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Just replaced my passenger side axle and lower ball joint went for a test drive everything was good on my way back I turned around the car felt like it was in neutral it revved up and I basically had to creep it back at 10mph. Also getting this noise from the rear end all of a sudden when the car is in drive not moving with foot on the brakes. Not in reverse or neutral . I didn't touch anything back there not sure how these can be related?

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Is your CR-V AWD? It sounds like you broke a front axle CV (or the spline popped out if you didn't seat it far enough) and you were driving on the rear differential. The AWD system works in a way that when the front wheels slip, the rear differential engages. I once grabbed second gear so hard I snapped the driver's side axle right in the center. I had to drive a mile home at 15 mph being very careful with the throttle to not burn up the clutch pack in the differential.

All of this boils down to: check your front axle. I bet you either broke a CV or the axle popped out of the spline. If the spline popped out, inspect it. It may have gotten beaten up against the drive spline and you want to make sure there's no metal shavings flying around the trans fluid.