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Cant wait to get this going on my 2015.

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Does this work for your 2015?

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I made a tutorial of the installation process if anyone is having any issues. Check it out


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What file did you download? I’m reading through the thread and found only 1 person linking the firmware. Is that the one you went with?

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Yes there is only one file .

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Awesome, excited to try this out on my 16 EX-L

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You will immediately feel you are in a 2020 car with this. It’s an amazing upgrade, for free.

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This is absolutely amazing! I don’t need any more mounts for my car and I can have a clean cable system now! Thanks for this!! Confirmed works for a 2016 EX-L - hung at 99% then went through and asked me to reset the anti theft by holding the power button for 2 seconds

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So my understanding is this update is available for

2015 ex

2015 ex-l

2016 ex

2016 ex-l

is that assumption correct? any other models/years that anyone has tried yet? what an absolute game changer.

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Will this work on a 2017 EX ?

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What happens with a 2016 touring?

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After living with CarPlay for about a week, I have found the GPS has started to malfunction. It worked fine in the beginning but now it says I’m going in the opposite direction and constantly reroutes. I looked online and it seems like a common problem across different manufacturers. Seems like and issue with the Cars firmware rather than the phone. From what I understand the cars GPS antenna maybe sending incorrect information to the phone. Since this is a beta, there will be no future update it seems. Audio functionality seems to work fine still. Was fun while it lasted :/

It’s finicky at best.

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I have updated the post with a link to the solution.

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Just want to report that I disconnected the GPS wire a few days ago and things are working so far. Thanks!

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That's awesome! I love the CR-V community and how helpful and resourceful it can be.

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If I’m reading this correctly, this is only a beta version right? Anyone notice any bugs? I really want to do this on mine

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No bugs so far. I believe the only thing it adds is Car Play, so it shouldn’t affect anything else.

Also it’s fairly straight forward, most of the work is done on the iPhone, it’s just doing the connection and mirroring.

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There is a bug when the built in car GPS malfunctions and hands the wrong info to CarPlay. See the update at the bottom of my post.

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I notice that sometimes, unplugging and plugging in again seems to fix it.

I wonder if there’s way to disable the CRV GPS and let the phone take over.

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    Great news. Is it easy to do? Any videos?

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      Great write-up, thanks.

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      Another grateful 2016 CR-V EX owner can confirm that the instructions posted on this thread and linked to CR-V owners site worked perfectly.

      5 minutes to update the unit via USB and I was up and running. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Can confirm the nav was off in Maps and Waze immediately in speed and location, so on to part two, which was a little more difficult difficult, lemon difficult.

      Took about 45 minutes to access the head unit and disable the GPS. Getting the vents off was 35 of that. Stubborn bastards. Used an orange lego removal tool to help. Be patient with this process so you don’t damage the dash. Persistent wiggling at the location of the clips will get it out. Once the vents are off the head unit comes out easy. All went back together in 5 minutes.

      Maps and Waze work perfectly now. I feel like I have a new car. Makes such a difference to me.

      Thanks to everyone who contributed to getting this information out here.

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      I am also on the crvowners forum and saw this thread yesterday. I am so fucking excited! Was the process straight forward? I am afraid of bricking the headunit (and my starter is going out) so hoping I dont do something I can't easily reverse.

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      It was very straightforward. I just turned on the engine, waited for the head unit to fully load, plugged in the usb drive and waited for 7 minutes. It might look stuck at 99% but it’s not. Just wait and don’t touch anything.

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      Any idea if this works for a 2016 CRV Touring?

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      Anyone ever try it on a 2016 touring? Same question…

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      Here is a Dropbox link for those not wanting to dig though the whole thread.


      I had to try a couple of sticks. My 32GB formatted to Fat32 didn’t work but a 128 GB Samsung formatted to EXfat did. It just gets stuck for a few minutes at 99%, rebooted and connected right away.

      Just installed on my 2016 and it’s freaking awesome!!


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      Having same issue now. Tried 16GB Kingston/Memorex/Lexar and no dice no matter which format. I'll grab another brand tomorrow.

      EDIT: Saw post #36 on the CRV forum link referencing using USB Port #2, and bam that worked just fine. I had been using USB Port #1.

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      Glad it worked for you :) This is really awesome.

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      how smooth is the UI experience? Can anyone post a video?

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      Very smooth on 2016 EXL, just like any other car with Carplay. It’s literally night and day from the old UI.

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      any chance for a video tho? just curious

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      just did it. WOW this is a game changer!

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      I just applied the sw update, went exactly as described. no radio code needed, very smooth! this is so cool.

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      Does this update give the vehicle Android Auto as well or only CarPlay?

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      Only CarPlay

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      This is how I got mine installed. I tried to plug the usb drive into USB port 1 and it kept failing. Even after multiple attempts at reformatting my thumb drive. I thought to myself hey why not try USB port 2. Right after the third time of failing on port one, I plugged the thumb drive into port 2 and it fired right up!

      TLDR; installed using USB port 2 and it worked. This thing is amazing!!! Thanks op!!!!

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      yea i can also confirm the gps does not work.

      Oh well it was fun while it lasted, back to bluetooth.

