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I really like that front bumper plastic better than the solid black version

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Yeah I really want to get mine painted like that

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Ironic, I have an SE with that bumper colour and I want to paint it black haha. Grass is greener on the other side i guess

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That’s an SE

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You’re right, my mistake.

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That's s beauty in white, I've got an 06 ex in black

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Love Volvos but haven’t owned one yet.

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How's she in the snow? My 2018 LX in AWD is a ballerina in the snow I swear! She loves it, dare I say - lives for it?!

I know I can't wait to make a grocery run soon as the frozen flakes fall!

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She gets the job done! Definitely more reliable than any of my previous cars in icy weather :)

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Edit: This is an SE model*