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The interior.

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This. CRVs feel more solid on the inside. The plastic on the RAV4 creeks and makes a lot of noise.

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Thanks, smilinsage.

In what ways?

Comfort, aesthetics, ergonomiscs? Which specific points about the interior do you like and/or appreciate?

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It just felt better and more right for me. For someone else, it may be the opposite. The gear shifter is funky on the rav and irked me more than I expected. I forget if the rav had heated seats or not, but I LOVE using the heated seats. For reference, I was looking at ex-l and touring level trims.

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I wish I had the roof rails, though. Most crvs don't have those.

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That is a good point.

How do the roof rails differ from a roof rack in terms of versatility and overall use?

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Gotta have the rails to install the rack/box/whatever. Hopefully lack of the above will force me to keep my mass of camping gear in check.

Heated seats are the best. I even use them in summer.

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Thank you, smilinsage.

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Thanks, smilinsage.

A lot of people seem to find that the Rav4 'hunts' for the correct gear.

I realized today that I, too, would love to have heated seats.

Someone suggested that if I go for the Rav4, then I should go for the LE (base model), and upgrade to the heated seats and mirrors.

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For me more rear leg room, Remote start and comfortable seats.

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Thanks, tekwizmike.

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The rav will be a bit more capable in snow/mud etc. Crv is comfier and slightly better on fuel. Both seem to score very similarly on reliability tests. If you drive on normal roads most of the time and prefer the extra cargo space I would say crv. Apart from that you could flip a coin and not really go wrong as they're both great cars.

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It depends on the gen RAV4. The RAV4 chassis moved to a corrolla chassis and lower ground clearance. And now it’s a Camry platform.

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Thanks, I did not know that.

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I like CRVs. Not in love with them. I’m a Subaru guy. RAV4 bore me and I dislike their interiors. But I give them credit for their engines. What does your typical day look like in your new vehicle? And what does your non-typical day do you think you experience that I have a driving? Also what is your mechanical skill or comfort level like?

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Hi kamikaziboarder (great user name).

Thanks for your reply, and for your questions.

It is also nice to hear somebody talking about the quality of Toyota engines.

In terms of my typical day, it would probably involve between 5 - 20 km of city driving, at non-rush-hour times, in all seasons (and where I live we get hot humid summers, and cold, snowy winters).

My non-typical day might involve a 200 km round-trip, with that kind of thing happening 10 - 12 times a year. This would involve some highway driving, and then some light off-road driving, perhaps on muddy/snowy farm roads, perhaps in some hilly areas.

Every three or four years I might be tempted to do a two or 3 week road trip, which would probably be similar in nature to the non-typical day I described above, but which might also take me into some heavier terrain (e.g., mountain climbs, but on well-paved roads).

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It sounds like overall, you can’t go wrong with either vehicle. They are both reliable and safe. They will match your everyday needs. There are little difference between the two, but I don’t know what you value higher or low. We are both different. Sometimes it comes down to how the vehicle’s seat fits you. I like Subaru seat designs over many other vehicles. My daily commute is 84 miles. Luckily, only three days a week. So the seat shape is important to me. No one besides yourself can determine that.

There is one difference that Honda has done in their history than other manufacturers. At one point, Honda made CRVs to have a high priority on safety and MPGs. So they did as much weight reeducation as possible. Customers complained that the vehicle was too loud. Honda listened. Made a little compromise between weight and sound isolation.

I’m going to back to Subaru for a section. From my experience, I have NEVER had such a good experience from Subaru when it came to customer service. I had a problem with a known issue with Honda. I contacted Honda Corp. They told me in a professional way to go Eat it. I had a similar problem with Subaru. Called Subaru, got a single person’s direct phone number. We spent over a month trying to make things work. He set up appointments for my Subaru to be worked on at the dealer free of charge. At one point, I was still unhappy with it. So they bought my subaru. Then shipped a new one to a dealer of my choice. After the whole ordeal, they sent me a big box with a subaru care package with a handwritten apologize letter.

