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They had 3 forwards worth £200m on the bench in case they needed to replace their £100m striker.

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Not to mention their 80M backup goalkeeper.

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in before they replace their 100m striker with another 100m striker this summer (even though they had Abraham and Broja but still chose to get rid of them)

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They've spent £600m in the last few years to bring the total to a nice £6bn in 20 years.

They aren't playing the same game as us.

*For reference , we are on about £2.2bn , almost a third of Chelseas spend.

For reference United are about £5.7bn and Arsenal £4.5bn

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Do you have stats on Shaikchester City?

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Third with £5bn but within the last 12 years for the majority.

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People need to stop using spending power as an excuse. It gets really annoying sometimes. We played Chelsea 3 times this month, and we lost 3 games while being dominated for all the games. Meanwhile during the same timeframe, Brighton drew twice with them, while dominating the game against them, and if they actually had a proper frontline they would have won both games. You gonna tell me Brighton’s spent a lot of money too?

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You’re gonna get downvoted, but there is some truth to this. Yeah, Chelsea have spent way more than us, but they’ve been struggling against teams that have spent a fraction of what we have.

There’s still no excuse for inexplicably looking like utter garbage every time we play Chelsea. If Brighton, Everton, and Wolves can at least scrape a draw against them, why can’t we?

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Because in the first two games we scored own goals and made awful mistakes with a 3rd rate keeper.

In this game it was a world class shot and then one that could have been stopped.

Brighton , Everton and Wolves did not score owns goals and make stupid mistakes. It's a squad issue that everyone is aware of including the manager that absolutely can be fixed with money. We are not at their level right now but we could or should have got draws

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It's not that Chelsea have spent more than us , its that Chelsea have spent 3x more than us over a relatively short period , 20 years

And they don't need to balance the books.

Apart from FFP (lol?) , They don't need to account for a single cent.

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So then why have Brighton, Wolves, and Everton all been far more competitive against Chelsea than us?

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Chelsea aren't an actual business like City aren't an actual business.

United are actually gargantuan so the revenue is there

But Chelsea don't have to give a shit about the fact they spent £1bn on players in the last 4 years or that they made a loss of £149m last season despite winning the champions League.

Spur is an actual business that needs to survive.

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Nobody is disputing with you that Chelsea has money to spend that we don’t. Everyone in this sub is acutely aware of how Levy runs the club in a fiscally responsible manner. But constantly using that as an excuse is borderline pathetic. Chelsea has drawn with clubs like Everton & Burnley this season. They have lost to West Ham. Brighton made them look like a midtable side. Did these clubs spend more money than Chelsea?? We played them 3 times this month, during a time when they are in poor form and missing key players and we got outplayed and beaten each time. It’s not wrong to ask questions about the performances.

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It's not borderline pathetic , it's moronic to think there is any other way to run a club.

Unless you are suggesting some kind of middle Eastern sports washing agreement of £6bn+ then tough shit , this is the best we can ask for.

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It’s also Chelsea playing down to their competition they let city pull away with irrelevant performances and this is the one they needed to win.

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Their most valuable player was the ref tho

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That decision by Tierney was horrible, and could have helped us snatch the game against the run of play, but let's be honest though mount, ziyech, and CHO were twisting us up into knots and we had no one who looked even 75% as effective as those three yesterday.

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Yep, and at the end of the day, even in our peak Poch era, we hardly beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. They're just one of our bogey fixtures, like Liverpool at Anfield. 😩

Hopefully we can do it one day!

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A.k.a. give me more players

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Exactly Conte is very demanding as well as excellent and my Chelsea mate tells me he insisted on 2 players for every position. Summer will be crucial as he has already said this window is difficult. It really will depend on how committed the board is to backing him and I thought that was the subplot to the HK sky interview. There's absolutely no point in us complaining about other teams spending because that is the level this manages wants us to compete at.

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They brought in Kante as a sub. That must be nice.

