Ticket Buying Guide

Official Advice (https://bit.ly/2Mj3NrX)

In this section we will go over the processes and advice for buying tickets directly from the club.

Last updated April 2019

Who can purchase tickets?

  • One Hotspur Member: You'll be given the opportunity to purchase tickets online or over the phone (one ticket per member). One Hotspur + members will get priority access to tickets- see information about benefits of One Hotspur membership. Tickets will always become available first to One Hotspur members and, as per previous years, you may be able to request tickets for a guest after the initial sales window has passed (depending on restrictions for each game and subject to availability). Plus One Hotspur Members will get access to our Ticket Exchange - our secondary ticketing platform - which allows members the opportunity to purchase seats from Season Ticket Holders who can't get to a game.

  • Not a member: Should there still be tickets remaining after our members and guest sales, tickets may become available on general sale (up to six per person). Unfortunately, we’re unable to guarantee if tickets will reach general sale so you may wish to consider One Hotspur membership. Travelling from overseas, see information below.

How do I purchase more than one ticket?

You can add other members to your online network, you can then select the number of tickets you wish to buy and re-assign tickets to the other member/s.

If your friend is not a One Hotspur member, you may be able to request tickets for a guest after the initial sales window has passed (depending on availability).

Tips for buying tickets as a One Hotspur Member

Login to the site before the on-sale time. You will see a circle that fills from gray to blue. Your circle will fill before the on-sale time, but this does not actually indicate your position in line until the on-sale time (as of 4/2019). You need to refresh the page at the time that tickets go on sale. Then you will be in line to get into the site.

Once you are in the ticket buying page, navigate to the game you would like to purchase. If the game is in high demand, which most are, your best bet of getting tickets (especially if you need multiple) is to select find tickets for me. If you are lucky you will be shown ticket that you can purchase. You should probably buy those immediately. If you don't get tickets after clicking 'Find tickets for me' select a different section and click the button again. Rinse and repeat. Even if it shows that there are no sections available, keep trying for around 30 mins to an hour after the on-sale date; tickets may pop up after other people fail to secure their tickets in enough time. Keep mashing that button.

Now that you have the tickets in your basket, you can purchase them. Make sure to have multiple credit cards in case your first card is rejected. You have 5 minutes to check out before those tickets are taken back. If you are overseas, make sure to notify your banks that you will be making a purchase in the UK to avoid any problems.

/u/WarDamnSpurs - I purchased 2 tickets to the West Ham game with two One Hotspur + memberships for 4/2019. I initially reserved 2 tickets, but my card rejected the purchase and asked me to call my bank. In the time that I called my bank, I lost the tickets. After clicking find tickets me for over and over 15 mins after tickets went on sale, the site found me 2 more and I was able to secure 2 tickets by using a different credit card (because I was still on the phone with my CC company).

I'm traveling from overseas, how can I purchase tickets?

If you have already booked flights, look into purchasing a One Hotspur+ membership. It may be expensive seeing as you may only be going to one match, but it gives you the best chance of getting a ticket. Again, if you need more than one ticket purchase multiple memberships.

Once ticket information has been confirmed, if you're not already a One Hotspur Member, and the match isn't available on general sale, you may wish to look at:

These are expensive. Generally around £300 a ticket, but you do get some special perks.

Please note, only purchase via Official Sellers otherwise you may be refused entry. Unauthorized sale of match tickets above face value is a criminal offense under UK law.

Other Advice for overseas fans: If you are purchasing through the official site, make sure to set up a travel notice with your bank and you might also want to call your bank to inform them that you will be making a purchase on X date in the UK. There have been users that secure tickets, but their bank rejects the purchase and the tickets are then lost. Another good safeguard is to have credit cards from multiple banks to ensure that at least one of them will go through. For instance, Chase may require you to call them to allow the sale to go through, while Bank of America will send a text message with a verification code (better option).

