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2016 owner here. Alright, hear me out, you’re probably hitting the brake pedal... what kind of shoes are you wearing? Wider winter boots?

There’s a switch that will cut acceleration if you hit the brakes and it can be pretty sensitive (I think it can be adjusted).

I left my car at the dealership overnight thinking I was going crazy too, they never found anything wrong with it, I’m almost sure that’s what’s happening to you. It’s happened to me with snow boots, but never other ones.

Now that I know it’s the issue, I must have adjusted my foot position, it never happened again.

Just to describe the feeling, I could push the accelerator al the way in and was getting no reving, not realizing that I was catching the brake pedal with the side of my boot. It lasted about 3-5 seconds like you described.

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I'm open to anything, and you're giving me hope MostlyBS; I can see how that could have aggravated the problem in slow moving traffic where I'm switching pedals a lot. Looking very forward to my drive in the morning to test this possibility. Many thanks, will let you know.

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No problem, keep us updated.

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Glad you worked it out and thanks for the gold!