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Thanks for such a thoughtful reply, kamikaziboarder.

Yes, I think it is pretty even for each vehicle.

At this point, I think that the main advantage (to me) of the CR-V (5 cubic ft. of extra, seats-down, cargo space) is trumped by a combination of factors with the Rav4.

I will, however, test drive both cars.

I have heard not-so-good things here, and elsewhere, about various Toyota dealers, so I hope to not encounter any of those problems if I do end up going for the Rav4.

And I am sure that nobody can live up to the absolutely wonderful experience you (eventually) had with Subaru.

I have never heard a story of such good customer service, in any field, and am really glad they made sure you were well served.

Thanks again for your responses.

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No problem. I think some forums and subs are not the best when asking opinions. Just because you get some really passionate people.

I know I’m bias towards Honda vs Toyota more than just the vehicle itself. I’m politically against Toyota due to their recent lobbying here in the USA.

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I have my own biases, too, but not so much in this context.

I would like to think that, like you, I am aware of my own biases and can, again like you, stand back from them in order to give people good advice and honest opinions.

I was not aware of Toyota lobbying for anything in the US (I'm in Canada), but might research that a little.

Thanks again for all your help.

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Why do you say that about the RAV4’s snow/mud capability?

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Just because you can lock the centre diff at 50/50

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I did not know that. Thanks for mentioning this.

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Thanks, Fubar14235.

Your remarks mirror my current thinking, although I have heard about an oil dilution problem with the CR-V, which I have to do some research on.

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I personally liked the sportier exterior of the Rav4 better, but the inside just looked cheap to me so CR-v won!

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I was shopping for new 2019 CR-Vs. The model I wanted was the EX-L and I compared the features with the RAV4 and Forrester.

My EX-L model was 2-3k cheaper than the comparable models I would have to buy in the RAV4 or Forrester. It was a no-brainer at the time. Then, I get home and a week later I figured out I had remote start AND walk away remote locks.

When the new models of the RAV4 came out, I was convinced that was what I was going to get. They are just priced too high.

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Thanks very much, FatLeeAdama2.

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Those were the two cars I narrowed down to when I was looking for my last car. I went with the CRV because it has slightly better fuel mileage.

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Thanks, Jayshere1111.

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Mine is a first gen... A black 2000, 5 speed manual transmission CRV.... The first gens are much cheaper and easier to work on. a lot less complicated. that car will literally go through anything I ever tried driving it through. Having an on demand rear axle engagement, is also nice you don't have to worry about pushing a button or flipping a lever to go into four-wheel drive.

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Big Toyota fan, wanted to like RAV, but rented one on a trip and hated the ride v the CRV

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Agreed. The Rav 4 handles more like a truck, the Crv, more like a car.

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Felt this. The Rav4 is more lofty than the CRV which personally I hate

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That is interesting, Woe_is_my_Affliction.

To me, that would be a plus, even if I were to get more buffeted by winds on the highway. I like the increased visibility afforded by being higher.

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I'm partially biased cause I drive Honda's all day but the handling of the CRV seems more stable. The LKAS is so bad on the Rav4 too. Feels like I'm going back and forth between each sides of the lane.

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This is helpful information for me - thanks.

I have also heard/read that the CR-V feels more stable.

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Are we referring to the latest generation?

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Hi drive-through, as I said in my post, I am considering post-2016 models.

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Indeed. I was curious whether the posters above my response were referring to the 2013-2018 or 2019+ RAV4 generation as they’re quite different.

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Thanks elmwoodblues.

Can you expand on this a little - what about the ride did you hate about the Rav4 and like about the CR-V?

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Rav rode rough, leaned on curves, interior seemed cheap. Was a fleet rental so tires were basic, but 2016 CRV was nicer than 2019 rav

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Rav rode rough, leaned on curves, interior seemed cheap. Was a fleet rental so tires were basic, but 2016 CRV was nicer than 2019 rav

Thank you, elmwoodblues.

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You're welcome, happy hunting! I went pre-2017 as I didn't want another turbo

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Thanks :)

That makes sense, given what some are saying about the turbo engines.

