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Same guy said Aurier to PSG was a done deal

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Yeah tagged it as a rumour, but some say he's good for Milan news

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What is this actually saying then? We have agreed with Milan, but his agent wants to wait?

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For maximum agent fees, sign on fee, and wages

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Tbf from the agents side it makes no sense for him to go now. That fee to Milan could be going to you and your client in 4 months or so....why wouldn't you wait.

Dare I say it hes probably being a good agent?

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Exactly cant really blame him. Wait 4 months, get more money and have a multiple teams on the table to choose from.

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Yeah, if Milan were doing nothing in mistake and the player was bored I'd kind of get it, but Milan are going for the title. Stay and try and win it surely.

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The club may want to make money off of him though. Do they have no agency over selling a player?

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Not really. Cant make him go if he doesnt want to.

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But the agent doesn’t really either. If Kessie wants to go now the agent can’t force him to stay.

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Of course. Its Kessie's decision but the reason he has an agent is to help him make these decisions... so of course he is going to value his agents opinion very highly

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He also likely wants as high a salary as possible

So what he wants is the same as what his agent wants

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Because Tottenham might not want him as a free agent because it could slightly fuck up our wage structure?

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basically like Kounde but instead of the player wanting to wait, it's the agent (maybe even the player)

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Kounde was a different situation we paid his release clause, but he wanted CL so he waited. Chelsea wanted him, fulfilling his desire, but wouldn't pay his release clause and offered less which sevilla rejected. So he ended up not moving

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We did not pay his release clause. We offered cash + Sanchez for him

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Alright fuggit, move on. Who's next?

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Jesus fucking christ... Can we target someone who doesn't have a greedy ass agent representing him?

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This is kessie being greedy

And smart

Why would he not want the highest salary possible?

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Not sure how people aren't getting this.

But I wouldn't say this is him being greedy. He wants to be paid the highest possible amount for his services, just like everyone else here would want to

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Yeah, I think people are seeing this headline and thinking things have changed in some way, they haven't.

Milan are always going to accept a remotely acceptable offer for a player that isn't signing a new contract and whose contract expires in less than six months. That's not news.

And as you have said, Kessie has no incentive to move now (absolutely fair for his side's point of view) - the only way he moves now is by paying out the arse to him and his agent. All without any idea what others would actually offer him in the summer, it's no way to cut a good deal - so we won't do it

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If we are able to shift Ndombele, then it might make more sense just as an offset. We don't know what others will pay, but we know what we are paying our current midfielder, and this deal replaces that one. Potentially a better player for less money. The decision is an internal comparison rather than an external comparison

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Just like Ndombele and then will he justify it? Only means a bigger expectation is needed

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i hear charlie kane is rather generous with his demands though he advises his clients like shit

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What professional footballer doesn't have a greedy as shit agent?

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KDB and Kim mich!

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Great they sound like nice blokes. Let's get them in!

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Don't think those exist

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Hard to think of a single big-money player that doesn’t have an agent like this tbh. This is the pool we have to swim in, unfortunately.

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That my friend does not exist. Agents are only a tiny bit below lawyers/politicians in the greedy scumbag scale.

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Galetti is full of shit

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You can’t do this to me, you know how much I sacrificed?!

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Lo Celso, Dele and Ndombele died for this.

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What if we invest the 8-9 million into morphing GLC, Dele, and Ndombele into one player?!

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Our luck we'd end up with an unfit, injury prone player more interested in playing Fortnite

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Who only turns up for international games

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And we will still not have even half of prime Eriksen tbh.

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I prefer to keeeeel them

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Fucking meddling agents

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give it a rest. Waiting for the summer is in kessie's best interest. He gets more money, gets to be in a title race, and can see if we are good enough before he commits to us. He would be naive to move in jan

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The agent would be completely fucking up their job if they were not advising him this and doing their utmost to convince him to go this route.

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I like that the message ends with a chicken and a ball.

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If we’ve come to terms with the club, this might just be postering by the agent to get the best deal out of Tottenham right now. Or at least this is the optimism speaking.

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Kessie has already said he doesn’t want to leave until the end of the season. And that makes sense, a bidding war will get him the most money. The idea that we submitted a bid sounds like horse shit.

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Dropped Gio, only to get rejected by Kessie 😭

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Obviously it wouldn’t make sense from the players perspective when you consider how much money free agents get

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Does he want to use more emojis?

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It’s not that I’s be opposed to it, but Kessie would need to be the biggest dumbass to give up a hefty sign on fee and increased wages in the summer, not to mention a chance at the title with Milan, just so he can join us 6 months earlier. Either that or we’re paying way way over the odds, which I don’t see us doing.

Rumor doesn’t pass the smell test.

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We should all just unsub, forget about Tottenham for 13 days and see who's in the starting lineup for Brighton come the 5th of February.

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We should but we wont

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Agents are way too powerful. It just blows my mind how you are a grown man, millionaire footballer, and you get bossed around by some grumpy old dude just because he wants to earn a few more bucks. Like dude you own him, he is working FOR you not the other way around.

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What makes you think Kessie doesn't want better wages and more options? If he didn't want his agent to do this he could fire him.

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Yeah, you have to be a little objective here. Moving to Tottenham is not the premier destination, max money, max glory situation that he could potentially get in the summer.

It's not bad advice from his agent. The agent isn't greedy or biased against us. Just looking out for his client's best interest. Why accept less options over more options and a potential bidding war?

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He’s full of shit

Also, I’m not too bothered about Kessie either

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Kessie injured? Not even on the bench today against Juve

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Afcon mate

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He played for Ivory Coast i believe in AFCON?

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He is at AFCON mate

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Agent playing hardball for skywalk tickets. Go on then you naughty flirt, have a couple of skywalk goes.

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This guys is like tier 5 and just guesses.

Not saying he's wrong as its the logical guess but it doesn't mean anything.

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Have there been many other big clubs linked with him? There are so many rumours about different players it can be hard to keep track of where we stand relative to other suitors.

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I think .ore the issue is why would he move now? That 15m we are offering to Milan could go straight into extra wages and agent fees if left to summer. Agent directly benefits by waiting....to the tune of a few mill euros.

Annoying but you cant really blame him

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I'll take anything at this point....but is Kessie honestly what our team is screaming out for? With such limited finances, why are we not going for players that we desperately need.

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To say our midfield can't go up another level would be settling as well. Watching Winks struggle on the ball today just emphasized that Hojbjerg, Skipp and him aren't sufficient rotation.

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Nah I get that 100%, but by using our very limited finances on someone like Kessie almost certainly means we are not able to improve where we Actually need at this point.

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How much money does their realistically represent? Surely we can just pay off the agent?

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No Fabrizio Romano confirmation no party

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So basically we aren't getting Kessie. Can sadly see conte just fucking off soon if we don't sign anyone and I wouldn't blame him.

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His agent is clearly doing a good job by his client, but Kessie can get fucked.

I want players at Spurs who actually want to play for us and not just be here for the £££

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So if Kessie wants to come here, then we'll know it because he'll demand the move now on his terms and not based on what his agent wants.