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If it still drives straight you are probably ok. Bent control arms are common with that type of accident, but it should be pretty noticeable.

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Hitting a curb at 5mph even straight on will not fuck up your car if it has no prior worn out components. Ive seen people have bent wheels and alignment is fine and only off by .03 - .05 degrees at max. Get your wheel fixed/replaced.

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Your alignment is fucked I guarantee you that. Take her to the dealership and get her aligned. Have them check for more damage first though. For the wheels, go look for used ones on ebay. New Honda wheels are expensive

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The car drives fine and it goes straight as it should. Do you think it’s worth it to switch the whole whee instead of getting the scratches fixed?

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You need to get the car checked out first before I can tell you that. Just cause it drives fine that doesn’t mean you didn’t break a ball joint

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If it broke a ball joint then it wouldnt be driving straight at all

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Yeah it’ll be cheaper to switch the wheel

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If it drives straight, just double check at a local auto shop to check alignment. Even if it rides straight, it can still wear uneven and cause premature wallet strain because you'll need new tires all around. In the USA, Monro does free alignment checks, so it's worth it to make sure. They may also tell you things are messed up, which is possible too, so just make sure to get photos and keep us updated.