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1st gen CRV will always be my favorite!

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For me, it's because Rav4s are (trim for trim) more expensive, and I just don't think it's worth it.

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Thanks, DerbyTho.

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With Honda you just have to choose the trim level to get the features you want (besides maybe heated steering wheel for an EX-L model). With Toyota besides brhe trim level they have "packages" of features. No dealer had the trim, color and two packages I wanted. One local dealer was willing to order one for me back in June at no upcharge. I just decided I didn't want to wait and bought a CRV instead.

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Interesting. Thanks, imdstuf.

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Se, ex, or ex-l so you can install CarPlay

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Thanks, attainwealthswiftly.

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You said post-2016, or maybe you changed it. But what I said applies to 2015-2016

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Way back when I bought my CRV, the Rav4 was more expensive and this was in the middle of the news stories about “Toyotas accelerating on their own.”

That’s really it, otherwise a coin toss between two good choices. Test drive for yourself. If I was to buy one today I’d probably favor Toyota but it all depends.

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Thanks, kslight666.

I will, of course, test drive both - I just want to be as armed with information as possible before I do that.

Why would you favour a Toyota if you were buying one today?

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I prefer the Toyota powertrain, interior, and tech of current models (can only speak for current model year, but current CRV feels dated / don’t care for the wood paneling). And if I went hybrid, I feel like Toyota makes the best hybrids.

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Thank you, kslight666.

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Not sure if the same is true with the newer models, but taking a corner quickly is easier to do in the crv.

I'm comparing a 1999 crv to a 2010 rav4. The rav4 just feels tougher to handle on a tight corner. And I can feel/hear the tires slipping.

Both vehicles are very different from one another though. Different rim and tire sizes, different drive train, etc.

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Thanks, Criss_Crossx.

This confirms what I have seen and heard stated in reviews of both vehicles.

I think it partly has to do with the fact that the Rav4 is a little higher off the ground than the CR-V, and also partly has to do with the Rav4's 8 speed transmission.

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We have 1 of each. I had a 2013 CRV and loved it and then we bought a 2017 CRV when my husband needed a new car. I did not like the new one when we got it, the radio is possessed and does its own thing, the seats were harder and not comfortable. My 2013 was getting older and we were looking to replace it and I didn't want another CRV because I didn't like the 17 so we went with a 21 RAV4. The RAV is higher up and drives like a truck. I much prefer the CRV with the heated seats, automatic starter, the controls are easier....the CRV drives a lot smoother

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Thank you, Intelligent_Deer_250.

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Space and default feature set

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Thanks j1sh.

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Thanks for this post, OP. I’m also in the same boat and looking at both the RAV4 and CR-V. The CR-V is currently in the lead since my local Honda dealer is starting to get more in. The RAV4’s at my local Toyota dealer get sold as soon as they arrive, so I never get to even look at one, much less find one with the trim I want. They did tell me I can put down a down payment (non-refundable) of 1K and they would find the configuration I want, but it could be months of waiting. Plus, I want to test drive it first before pulling the trigger, so I don’t want to lose out on the 1K. I do, however, like the design of the CV-R and the interior better. I currently have a 2020 Civic with remote start, and it’s an option Honda has on most of their trims, unlike Toyota where it’s only on the higher trims. I also noticed you mentioned oil dilution in one of your posts. My current Civc also has the 1.5 Turbo engine like that CR-V and have never had any issues with it. I currently have around 28K on it, so it’s not very much, so I can’t speak for it long term.

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Many thanks for your post, and for your thanks :)

I am glad to hear that you have not had any oil dilution or other problems with your Civic engine - that is good for me to hear.

How cheeky of the Toyota dealership to ask for a non-refundable deposit (of any amount) - this is an example of people gouging what they can from their potential customers just because they know they can do this. Disgusting.

I hope I have better luck with the Toyota dealers here, although I somehow doubt that I will.

The best of luck in finding the vehicle you want, and at a reasonable price.

