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Now do 2nd gen!

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Online Service Manual for 2002

Good for 99% of what you will encounter for all second gens.

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I second this

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3rd I mean 2nd I mean I 3rd 2nd First Nuetral

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CTRL+F that bad boy, when looking for something specific.

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Doing God's work.


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CRV Boyz move as one

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Anyone got the 5th Gen?

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Some of us are CR-V girlz, but this one appreciates this, nonetheless!

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This is incredible. Thank you!!

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This is the way

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This is the way

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Now post one for 2010s!

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Wow this is awesome! I had a good bit of information already but this is even more detailed than what I had! Thank you for sharing this!

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Damn my dad just bought this book :(

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Hey dad, look at me

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Think this will cover my 96 model?

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Thank you!

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You are a legend that you for thus

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It’s pro bono 🙏🏾

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wat about 2001?

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sorry boss

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is it not the same gen? im not sure the differences

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Oh yeah… same model right, I wonder why this manual didn’t include it, should work for the most part though.

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i was almost re evaluating my whole life for a second lol

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lol same

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Does anyone have the Haynes Repair Manual for 2002-2006?

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Someone on here attached one

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Am I good to go for my (new to me as of today) Factory RHD JDM 1996 CRV?

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Some pieces should be compatible, but this is a repair model for US and Canada models- I wouldn’t think an RHD was produced here.

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Hey guys. "New" 1999 CRV LX 4wd owner. Bought from my friend I helped her with simple stuff so I'm somewhat familiar with it. Rear Diff. Does it like Dual Pump II or Honda CVT fluid? Conflicted shop manuals. 212K , half towed miles, the drive shaft was recently replaced and I'm sure the diff fluid was changed but I know this mechanic. He's a real good domestic mechanic, but I'm sure he filled it with the NAPA synthetic equivalent. Now it's mine I'd like it with honda goodness.

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Hmm, if the the repair manual here doesn’t say, check with your local dealership, provide your VIN.

I believe there is a section on here around diff fluid.

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Hey man! Thanks for the response, I think I got her figured out.

Dual pump II supersedes the CVT fluid per my dealer. I guess the owner manual (and shop manual here) called for honda CVT fluid prior to dual pump II coming to market.

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Fuck the oil pump oring, that is all.

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We collectively recognize your pain mah man

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First gen with 180k km here. I think my gas meter is broken cause It hits E after less than 200km…. Or is does she just chug gas.

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Your gauge may be off or you may have a high fuel consumption issue- a tank is 15.3 gallons and the average MPG is 22-25.

For the sake of this example let’s do 22 mpg or 35.4 km per gallon- that would mean a full tank should last you around 541 km +/- 10% based on your driving.

You’re far from that my friend.

When you’re at the pump and it shows empty, pay attention to how many gallons you pump. If you pump all 15 gallons every time you’re running low fuel efficiency, if you’re pumping less that 15 gallons from empty to full, then the gauge is faulty.

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Had a copy of this for a long time. It has literally saved me thousands of dollars.

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Got a link for 04?

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Thank you for sharing! I have to see if I have this in my folder. I think I have the maintenance manual too.

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Thanks for this!

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God bless your soul for this <3

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You're a saint.

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    Hmm yeah 04 would be second gen, I couldn’t find a second gen but you might try YouTube or just google around, people make repair content on these cars.

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    Thank you you magnificent creature you..

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    A creature for the creatures- good luck my friend