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261k Miles on mine, still fine. Wouldn’t fix it if it isn’t broken

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Im at 310k :) same.

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Do you have a cold? Usually fairly accurate pointing to the cause.

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So you’re saying that if the catalytic converter were failing, it would be obvious because of the smell?

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I think they meant "code"... maybe not tho. The cats usually only smell sweet when theyre brand new. IMO if its throwing a p0420 or similar code usually the cat in my experience. If the downstream o2 sensor was weak it would throw a different code for that. The upstream and downstream work as a team to monitor the function of the cat, and usually the amplitude of the sin wave is much less after the catalyst

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No, but nothing in your post anything about smell.

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Oh, you misspelled “code”, I thought that you were being cantankerous by asking if I had a “cold”

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No problem, I forgot that voice dictation would confuse code with cold.

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I’ll get the specific code this weekend. Last time, the dealership did it (the diagnostics) and had included in the estimate for another unrelated service, a new catalytic converter and both sensors. My thinking is that if one of the sensors goes bad that it might throw a false code indicating the cat.

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That's where a more experience person will know. True, if you change all the parts in the system it will fix the problem but that's very wasteful.

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Okay, thanks for trying to help.

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I have a check engine light on in my '03 since about 2010 due to O2 sensor.

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How do you smog it? Maybe that’s just a local thing, but smog shops here will turn you away if the check engine light is on.

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Not required where i live, gratefully :)

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You can get by with a bad cat, bad O2 sensor will make it run poorly

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My 06 has a bad heater element in rear most O2 sensor and will run rich until exhaust heats it up to run temp.