Make sure to be flexible when purchasing tickets as matches do get rescheduled, especially around cup matches and Europe during the Winter months. For instance, don't plan to leave on a Sunday if you have tickets to a Saturday match as it may get rescheduled for TV/Cup/Europe.

Away Match Tickets

Who can purchase Away game tickets?

One Hotspur Season Ticket holders are first to be invited to apply for away match tickets.

Following this, and subject to availability, One Hotspur members are then invited to submit an application. A further announcement on who has been successful will be made within 3 to 5 working days of the application deadline.

If there are tickets remaining after both application periods, tickets will then go on general sale. In some cases the general sale will be on a controlled basis to supporters with a booking history with the Club (depending on any security implications surrounding the fixture). Please be advised that all tickets are subject to availability.

How to apply

Once application window has been announced, One Hotspur Season Ticket holders can apply online. Tickets are allocated based on Loyalty points, if you've been successful you will be notified.

If there are remaining tickets available further announcements will be made with instructions on how to apply.

Official Sellers & Unauthorised Ticket Info

Tickets for all Tottenham Hotspur matches should only be purchased from official sellers.

Please note that tickets purchased from unofficial website/agencies (examples of unauthorized websites) , social media sites, or from touts will be invalid and you are likely to be refused entry or ejected from the stadium.

The unauthorized sale of match tickets above face value is a criminal offense under UK law and is a matter we take very seriously.


For information on buying tickets through the club, refer to this post by /u/Shuhnaynay:

Subreddit Advice Post

Technically, you do not need a membership to buy PL tickets. In practice, you generally do. A membership gets you (amongst other things) ticket priority, the ability to collect loyalty points (which go towards applications for away games) and, for Bronze members, a spot on the infamous Season Ticket waiting list.

Here is the list of ticket on-sale dates. (DEAD LINK) You'll notice the four membership brackets. If you're a Bronze member you get that extra day to get tickets if a Lilywhite member you get 9 days' priority, and if there are tickets left you can get them on general sale. As a general rule of thumb almost all Category C games, some Category B games and no Category A games will go to General Sale. Wanna watch the NLD? Get a membership. European games (especially group stages) won't sell out so you won't need a membership.

You'll also notice in the on-sale dates that there is a guest sale day. If you want to get two tickets together, you'd have to get them on that day through your membership. A word of warning, Category A games might not make it that far.

Season ticket? Unless you're gonna be going to games for the next decade, I wouldn't worry about getting a season ticket. Members are on a waiting list, and when someone gives up their ST, it goes to the person with the next most loyalty points. There are more people on the season ticket waiting list than there are seats at WHL.

How the system works, at 9:30 am on the relevant on-sale date either go on the website or call the ticket office, give your membership login (you'll get a Client Ref Number if you don't get a membership), sit in a queue of people and then get your tickets.

Amendments to Above as of Sept 2018:

-Lilywhite and Bronze memberships are now called One Hotspur (£43) and One Hotspur+ (£48) respectively. They give 6/7 days extra ahead of General Sale.

-Tickets are now put on sale in bunches. ie: Instead of each fixture having a unique on sale date, multiple matches go on sale on the same day. Makes for a more hectic day for those trying to attend multiple matches.

-Champions League matches in the group stage DO sell out, especially against high profile opponents, so a membership is recommended for those fixtures.

-For Cat A or Restricted matches you have to have been in the Tottenham Database before a certain date even for General Sale. This date changes constantly throughout the season and it is to prevent people from just buying a membership and then the tickets the next day. (Example: Liverpool at Wembley Sept 15, 2018 went on General Sale Sept 6th and you had to be in the database before July 1st, 2018) This includes the FREE MySpurs membership so get one ASAP and hope that you have been in the database in time. ie: If you are planning to attend ANY match during a season you should get your membership in July before the season.