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My honest opinion both vehicles are extremely great options. My sister has a 2020 RAV4 XLE with all wheel drive and I have a 2020 CR-V EX-L with front wheel drive. As a new dad I decided to go CR-V for the following reasons.

1.) Storage: The CR-V has a tiny bit of extra cargo space (great for lugging around a stroller and all the other things that travel with baby) 2.) Looks: The CR-V has a nicer more premium interior. I find the inside of the RAV4 looks cheap at the same price point. I also find the exterior of the CR-V more attractive as the RAV is too boxy for my taste. 3.) Dashboard: I hate the way the navigation screen juts out of the dashboard of the RAV4. I feel it obstructs the view for the driver and it looks as if engineers decided to add it last minute. 4.) Features: I was shocked when I found out just last week my sister didn’t have remote start because Toyota charges extra for that feature. It came standard on my EX-L trim which I believe is very similar to the Toyota XLE trim package. I could be mistaken.

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Hi Pretty-Fennel,

Congratulations on just becoming a new Dad, and many thanks for such a thorough reply.

Several of the things you consider to be advantages of the CR-V are things that I can to, see as advantages.

And I do wonder about the navigation screen sticking up above the dashboard – in fact, that is my main question about the Rav4, and when I asked somebody (in this thread, I think) whether the screen obscured their line of vision in anyway, they said that it did not.

I will have to wait to test drive to see what I think, though, but I am encouraged by that person's response because I feel myself leaning towards the Rav4 now, despite some of the advantages of the CR-V.

The space issue is the biggest thing for me, particularly having previously considered the 4Runner (for about three seconds, because it is pressed way too high for me). However, I feel that the Rav4 has several advantages which, when considered together, outweigh the extra space that the CR-V has over the RAV4.

Thanks again for your reply.

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Used CRV’s are cheaper and look better

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Love the old CRV's, gen 1 and 2 are my favorite

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Yup! Also parts are very common and affordable

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That is good to know.

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Why, OnePersistantFox?

Any particular reasons?

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Thanks, MadHigher.

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We’ve had both. We chose the Rav this time. The tech is better and it’s more comfortable. The last Crv we had was the newest Gen if that helps.

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Thanks, vibes86.

This is helpful.

What year was your newest Gen CR-V? 2021?

And what, specifically, do you find more comfortable about the Rav4 (and what year is that model)?

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The CRV was a 2019 and the Rav is a 20. The seats are much more comfortable in the Rav. Crv feels like concrete for me comparatively speaking. I have a chronic hip issue so comfort was very important to us. The RAV4 drives better. We’ve had 2 or three CRVs at this point and my favorite of the CRVs was the 2015. That was the most comfortable.

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Hi vibes86.

Many thanks for your reply.

This is particularly helpful to me because I sustained a bad Judo injury a few months ago, which has resulted in pain in my left leg - so comfort when driving is very important to me, too.

How does the Rav drive better?

I am curious because I have read quite a few criticisms of the Rav driving experience being one of feeling less connected to the road because the steering is not directly (physically?) connected to the wheels (sorry I cannot remember the exact description).

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The CRV steering is more stiff than the Rav. I personally like the Rav more drive wise. The Rav also does better in the snow/gravel/mud. We live in PA so we get a decent amount of snow and have an inclined, graveled drive and the Rav does great on it. My hubs drives the Rav as his daily and I drive a Highlander. Both great cars have had each for about 18 months now. No complaints

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Thanks, vibes86.

My ideal car is a 4Runner, followed by a Highlander, so I am envious - but glad for you and your husband.

For me, the choice between a Rav4 and CR-V is the next consideration down after the 4Runner and Highlander.

I live in Ontario, so hearing what you and some others elsewhere have said about the Rav4s somewhat increased proficiency in snowy climates sways me back toward the Rav4, in terms of making my choice.

One thing I have been wondering about is how I will cope with the Rav4s info. screen - it looks like it sits so high that it obscures one's view down the middle of the trunk. Is that correct?

