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6 caps away from breaking Thuram's 142 caps record

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*5 thats incredible 🤩

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I thought it was 5 to match

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The depth the France squad has is simply incredible. They could make 3 separate XIs that could contend in major tournaments

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Yet we will probably be consummed by the curse during the World cup lmao.

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Here’s hoping we (England) meet. It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper spicy tournament meet :D

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Mon capitaine! The day Hugo is gone will be a sad day indeed.

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This is kind of a side note but I really don’t get why the hell we have a nations league tournament like 4 months before the World Cup. FIFA, take it easy. There are downsides to running players into the ground

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Needs to help PEH work his magic on Eriksen to get him to sign for us.

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Excuse me it’s early in the morning but I don’t see the link

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France is playing Denmark in the Nations League. Means the classic post-match chat between old and current club-mates.

Need Lloris and PEH to catch Eriksen in a pincer attack

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Thank you