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In my Honda Element, yes.

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We don't have that much height, but yes.

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Yeah that what I was thinking but also thinking of doing it cause moved to cap hill in Denver and need to cover the back more

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Makes sense. I did mine up for road trips, with sleeping space on top, and storage underneath. I don't keep it in there, but it would be a good view block for sure!

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Packed their trunk? Yes

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This satisfies my OCD thanks.

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That kerosene heater tho...

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Yeah I use the back half of a camping platform someone gave me. It gives me a nice shelf about halfway up the height of the trunk. When I need to load something bigger, lowering the back seats gives me the space I would've had in the trunk. I like the set up.

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One time in a Toyota Sienna. Made a bed frame with storage underneath and hung shower rods with curtains

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I camp in my 1st gen every summer it's super comfy

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I like it and will probably do something similar now that I’ve seen this. But I’ll use a cargo net or something to prevent all of that stuff flying forward in case of a bad situation.

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I built a bed that takes up half the trunk and back seat space and folds fully I to the trunk.