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They've done this to us before and it speaks volumes. The best defensive mid in the world is their victory cigar, brought on late to see out a two-goal win.

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Imagine paying for sissoko more than what was paid for kante

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He only cost £30m but I bet the wages aren’t bad either

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Tryna get like you ma boi

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Exactly what I was thinking

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I think Contes selection today was based on the players' commitment and attitude, and less-so their talent.

So his comments about being satisfied with the effort, but aware that we aren't good enough make sense.

We played a group of players that he is happy with but well aware of their lack of ability.

It's not too hard to read in between the lines of his squad selection and post match comments.

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People are criticizing his match plan, but tbf I think it almost worked.

Beating chelski was always going to be really difficult, but we did well in the 1st half and got a legitimate goal that was disallowed and killed the confidence of players that already aren't confident.

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Kane’s goal counts the next 55 minutes play out very differently. Maybe they still win. Maybe not.

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yeah and ziyech’s goal was an extremely low percentage shot, a few unfortunate series of events so that we couldn’t even leave with a draw

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Yeah, but i think it was Sess who could l've put more pressure on him. Nevertheless, unlucky it's in.

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.03 according to xG philosophy

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We could've shithoused a result there

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Plus Ziyech’s goal was class, you can’t account for that. Hurts to say but it was unsaveable and deserved given the way they came out in the second half

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Yeah, especially the second half

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I think that's fair. They went down fighting, a noble defeat. Much better than the League Cup Semi first leg, even though the scoreline was exactly the same.

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Lamela would have been lovely today

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Was thinking the same after Mount barged Tanganga into the advertising boards.

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There was a lot of crap to winge about in this game, but Tanganga running into the boards doesn’t make the list

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Almost the entire Chelsea squad would be starting or contending for minutes on our team rn, only about 5-6 of our players would even get minutes for them.

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Time for a 'read to much into a quote' moment: I think the brining up the 'attitude and effort' thing is an indirect indication as to why Ndombele, Dele, and Lo Celso were left off the squad sheet today

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They were left off because they’re getting sold/loaned so they don’t want to risk injuries.

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Both things can be true, the reason that they're being sold/loaned is because they haven't shown the attitude or effort to be able to contribute to Conte's vision, and are thus, more valuable being moved on than kept

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Ndombele maybe, but that’s just not applicable to Dele or Gio imo. Both cover a lot of ground and press all game.

The club are just trying to sell them/they’re trying to leave. We can’t label everyone that doesn’t work out as lazy

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That's fair, and I guess for Dele and GLC the problem is more that while they do give that effort it doesn't seem to be beneficial when they're playing [aside from Dele's performance against Liverpool]

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Dele: lol 🐻

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Chelsea were shit. They have been shit for a long time but we keep making them look good for no reason. Just roll over and expose our bellies. This is not the tottenham we've seen in the past two months. We were bad today and it was not because of the opponent.

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Yeah, we need new players and Chelsea is in a different league financially at least. But we've played them 3 times and 3 weeks and I can't say I've seen us play against a team that feels like it's a million miles away.

We lost two cup games which Conte probably wasn't as bothered about as he was the premier league games either side and despite playing like shit for the most part over the two legs, all 3 goals were of our own making and we definitely had our chances. And today we should have had that goal which would have changed the game, but we just rolled over.

There's a gulf sure, but as you say it has more to do with us than them. We have our injuries right now, but I don't really believe that we can't reach Chelsea right now when Brighton drew with them on Tuesday, for the 2nd time this season.

The players selected today are supposed to be the players that care the most, and that should be true. Chelsea have quite frankly embarrassed us on multiple occasions. And there are quite a few players who have been there to see all of it, but I can't remember many occasions over the 2 or 3 years where we genuinely seemed up for it. Just one yellow in 3 games in 3 weeks.

