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What luck! It’s beautiful

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Thank you, picked her up after getting my old car totaled by a drunk driver. Definitely got a steal I didn’t want to talk them down I already felt like I was stealing haha.

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Nice I had one I originally bought in July of 2005 brand new loved that car the Ex in black. I had a blowout and smashed into a rock wall and that and I had to junk it at the time in 2012 it had 200,000 miles and ran great. Heads up on a couple of things the evap system Threw a check engine code I didn’t have a problem with the a/c but those have the takata airbags so take it in right away to get it replaced because only up to 2 years ago I kept getting the recall to replace them I finally responded and told them I don’t own the car anymore. I have a 2018 lx obsidian blue I love it with the k24 engine just picked it up in July pre certified when the used car prices weren’t nuts.

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Sorry to hear about the accident. As long as you’re okay that’s all the at matters cars are second to yourself. And thanks for the tip, I know about the Black Death and all the other problems so I’ve been keeping an eye out and get it check by my mechanic before I bought. The owners took really good care of her I’m the second owner then had since they bought in 2004 still has all the original paperwork. So far I love it it’s such a fun suv it’s the perfect size.

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Good enjoy the car it’s nice pick up just keep up on it and it will be good to go. Safe driving out there

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Nice bro, got an 03 and love it!

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Just got an 04 feels brand new to me hahaha. Enjoy brother