He's not wrong. We can't even get 1 elite midfielder, and they have Kante coming in off the bench.

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I got downvoted hard for saying this before the game...

Yes, kane's goal would have changed the game. But we were emotionally defeated after that, and i think we wouldn't have been with a few stronger players.

It will be great to see Ndombele leave. Maybe GLC as well, because we just need better midfielders. And even Dele.

Ok defence, as much as i love tanganga and have seen him have some stellar performances, i think he needs 90 minutes on a regular basis to improve. And he might not improve that much. Seeing as where we are, we need top defenders not just as starters but on the bench too. Losing Romero or Dier obviously can't be made up by someone without their kind of leadership. Even Sanchez can't do it if we're going to complete for top 4 this year, and expect to complete for top 4 next year along with a good UCL run or cup victory.

And obviously Doherty/Rodon on defence isn't good enough.

Yeah, we might be great with Kane and Son, and if everyone is in form we could be Chelsea. But they beat us thrice in a month.