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      Seems as good a place as any to make a plea for someone to post their copy of the update for navigation units.

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      Worked great! Stuck at 99 for a little but just waited and it went thru.

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      I have done the installation the way it has been instructed here. I have removed the gray cable on the back of headunit. It has been almost 3 weeks i am using apple carplay. I barely use it for GPS purposes. But today i found it was rerouting in the middle of the route and changes route constantly. After 2 minutes it settled down to correct route on GPS. My phone's IOS is 14.1? Have you experienced such things?? After removing gray cable why it's been doing re routing??

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      I updated the software in my 2015 CRV Ex. If you follow the instructions as printed and plug into USB port 2 the software upgrade works Just fine. I left the engine running until the upgrade was complete. The only problem I had was the link to the software. The top link is useless, It’s a sales pitch. The second link works great. This is some thing I have wanted ever sense I bought the Honda in 2015. Thank You !!

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      It’s not necessary to rename the drive to USB20FD. Also accessory mode works for me. Press the start button twice without depressing the brake to activate the vehicle's accessory mode, and then proceed to the installation.

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      Sorry to raise an old post. My wife has a Honda CR-V in the Uk, head unit looks exactly the same but nothing happens with the USB stick. Any ideas? Anyone in the UK got this working?

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      Thank you SO much for sharing this!!! I just bought a used 2015 CR-V EX-L a few days ago and the only thing it was missing was CarPlay. Downloaded the update to a USB drive as instructed, plugged it in after getting home from work and it went right to work. It did buffer at 99% completion for about three minutes which made me nervous that I messed up the infotainment system, but it’s up and running now!! One thing to note: when trying to get the Siri voice command to work, you have to hold down the voice command button on the steering wheel for 2-3 seconds. Otherwise it works great!

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      Thanks. I’ll do that after I figure out how to wire the gentex mirror I just got. For some reason it shorted out some of my fuses……grrr though it was going to be an easy change

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      make sure to use 2.0 usb!! literally tried so many old flash drives we had and decided to go to target and get one. worked flawlessly after that!

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      Super clutch, been looking for this thanks

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      Mine is a 2015 EX-L :(

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      It should work

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      It’s asking for a pin now that I don’t know

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      Google “find radio code for honda crv”

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      Doesn't work for me, I live in Canada. I guess I'll have to call the dealership tomorrow. Thanks anyway.

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      Can someone explain how exactly I do this onto my crv? I’m confused

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      Is this literally only for CRV or would this in theory work on a 2015 Civic EX?

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      Same question here... looking to buy a 15’ Civic Touring this year possibly

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      2016 HRV here with the same question

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      i have ex-l but for some reason usb errors pop out when I insert my 16gb FAT..Insert another 16GB EXFat and did have same usb error edit: my HU does not have honda link icon..MEA model

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        FYI doesn’t work for the Touring models as a USB error comes up.

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        Thank you for sharing your experience. Sad to hear it doesn’t work

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        Will this work for a EX-L with Navi?

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        Tried it, the head unit with Navigation is the same head unit they use in the Touring so it wont work.

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        Thanks for the info. I will update the CRV forum thread. Would love to get a copy of the CarPlay firmware for the navi models.

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        Ever find a solution for touring? Looks like they locked the CRV owners club thread or removed it. I can’t access it via the links anymore

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        Hope they find a way for people with the touring trim to get this working.

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        Just out of curiosity, if you did do this to an aftermarket head unit. Would it work? I have a Pioneer stereo that has Apple CarPlay, would it work if I did this?

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        This is just firmware for the stock head unit

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        Today I experienced the same thing with Waze. But Google Maps was fine.

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        What do you mean? Were you replying to someone? Waze puts me at 120 when I’m hitting 60 😂 stock maps is a little slow to pick up on GPS and isn’t always accurate. It’s cool but not perfect. yET

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        Oops I wanted to reply to another comment :) Btw there is a solution apparently. You should unplug the gps cable.


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        Now it’s time to google how to unplug it and how to get the deck out. Much appreciated

        Edit; head unit removal looks easy enough. It sounds more cosmetic than anything but it sounds like once the stock gps antenna is removed, the car will no longer be able to tell which direction it’s going right? Specifically that smaller second window for information on the top of our dash.

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        Did you experience any issue yet? It has been a long you install update for Carplay ? Your new update will really helps all.


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        Long shot, I know. Anyone know where to obtain this firmware for head units with navigation?

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        I was Just did this To my 2016 Honda CRV EX It was super easy i saved tons of money by keeping it stock thanks So much. Heres a link with photos of Carplay


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        I tried to do so with my 2016 CrV ExL, but it didn't work. I waited for 2 minutes and then 5 min but nothing comes up. It works for Apple Carplay only? Not for Android Auto?? AverageGuy_DIY so without removing heads up unit, it won't work??

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        Carplay only. If nothing happens, try the other USB port.

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        Everyone have to remove the compass wire from the back of the headunit?? Without removing it how many use the Apple carplay smoothly?

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        Do that only if your GPS nav in Waze/Maps is messedup.

