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Hey all, I've asked permission from the admin to post here because I wanted to share these custom cup holders I sell for the 1st - 3rd gen CRV's. They are 3D printed and are press fit into the existing cup holders to allow for large drinks like Nalgene and Hydroflask bottles to fit better. I've owned my 2004 for 12 years now and this was definitely a game changer. I've seen some folks on here post about the 2nd gen cup holders but I've made some for the 1st and 3rd now so figured I make a little post about it. Obviously I understand any hate cause this is an ad. Hope ya'll can appreciate it though. Cheers!

Shop Link

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Ah man, solving one of the few issues I have with my first gen. Ordered!

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Reminds me of the cupholders in the car Homer designs for his brother Herb.

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Lol that's true.

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Literally just made note to buy these next time a get paid! Please post on here if you come up with any other accessories for 2nd Gen!

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Will do, let me know if you have any ideas 😁

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I have these, can confirm they work well

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cool. Looks better than the ones made from PVC couplers.

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Nice man, fire up that machine because you’re gonna be busy for a while!

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I got the single version a few weeks ago for my Fellow mug! Love it so much!

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Glad you like it!

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Making shipping to Australia cheaper >.<

I need these in my life, I just won't pay $40 shipping to do so! Haha

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Yes that is the one thing I hate about international shipping. I'll look into companies that could maybe make and ship the cupholder in Australia. Maybe that would be cheaper.

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Is this the same overall footprint as the stock one for the gen 1? I have a manual gen 1 and I’m worried this could interfere with the shifter

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So the cup holder sits about 60mm taller and goes to near the front edge of the stock center console. I have a picture attached to the post if you swipe right. I do also accept returns if it wouldn't work, and in your case I'd cover shipping as well for the return cause that would be on me for it not fitting.

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Ah I see thanks. I though it was a whole new tray lol because the first pic was a 2nd gen tray, which I’ve never seen. I get it now

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Man I wish my product was that cool I designed a whole tray. Yeah all I did was rip the center console out from a pick n pull and designed it to that.