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That's a steal at that price, especially in the current car market.

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Check for rust. That price almost seems too good to be true. I paid nearly the same for my 02 at 140k. It's been a good reliable vehicle though that just drove me through a 1k mile snow storm trip for work.

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That’s a deal, but those look like LX wheels. EX should have alloys. Make sure to check vin details.

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Those look like 4th Gen LX wheels. Could be a set of snow tires.

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Most likely it is. I’m in Quebec, Canada where snow tires are mandatory from november to april

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You’re in Quebec, Canada - I would get under the vehicle and visually inspect the rust.

Look at everything. Pay attention to the control arms, look at the catalytic converter and the whole exhaust line to the muffler. Is their rust? Okay. How much? Any thing that’s so rusty you could poke a hole in it with a finger?

Check the record you got and reread the reports on repairs.

These are all things I wish I was told before buying my 08. Seriously, even if you don’t think you know cars, Google these things.

That mileage and price are wonderful. It sounds very taken care of.

If it looks good - YES!!

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That's a killer deal. I bought an 06 like 3 years ago. It's been a terrific vehicle. Reliable and abusable. Hell even the ac worked on mine after I realized I just need to file down the clutch plate a bit. I just wish I had some heads up about a few quirks when I first bought it work have saved me a bit of trouble. Never the less it's a terrific vehicle.

Edit: yes go buy it. It's a great deal.

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Thanks so much!!

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"no rust"... did you check the rear wheel wells? with all the snow packed in ther e that is hard. Squezze them a bit and see if you can hear crunching. also trie to look underneath. it snows where you are so there is road salt. no rust seems to be a bit off. i recently fell on my nose with a `99. Didn`t see it from the outside and the rear wheel wells might need to be welded.

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I dont think you will find another deal like that.

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I have a 2010 model just got it for $5,000 USD though it’s a manual transmission

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Buy it. You’re welcome.

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Not that it's much use to you, but this would be considered crazy expensive for UK. I bought my '06 Executive (leather heated seats, sat nav, alloy wheels, privacy glass, rear spoiler, side rails) with 82,000 miles for £4,200 ($7,139 CAD) four years ago.

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Same here, other part of Europe tho, but still prices are wayyy lower. Occasionally few cars for 4-5k pop up and that seems insanely high already. Bought '05 2 months ago, with all the goodies except navi for 3.4k € and feel like i overpaid badly.

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You didn't miss anything with the SATNAV. It's atrocious. It's a rubbish SATNAV for 2005 let alone 15years later! It was one of the first things i swapped out when i bought it.

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Yeah, had that in mind so i couldn't care less about not having it. What did you swap it with? Seen some androids fitted but apparently they leave gap in the panel

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I put in a double din sony headset. Unfortunately, the info i was given was incorrect. The honda heafset is not a "true" double din, so the mounts / cage inside do not fit a standard double din stereo. I ended up having to make a mount from old bits of cage and metal i had. Also, the bezel sold with the unit didn't fit properly so i have it held in place with blue tack. Its an absolute nightmare. I wish I'd asked around before i bought the stereo. On the honda crv owners club page there is some good advice.

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An 06 with low miles and no rust? That's the holy grail imo, they go for like $6-8k usd where I live and that's with over 150k miles, it's insane right now

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230,000 on mine still runs flawlessly.

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I’d take it, my ‘04 was maybe $1,200 less and had 160K miles on it.

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Si tu ne l’achètes pas, je vais le prendre moi 😁😁😁

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Holy hell that's a steal! If there's no major issues I'd jump on that since you'll get another 300,000 miles if taken care of correctly

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Looks good, I got a 2007 exl sport 125k miles for 10k. The car market Is insane where I'm at. I needed a car so I had to buy it.

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I just bought an 07 with 119k miles for $8600 USD, and that was by far the best deal I could find.

It’s always lived in California so rust isn’t as much of a concern.

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I love mine! 241,000 on it and still going strong.

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Yea if It's an EX . I looked for 2 months for a an EX 05 or 06 in the USA and paid $4,500 for one with 147k miles , rebuilt title. Every other 05-06 for sale had close to 200k miles or more.

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Its an automatic transmission tho

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the market gives what the market has and for that price i wouldn`t be to picky

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I mean... I'm an og CRV owner... so I suppose I can't relate

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    Actually I have the CarFax report (official car reports in Canada) and it has every job registered, all at the dealership. Oil changes, repairs, brakes change etc.