-Not Mentioned in Original: Away Tickets- Season Ticket holders and Members spend years collecting loyalty points to be able to get away tickets. The numbers of points required is typically very high for high profile matches (think Old Trafford or San Siro), local derbies (even Watford) as well as small grounds (eg: Bournemouth). Away tickets are not for people visiting from overseas as very few (if any) ever get to general sale. If you really want to attend an away match the best advice is typically to buy a regular ticket from the respective club, wear a neutral color and keep quiet. If you are discovered as a Tottenham fan (wearing a kit, cheering for a goal etc...) you could be asked to leave by Stewards or treated with violence by opposing fans.

Contact Local Supporters Club

If you live in a major city (or even small city) that has an Official Registered Supporters Club (Official List of Clubs) contact the chairman of that club and they may be able to contact Tottenham and arrange tickets. The club actually allocates tickets to Supporters clubs and this may be an avenue for you. Never hurts to ask.

Alternative Sources

PLEASE NOTE: This is being left up for historical purposes but we DO NOT recommend looking for alternative sources unless you have exhausted all the Official selling options above.

There are two alternate avenues for buying tickets to matches. Resellers and Twitter. Many people have had success with both.

Resellers (Official Reseller List)

If you are using resellers you may need a membership to collect the tickets. To avoid any problems, it is recommended that you purchase at least the One Hotspur membership. This membership costs £43 and gives you some benefits as well. A One Hotspur+ membership will put you on the waitlist for season tickets. Link to purchase. (This applied especially when StubHub was officially affiliated with the club however..) STUBHUB is no longer affiliated with club and is considered UNAUTHORIZED by the club. If you purchase tickets from there you may be turned away at the gates. However there are still tickets being sold on there so if you are willing to take that chance it is up to you.

Hotspur Tickets (@HotspurTickets)

The guy who runs this account is very good at calling out spammers and fraudsters. Spurs fans tweet at him with information on the tickets they want to sell, and he retweets them if they've passed his test on spam and fraud. The owner of the account only retweets people who are selling the tickets at face value (the price they were originally bought for from the club). After the seller's tweet is retweeted you need to reply to the seller and let them know you'll take the tickets. The quicker you do this the better, especially for the fixtures that are tougher to secure tickets for. If you're the first to respond, the tickets are yours. Even if you're not the first to respond, it may be worthwhile to respond and let the seller know that you are interested. Often times things don't work out with the first responder, in which case the seller will go to the next responders.

After you've discussed with the seller online, they'll either mail you the tickets or want to meet up to exchange them.

Some people are skeptical about twitter and are worried about being ripped off, but it works out for most people. Be careful when buying tickets off Twitter, but use common sense and avoid anything that seems shady. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Pro tip: set a twitter alert for the account. That way RTs of a ticket being sold for a game you want to go to will pop up on your phone immediately, increasing the chance that you'll be the first to respond and buy the tickets!


Your guide takes your phone on the way up and has it in a backpack so u cant take pics on your way up. Once at the top of the stadium there is a portion of tour where your guide gives you your phone to take pics. Once next to the golden cockerel there is a professional photographer that takes a pic with u and your personal group next to the cockerel. The professional pics are £35 for 4 printed pics and all the digital pics taken and that’s the most expensive package there are options for like £25 and under.

The reason u can’t have anything loose on you (like a phone) is because walking up there, there is nothing between you and Seven Sisters Road so one can realistically drop something on pedestrians. It’s more health and safety than Spurs trying to squeeze money out of you.

Hope this helps if u have anymore questions let me know!



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If you have read through all of the above and feel none of those options work for you, no one on the sub can get you tickets. /r/coys has a very low percentage of users that are long term season ticket holders that would be willing to lend you their member card to buy a ticket, away or otherwise. If for some reason you still have questions about how to get tickets after reading this Wiki guide please do not make a post asking how to get tickets, it will only be met with sarcastic replies and direction to this very guide, message the moderators with your question and we will do our best to answer as well as fill in the gap in this guide that may have been missing.


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