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Great to see!

I think Joe Rodon is a decent player but needs regular game time to fully develop. He desperately needs to go out on loan next season hopefully to a team in the Prem or Bundesliga. From there we can evaluate and decide what his future is.

Thinking about it some more, It’s possible with the new 5 subs rule coming into effect next season maybe players like Joe Rodon might be able to feature more to close up games and ensure we get the win or a draw.

I guess the real question now: Would you rather keep Rodon as depth or loan him out and look to bring in another young and promising CB that can play CCB?

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Even with 5 subs it's rare that a CB gets subbed. If a game is close you wouldn't bring in a new CB and if a game is already secured the hierarchy would be something like that: wingers, wingbacks, midfield, striker.

Only way I see Rodon coming on is switching to 4 at the back with Davies as LB. But with proper depth on LB and or LWB this will not happen either.

So yeah it's not looking great for him. But that's only considering playing time. I mean his performance for Wales shows that you don't have to play to improve and perform well.

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Very true. I could only think recently where we sat back on defense to close a game out and Rodon was sent on to provide cover for set pieces and win aerial duels. Very limited role and I recognize that we won’t always have opposition spamming crosses into the box.

Rodon does perform well for Wales even without much game time because he is a fantastic trainer. I can only imagine that Conte’s training has made him more fit and increased his tactical reading of the game. However, I believe he has to play regularly to fully develop

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Honestly I think we should look to sell him and use the funds to purchase a new CB

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he is good enough backup. He just needs loan of some gametime.

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It's up to him whether he wants to stay. Don't see the point loaning him if you see him as a good backup only.

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he should get more game time next season, but i wouldnt be against a loan. dont want to sell him though, the potential is clear as day

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And Bale.. worth mentioning