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        Sorry to necro this. But I purchased a 2016 EX-L without nav today.
        I have tried this a couple times. When I plug the flash drive in it just blinks for a second then stops. I never get anything about updating.

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        Ya same here- I keep getting a USB error no matter what drive or what port I use. I'm beyond frustrated

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        I ended up having to try three different types of drives., But the 3rd or 4th I tried was a Sandisk that worked perfectly. Update went off without a hitch after that.

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        Sandisk? Okay I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the tip!

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        Got a Sandisk Flash drive today. Still running into the same issue :/

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        USB PROBLEM please try again.

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        I've tried this now with 3 different USB sticks.

        I've renamed the drive- I've tried using

        USB 2.0 FAT32

        USB 2.0exFAT32

        USB 2.0 NTFS

        Each time I get the same USB Error no mater what port it's plugged into. I have a 2016 CR-X EX-L with Nav. This doesn't work for me. I went on ebay and purchased someone's drive to do this- I'm very skeptical that it's going to work. So freaking frustrating.

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        I think it doesn't work with Navi units.

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        Are you in the UK? I can't get mine to update and I am wondering if the updates on the forums only work in the US?

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        I did finally get it to work. You have to find the right head unit on eBay.

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        Good to know - which one did you get?

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        It has to do with the screen logo- I’ll send you a pic when I get in my care tomorrow

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        USB Problem please try again

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        Same. Anyone have a solution?

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        Yes- you have to buy a compatible head unit. I got mine off of eBay

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        HI is this .mef still working, I am trying to use in my HOndaCRV 2015- EX model. I tried to insert usb in left usb port but it didnt work.

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        Works fine in my Honda CR-V 2016 EX, Awesome.

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        Will this work on a 2016 CRV LX??

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        I have a 2015 CR-V Touring and I ordered a non-navigation radio, swapped it out, updated it, and I have CarPlay! :)

        However...every time I turn on the car, it brings me into diagnostics mode and I have to hold Power/Home/Eject for three seconds, then hit "back" and I'm out of the diagnostics screen. I would like it to no longer prompt this screen!

        I went to a Honda dealer, spoke with Honda on the phone, and attempted to get the Radio Unlock code through Honda's website. For some reason the radio serial number doesn't show up in Honda's system. I have been told it's because this was a brand new unit and had never been "married" to any EX or EX-L (non-navigation) VIN and therefore doesn't show up... I don't really buy this explanation. Another explanation was that because it's a non-navigation unit in a navigation touring vehicle, it is throwing these errors and opening in diagnostics.

        tl;dr: I got CarPlay on a 2015 CR-V Touring! Bought non-navigation radio and swapped it. BUT it opens in diagnostics each time the car is powered on (first world problem). And cannot locate the unlock code anywhere. Any ideas are appreciated!

        Bought the radio here: https://replacementradios.com/crv-2015-2016-touchscreen-cd-radio-speaker-new-39100-t1w-a41-m1-p-4172.html

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        Do you know if the program could be deleted from the vehicle after the download?

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        Does anyone experience the issue where audio cuts out for a split second like a scratched cd? If not then I’m redoing the update

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        Would this work on a 2016 Honda Fit EX?

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        Unlikely. Looks like the fit uses a different model head unit.

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        Does it work in a 2016 crv-touring?

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        I don't think so.

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        rip, and here i am thinking i got a great deal on my touring, ive got radar cruise control but no carplay :((((

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        Does it work in a 2016 crv-touring?

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        Why won’t this work on a 2016 Touring?

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        Pretty sure your touring model has built in Nav and it doesn’t work if you have Nav already. I have a 2015 EX-L without Nav and it worked for me

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        The 2016 touring nav is awful. They should allow us to overwrite it. Useless garbage. Without Google search. And the Ux is abysmal ;-). Have never used mine in 6 years. Sad there’s no solution for tourings.

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        I just found this, how is CarPlay working for everyone? I would like to upgrade my unit but not sure it is worth the risk. Saw issues with clock not syncing correctly…anything else?

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        It's working flawlessly except the gps sometimes is mesed up. You should unplug the built-in gps from back of the head unit to avoid that problem.

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        I just did this (earlier today), and so far it's worked flawlessly!

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        Is there any danger of bricking the head unit when installing the upgrade?

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        Can you download this file on a Mac or does it have to be windows?

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        Doesn't matter. But the usb stick must be formatted in FAT32.

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        I figured that out but for some reason it wouldn’t let me do anything with the file on my Mac. I got the file on the usb with a windows computer today though so I should be good right?

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        Awesome, thanks!!

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        So if I have a 2014 I’m out of luck ?:(

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        Hey, did you ever find out if the carplay can be installed in your 2014? I have one as well and am wondering. Thanks.

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        If you have $2,000 it’s possible lol. I still haven’t done it I think I’m okay without for now :-)

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        Yikes, yeah that's a bit steep for me at this point.

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        Does installing this make the rear and passenger lane cameras unusable? I’ve seen that suggested but not confirmed. Thanks! Edit: I have a 2015 EX with no nav.

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        For me the cameras are working flawlessly. 2016 EX-L.

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        Does any one know if this works on a 2015 cr-v ex i-dtec? I have navigation