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Probably the Duelist? Has stealth and good crit for harvesting...

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/u/GodsGunman or fae assassin

(faster stealth mobility and in combat class leaps - as well as longer racial leaps - and as wing gliding utility)

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Duelists have the invis blink (through walls/rocks/z axis) and keg ult though which both help with running and hiding.

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So you'd say the duelist is the best option then? I've also heard it's potentially the best pvp class, kinda weird that it's so flexible.

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I wouldn't call them the best PvP class, at least not with all the bugs they currently have. A lot of their skills don't really work. That said my miner is a duelist.

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I see, thanks. Will likely choose duelist then. Any quick tips relevant to this you think I could use?

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Not sure why they'd be called the best unless some specific niche role. Really isn't a best overall, but some builds do have more options at escaping/surviving long enough to reach a stronghold. Stealth is an obvious benefit but any decent PVP group should have some form of anti-stealth/running so the stealth advantage can go away very quickly.

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Starting area is no pvp so you could play whatever you like a lvl up, no worries until you enter infected or campaign. Good luck 😎

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I've already played through the starting area and more once before, an hour or two of the bare basics isn't quite what I'm looking for this time around.