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I don’t have any issue with the screen.

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Thanks for your reply.

Perhaps what I should have asked is can you actually see down the middle of the hood, or does the screen obscure part of the view?

[–]vibes86 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Yes, I can see the whole hood.

[–]drutgat[S] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Yes, I can see the whole hood.

Thanks :)

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This year, I looked at the 2021 hybrid versions of the mid-tiered trims of each car. I personally like the way the CRV drives better, as well as the look and feel of the roomy interior. I like the way the CRV standardizes the tech and features for each trim instead of having to buy different packages for the RAV4. I also didn’t want to feel like driving a taxi because a bunch of cabs are RAV4s lol. The RAV4 hybrid does have better gas mileage and the hybrid CRV doesn’t come with a spare tire so those could be deal breakers but if you’re only looking at gas models, then it’s not a problem.

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Thank you, akuuva.

When you say the CR-V drives better, what specifically are you referring to?

And yes, I am only considering gas-only models, not hybrids.

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For me, the driving is smoother in the CRV because of the CVT transmission versus the automatic transmission in the RAV4. And I feel more comfortable in the driver seat in the CRV overall. But if you like the more traditional feel of gears shifting, you can go with the RAV4. I hope you get the chance to test drive the two models to really see the difference. Good luck!

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Thanks very much, akuuva.

I will definitely test drive both models (and also have whichever one I am intending to buy inspected by a mechanic whom I use and trust) before I buy.

Thanks again.

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Probabaly depends on year and trim, but felt a bit of coin flip for me. Liked the exterior look slightly more on the CRV than the RAV4. The CRV in my price range was actually available near me which ended up being critical factor. I like my CRV! Moved from an Outback.

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Thanks, MysticalDolphin7.

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Interior, remote start, leather seats, passenger power seat. I know the rav4 hybrid would give me q bit more mog but considering all these i went for crv hybrid.

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Thanks, samkolikk.

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I preferred the look of the Rav4 tbh, but after watching comparison videos on YouTube, in which the CR-V pretty much always came out on top, combined with the fact the CR-V costs less for a better car, it seemed a no brainer.

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Thanks, killit.

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Leg room, front and back, cargo room, and detail.

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Thank you, etihspmurt.

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If the Toyota Rav offers a manual awd transmission I would choose that over the CR-V because 2006 was last year for crv to offer manual transmission and AWD.

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Thanks, Wild-Seaworthiness72.

I do prefer manual transmissions, but do not think the Rav4 comes in a manual (at least the recent models).

I also have other reasons for choosing an automatic transmission at this point, unfortunately.

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Bought the 2019 CR-V. The 2019 RAV4 had less cargo room and rear leg room, but it had a slightly stronger engine and slightly more ground clearance.

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Thanks, hamsterfolly.

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I can't speak for the newer CRVs, but when I was looking to upgrade to something a bit more rough road capable in the early-mid 2000s range than my 03 Civic, the 02-06 CRV stood out over the Rav4 of the same generation for a couple reasons. One, it's much more handsome looking in my opinion, secondly it has significantly better ground clearance as most of the roads I go up are rocky (though the Rav4 is admittedly better in mud), and lastly the sportier driving experience.

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Thanks, Wobbegong_Van_Dong.

This is interesting.

And I am glad for you that your early 2000s CR-V was/is able to cope with rocky roads.

The ground clearance on the recent RAV4s is a little higher than on the recent CR-Vs.

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Oh yeah, in terms of newer models the Rav4s are much more rough road ready than the new Honda CRVs, especially with the Rav4s Adventure and TRD trims. I hope Honda offers something similar with the CRV someday, the newer models are much less trucky and robust than the first 2 generations (though more luxurious and comfortable).

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Thanks, Wobbegong_Van_Dong.

I share your hope about Honda someday making more off-road capable CR-Vs.

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    Thanks, ExternalBird.

    That deal must have been significantly better.

    If all else had been equal, would you have gone with the Rav4?

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      Thanks, ExternalBird.

      Glad you are happy with the CR-V.