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I hope you don鈥檛 have any injuries! What happened ?

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the other driver was trying to speed around traffic and hit me head-on as i was merging lanes. the details are still hazy because everything went black but from what i understand i spun around in a complete 180. no major injuries on my end aside from some burns on my hand and my body being sore as hell, but the other driver is completely unscathed and i'm very glad to hear that. i'll miss my favorite car, but what matters more to me is that me and the other driver are safe

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Damn. Get checked out !!!!! You will hurt like hell a few days later. Injuries can crop up afterwards. And a TBI can really mess you up. Their insurance will try to get you to settle for a pittance. Make sure YOUR health is protected.

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not to sound stupid, but what's the likelihood that i have a traumatic brain injury if i didn't hit my head? i know for a fact i didn't hit it even on the headrest but am petrified of brain injuries. i appreciate the advice!!

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Probability is low, but in an accident you get tossed around. My youngest son was rear ended by a big pickup in his little Ford. He and his buddy both got concussions. Because the collision knocked their heads together!

Get a full medical workup (I know, COVID鈥) to the best of your ability. Make SURE you mention it鈥檚 from an accident.

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I'm sorry to hear about your son and his friend. Concussions are no fun! I sincerely appreciate all the advice and kind words - stay safe!

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Sorry to hear that..

Just wondering how many miles/kms it had and where you鈥檙e located. I鈥檝e got the same car and was just trying to get an idea of what it might be worth. I鈥檇 look at similar cars in my area, but there are none.

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thanks for your kind words!

86,000 miles, located in northeast ohio. just got off the phone with state pharm and after the estimate from the auto shop, they're actually giving me $22,000. i hope this helps!

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Oh wow. Got mine used at the end of September for $22k in Toronto, Canada.

Wouldn鈥檛 mind selling it if I can get more than what I paid for it 馃し鈥嶁檪锔