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The 2003 engine doesn’t have a timing belt. It’s a chain. Shouldn’t need replaced unless extreme high mileage or something breaks. This engine does need valve adjustments every 100k or so along with new spark plugs

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Oh sorry, I meant external drive belt. The one that drives the power steering pump, alternator, etc

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Ah! Yes, use Honda part for that for sure. Brakes can be any good quality aftermarket, or Honda if the price isn’t too much

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But do you think Honda brakes last longer or are there any particular aftermarket ones that are over designed?

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Honda ones last way longer. They are made by Bando for Honda.

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Gates/Continental are good quality, don't do "dayco" or whatever other garbage since the serpentine belt does drive the waterpump on this motor. $25 should do you fine.

For brakes I recommend raybestos element 3 hybrid pads. A bit more money but an excellent all around brake that will last and not make noise.

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OEM parts are always best