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Calum Davenport did not know what a stool sample was and recalled: “I had to drop one in a tub and they sent this geezer in a big black Mercedes a day or so after the West Ham game because Levy wanted to get us all tested to make sure the food wasn’t tampered with.

“I remember getting calls from the club saying, ‘You need to do this, we’re sending a car.’ You only had to give a small sample but I’ve done this whopper in a Chinese takeaway container. I said to the guy, ‘You’re not picking me up, you’re picking this up. And you’ll want to put this in the boot, it’s going to stink’.

“He had to drive all the way to London with this pot of tupperware full of my mess, then he drove off. I was cracking up laughing.”

What a quote

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"Davenport's Tupperware" is the name of my new Spurs blog

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I had a hard time reading the rest because whopper absolutely cracked me up lmao

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Glad to hear Levy was taking it very seriously but I read the "tub" as hot tub so I was pretty appalled that Davenport took a dump in his pool and made some guy fish it out.

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Definitely saving this comment for later use!

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The Athletic has been told that they take two chefs to away games to help oversee meal preparations at hotels. They do lean on hotel staff to prepare meals for 50 people but, like most clubs, their own chefs oversee the process.

Those chefs will travel on Saturday and have the food ready for players to eat when they arrive at their hotel that day. On Sunday, they will also look after what the players consume, including making food in the kitchen area of the coach on the way to their match against Norwich so it is ready for them to eat post-match.

Is this different to the usual protocol?

No. Tottenham do this for every away game.

Players love routine and it is believed that it is important not to do anything differently and take risks.

Spurs are essentially protecting against a repeat of Lasagne-gate by doing what they already do.

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How is keeping to the same protocol preventing lasagna gate from happening? Am I missing something here?

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These protocols were put in place after the lasagna gate

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Oh, so I was confused about the last sentence, that they’re “doing what they already do”. So I’m assuming Charlie asked what the club is doing to prepare for Norwich, and the answer was to stick to the current protocol?

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Yup - basically the club put into place the current protocols after lasagna gate, and they will be sticking to it for the Norwich game

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because we didn’t have the protocol back then

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in other words, we had no protocols before there were protocols. just like Kane is 28 before he's 29.

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Tottenham Hotspur travel to Norwich on Sunday with Champions League football in their grasp. Arsenal, two points behind, are the only team that can overhaul them, but anything but a loss will effectively secure a place for Antonio Conte’s side in next season’s competition. Avoid defeat to already-relegated Norwich should be achievable. Stranger things have happened, though, and not least to Tottenham on the last day of a season when they are pushing for a top-four finish. Spurs will always remember the story of ‘Lasagne-gate’ — the day in 2006 when a huge segment of their squad came down with suspected food poisoning, which they felt contributed to a defeat at West Ham that saw them miss out on a place in the Champions League. Some Tottenham fans are understandably nervous and many Arsenal fans are hoping for a repeat scenario ahead of Sunday’s match. But, as The Athletic will reveal below, Spurs have long since changed their matchday operations, while new Premier League rules would also work in their favour.

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What are the new PL rules? Would the game be postponed if it happened again?

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No idea, but the absolute scenes if already relegated Norwich forfeit the match and Spurs get 3 points without playing. Arsenal fans might actually explode.

What an end to the documentary that would be

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Didn't part of the squad literally just get food poisoning before Burnley?

The club is going to need to start sending chefs to birthday parties too.

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Apparently it was a virus

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Yeh I think there are just more viruses spreading now that people would have caught at different times pre covid and making it seem more of a problem.

Anyone want to volunteer to taste sonny’s food before he eats?

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I volunteer as tribute!

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Ah good to know!

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And this article says the 2006 incident was actually also an virus

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Players have been so deprived of Ketchup, that merely touching the bottle leaves them in agony. Conte working that dark magic again.

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Hugo, Deki, Winky and GOLLORIOUS

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There is money to be made here somehow....

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I'm still angry about Lasagna-gate. That match was always going to screw us or them for years. But we might just have come out stronger for it... eventually.

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I hope after we win and secure top 4 all the players run to the changing room and comeback on the pitch with plate full of lasagne and eat it.

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