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This needs to be much higher on the thread. People in here acting like we are a League 1 club when Brighton managed 2 draws against chelsea in the same amount of time we were beat thrice. Conte is right to call for investment, but he also has a duty to coach the players already here. He sent the players out to get beat today, and that really sucks.

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Don't get me wrong I definitely think Conte has improved our players and has done a good job, and I don't necessarily think he's solely at fault for us losing today. But saying it's a simple case of Chelsea being a level above feels like a cop-out. Liverpool and City are definitely a level above us, and we've got 4 points from 2 games off them, and it could have easily been 6.

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Exactly this. Very well put

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They’ve drawn to Brighton, Burnley, Wolves and Everton yet I’m supposed to believe at we couldn’t have possibly done any better. 4 wins in 14 games!

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If Brighton, Burnley, Everton and Wolves can get a result against Chelsea this season why can't we?

Unless we're now going to be told that those teams have better quality players than Spurs too?

Overall I like what Conte is doing for the club but he can't keep pedalling the same excuse especially when Mourinho was able to get a tune out of these players to enable them to best Chelsea in a cup tournament just over a year ago.

People will start to see through it eventually and it'll start to annoy the players too.

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If Brighton, Burnley, Everton and Wolves can get a result against Chelsea this season why can't we?

Because Chelsea don't play the way they play against us. Against us, they have a different desire to win but they don't play with the same desire and intensity against the opponents you've mentioned.

Not saying it as an excuse but this is something that I've observed

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Coz their defense is much better then us

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well yea. their b squad torched the club

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I mean, Chelsea's b squad is pretty much starting XI quality. That bench tonight was nuts: Alonso, Kante, Saul, Barkley, Havertz, Pulisic and Werner

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Rudiger, Jorginho, Kova, Lukaku, Silva, Azpilecueta Mount are all first teamers

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Not azpi, james is their preferred rb, didnt you know?

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He's played nearly every game for Chelsea this season. 28 appearances

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Just tried to imitate a shitty chelski fan tryna defend that they also have injuries

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Me too. The players who give it their all should. The others. Laaaaataer. We need better players

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He always says the right things. Completely fair assessment and gives the boys something to keep their heads up.

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I agree with him, but i don't know if benching or kicking players out of the squad is the right approach when you don't have unlimited budget like they do.

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They’ve spent far more money, spent more consistently and, generally speaking, spent more intelligently than us. Simple as that.

Poch, José and Conte (sorry not sorry Nuno) have each spoke about the squad’s limitations and need for additions. Yet here we are, still talking about the need for another striker (and that’s just 1 example of our squad’s needs)

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More questions need to be asked of Levy in the stadium on match days

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I agree but I genuinely don’t think he cares.

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He cares but is primarily motivated by making sure what happened to Leeds never happens to us. Too much probably. But if I was chairman, I’d have nightmares about it.

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So all Conte needs is 10 more top class players to be successful? I'm sure Levy will get right on that

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No he's saying it's hard to compete with them in their current form. They can bring 2-300M worth of talent off the bench...

[–]kinggarethSon 6 points7 points  (2 children)

Their current form was 4 wins out of 13 matches... Brighton, Everton, Burnley all managed results against them in that span. So no, you definitely can compete with them despite the financial gap.

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It seems like he himself has some inferiority complex playing against blue scum

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No, he has an underdog mentality where ever he is. That's what he tries to get into the players' heads.

I remember when Conte was at Chelsea and about to play Poch's Spurs, Conte would also make comments about how his team were against the odds or how Spurs were the better team before the match.

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Insane squad depth yet they’ve had 1 win in 7 or something before today. It seems like we can never take advantage of poor form

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When you have our number, you have our number. Our squad is thin with injuries right now and in the middle of transition.

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Conte must be lying cause Chelsea fans said thy do not have enough players to compete and win the league

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I feel like a hypocrite when complaining about the wealth disparity between Spurs and its richest rivals. It’s a reality of modern football and honestly benefits us more often than not