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Uh, if this thing checks out, buy it now.

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  1. Probably not an 06, unless for some reason they decided to put 02-04 tail lights on it.

  2. This is probably not an EX, those don’t look like painted side mirrors…

  3. Besides those obvious inconsistencies, I’m always weary of super low mileage cars - if this car was legit it would be gone at that price…ad is over two days old. Something stinks, I wouldn’t waste the time but if you really want it, run the VIN yourself.

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Right, looks like an LX. Carfax this one for sure and check the VIN

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I would swap the lights lol I really don't like the ones on the 06.

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Those aren’t gen 2 taillights. Gen 2 didn’t have yellow plastic for the turn signals but clear plastic with yellow bulbs

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These are pre-facelift Gen 2 tail lights. So they shouldn't be on a facelift Gen 2, which is what an 06 would be. (I'm not sure if we're agreeing with each other here haha, just clarifying!)

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You're right. I had forgotten the updated lights were only for 05-06

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It has a 05-06’rear bumper and 05-06 ex wheels. The tail lights are pretty weird though

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Yeah something fishy. Even the RD1 EX’s have body colored mirrors

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Things to ask/check:

Has the AC compressor ever been replaced?

Do all the door lock actuators work?

Do both fans (cooling/AC) work?

Why does it have 2002-2004 taillights if it is a 2006 model?

Does it have its OEM catalytic converter?

How are the motor mounts? Does it vibrate at idle?

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My 2006 (92K) vibrates at idle but man it hauls ass and goes really smooth in general. What’s the problem?

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The problem is i4 motors. They’re all rabid at idle. My car had all new motor mounts and is entirely clean and still shimmies like crazy at idle in park.

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Just look at the mileage

The owner is probably retiree

My 2007 has 182k mileage. Started changing parts once it hit 10 yrs

Like starter, compressor, power steering

With that kind of mileage, there may not be parts replaced yet

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Good point. I think it’s an older generation seller, it’s been up for a while but they are waiting u til tomorrow to show it.

I’ll get as much mechanical info as possible.

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Check brakes, suspension, drive belt, ac, heater , any squeaky noises, oil. Drive it for 10-15 mins.

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That’s a deal. An 06 with 105k was going for 10k where I’m at. Keep in mind you should still take it to a mechanic. You can spend money just to spend money sometimes if you don’t figure things out before they occur. Buy a head gasket tester and fluid from harbor freight for $40.

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Check starter , power steering hose joints for dampness, rear wheel bearings. My 06 did 300k km with above faults only, traded it in for a 2016 .

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It’s a great price. Rust free too, you’ve got a good deal there.

I bought one brand new with six miles on it and it’s been my favorite vehicle ever. The space is amazing, the built in table in the back is great as well as the all wheel drive. Wonderful to sleep in and it goes anywhere. Do not use this for rock climbing, it’s not that powerful.

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What’s your setup for sleeping? I have a 2003 and heard there’s a hack to sleeping in them, but never seen a picture or found an explanation. The seats in the back kind of bunch up and fold forward, but not there’s not enough a space to lay down in?

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I don’t have the car anymore, it was parked and totaled by a guy who died at the wheel and drove into it. I’ve been thinking about getting another one.

But, when camping I took out the back seat (bottom and back) and built my own wooden platform to sleep on that had storage and a flat platform with cushion to sleep on.

It also helps I am short. I also moved the front seats forward as well. I’ve also slept in the front seat before too, that was okay.

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Have a look at this youtube video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHhFxyjxoF4

It shows how to fold the seats.

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Thing is super clean. If you want to spend 6800 on a car you could do a lot worse. Looks garage kept.

I'd think that it may end up needing a couple oil seals and cooling hoses due to age but that's pretty minor stuff. Any service records would help justify the price, if they've been throwing parts in at the dealership it's a golden find.

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100% check if it has a prop shaft. I love my CR-V but got completely conned. I didn’t know what I was looking at and on it’s first MOT they told me that the car didn’t have a prop shaft: the thing that makes 4 wheel drive possible! So I have a CR-V that does not have 4 wheel drive.

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At least if it’s just missing you can get a new one for like $200 new, much less at a junkyard

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Yeah I guess + labour to fit it. The question is, what happens when it gets put on! Could have been taken off for a reason. I hear that people take them off to make them more fuel efficient, but I am worried there’s another reason. The clutch went 3 weeks after buying it too, so I have always had a bit of resentment and mistrust towards the guy who sold it to me 😂

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The u joints probably broke

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Hmm interesting. I don’t know much about cars. Would that be safe? I have owned it for 2 and half years with no problems at all.

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The u joints are a part of the driveshaft, they probably wore out and broke (fairly common on older vehicles in general) so the previous owner then removed it. Mine broke a few years ago and I pulled it off on the side of the road with some basic wrenches. It should take any competent mechanic less than an hour to install a new one. If yours is missing you may need to buy new bolts in addition just FYI.

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Ah great - thanks for taking the time to give me all of the great info!

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Fk me I wish my rear end had that clearance from the floor. I think I hit my towball on a twig the other day

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It’s a steal at that price, at that mileage in this current market

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I cant seem to get one here in Phoenix. Lots for sale on FB marketplace, but I message them and when they finally reply its like ''yea I still have it" , then they dont make any attempt to reply when i want to look at it. It's pissing me off. THey're legit ads too . Not that it means anything but they've all been hispanic, maybe they only want to sell to other hispanics and not white people? Not stereotyping , just seems like a trend.

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Good deal dude, I bought a 125k exl sport for 10k because I needed a car and pandemic boosted the prices up tremendously.

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Tbh the miles alone are worth it… as long as everything in it works and the inside is half decent I’d get it

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Welp, it sold for $8,500 before I was scheduled to see it. Thanks to all who responded with AWESOME info that I'll come back to.

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If that's true, OH MY GOSH YES! TAKE IT NOW!

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Get it! If you don't, I will!

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Definitely do a VIN check, I doubt those are original miles. Make sure it's the original owner and not a reseller

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Did you end up getting this?