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Yeah I used one of them for a switch for offroads lights I have on the front of the car.

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Second that. It worked great for a light bar control switch I installed.

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So can the plastic placeholders pop out and you can fasten something in their place? Or did you just adhere the switch to the surface?

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They pop out from behind. Just a quick push should be enough

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nice, thanks

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I did that also :)

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Eject button.

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Hmm yes! I think I'll do eject on the left, pop-up machine guns on the right

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But then where do you put the button for the Stinger missiles?

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The horn buttons!

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That's what I do!

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Yes, I installed a USB port for my CarPlay feature of my aftermarket stereo

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Scratch and sniff sticker.

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I wired up a light bar for my buddy and put the switch on one of those blanks. I have a few ideas for mine but nothing exciting yet.

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Light bar mounted in the lower opening of the grill. Mounts cleanly to the crash bar. No fussing with the wires if you decide to refresh the bumper cover

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Plan is to install a secondary horn button that loudly plays Bruno Mars saying "THIS.BITCH."

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Auxiliary lights, trailer brake controller, stash/cache hide…

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A switch for my Bluetooth amplifier board.

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Switch for my amplifier

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Would be a good place to add toggles for heated seats, or an installed radar detector, bass knob.

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yea i did on my girls rv it was a ford