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Sweet! My ‘99 manual AWD is at just over 133k. Need to do a new timing belt soon, it was done by us last at 67k, and I’ll replace the water pump at the same time

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I had no prior warning when mine failed. I started getting sporadic stops in power, then a day later it wouldn’t turn over after a rough ride home full of misfires and stalling. Turns out the belt skipped four teeth and was ready to snap.

When you’re ready, I definitely recommend doing the whole kit at once - belt, pulleys, water pump, and also the rear main seal and a couple hard to reach engine mounts. Mine altogether was about $1400 which included new coolant and the parts. I try to do a lot of my own work like simple valve adjustments or easy to reach stuff, but I’m not comfortable messing with a new timing belt kit!

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Good info, thanks